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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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PK's question was insulting

PK knows Austin as well as anyone having covered BYU sports in the past. To ask a leading question that implied the catch was pure luck finally coming his way was intentional. He knew Austin would speak his mind and right after a very emotional win he would probably say something that would give PK the chance to keep his job for another couple of weeks. What else do people tune into KFAN for anyway?? Actual sports analysis?? PK said on TV last night that his impression of Austin's comments were not that he was implying God wanted them to win. I think even PK - the reporter who staged this whole response - is now embarrassed by how big it has become and that it was he that instigated it.

RE: westernsport

and all others who are still criticizing Collie...

Stop judging Collie based on what YOU are inferring from his comments. Don't put words into his mouth. What most people are criticizing him for and what he actually said are two very different things.

Some people still seem to believe that Collie meant that God made BYU win. Did he ever say that? NO!!!!!! Obviously they're just looking for a reason to justify their anger and hatred for BYU.

Once again, there is a difference between God helping you to do your best and God helping you to win a ball game.


I think we (LDS) are slowly drifting from one of our bedrock principles - free agency - we are responsible for our actions and yes, that includes the inventions we develop and the skills of the athletes.


Hans Olsen and John Lund have done a great job on this subject, they keep it light, It is a joke. Take it as such. 1280 knows how to shed light on things, not dark!

Judge not. . .

To think that Collie was saying the more righteous team in this game won is ridiculous. Here is a young man, who believes God has blessed him, and will continue to bless him in whatever endeavor, as long as he is doing his best to live a good life. You don't know him. I think people that do see his point of view exactly. I don't know him but for that reason, I give him the benefit of the doubt. To do otherwise is judgmental and creates a bitter taste in my mouth. Anytime we judge critically, not understanding the whole situation, we are embracing an attitude that we know best, when actually none of us do.

Head in the sand

Praising God is awesome, there is nothing wrong with the act itself. The problem lies when you add to the comment and insinuate divine preference. Collie's words couldn't be construed as anything but divisive judging by the reaction.I don't think he intentionally blasted his opponent, but I do believe that he is a young man who is isn't very adept at word choice.He had a chance at contrition and sadly never showed any. He doesn't have to apologize for his beliefs, but maybe a sorry for the misunderstanding would have eased the situation.

Zoobe Hater

Amen Jim Jr.


A self-righteous cougar.

What exactly is the news here?


I find it amusing how many anonymous Ute fans can get so excited about Collie's "arrogant" comments after the game, but seem to have forgotten Mack's proclamation prior to the game regarding Unga that "You can't even compare us...I've got more moves than he'll ever have" Then Unga racks up over 140 yards rushing to Mack's 50 yards rushing. Any Ute fans (or BYU fans for that matter) calling Mack arrogant or demanding an apology?

If an opposing player would have made that comment Whittingham would have taken it personal and focused his game plan solely on Mack showing up the competition.

Any local media jumping on this story?...No, because the religion card guarantees more ink and air time. The media will beat this like a dead horse because they will do anything for market share in an over flooded market. And they're not ashamed of it either. They thrive on controversy so they try to create it by fanning the flames.


A book I loved as a kid was called "I Am Third" by Gale Sayers who put God first, family second, and myself third. Austin Collie and Max Hall and the oter cougar players suscribe to this philosophy, unfortunately the utes and their followers think "I am third" applies to their place in the Mountain West Conference.

Come On

Collie had no right saying that. It is a game he should treat it like a game. The first thing I do when I win Monopoly is look to the sky and thank the all mighty. How about we talk about something more important BYU' Blue Zone offense. That was sad.

Better Pass the Memo

I bet Notre Dame hasn't gotten the memo letting them know that they can't talk about their lord. Hang up the crosses.. People, when you are so overly concerned about a comment someone makes after a game you obviously have never played the game. I watched my son suffer a loss this year where he was devastated for days-did God play a roll in the other teams victory? No-Our team didn't do what we had to in order to win. But emotions are high after a game. But this is just something most athletes do(thanking god). Much like looking at the camera and thanking your mom.


As a neutral observer, BYU fans needs to stop down playing his comments and see it for what it is. Collie thinks he is more righteous than the next guy. It probably does not stop with him either. A rose by another other name is still a rose. Of course Utah fans are going to jump all over it.
Having moved here from out of state and seeing this rivalry for over 15 years now, Utah dislikes BYU for the exact comment that Collie made. They look down there noses at Utah fans for whatever reason, whether is be the religion issue or because BYU was better during the 80's and 90's than Utah was and there is a feeling of self righeousness that comes from the fans towards Utah.

Both sides need to get over there differences. Have fun with the rivalry and realize that Utah needs BYU to be successful and BYU needs Utah to be successful. I have seen to many 'haters' of the other team on each side who call themselves fans of one team or the other.

Cougar Dad

This is all a distraction to to real point that Ute fans don't want to face. "Harline is still open" was followed this year with "4th and 18". BYU is not more righteous than Utah, only better in football the last 2 years.


Hey "Amazed", it's not so amazing when you look at what Collie said in the context of the rivalry, which has a lot to do, in the minds of many Utah fans, with BYU's nagging and incessant claim to moral superiority. Comments like that will ALWAYS arouse controversy where this rivalry is concerned.


I have a degree from Utah and a degree from BYU. I root for the school that gives me the most blessings.

Class Act

Austin Collie is obviously not the brightest one of the bunch. It's not just because he's a white mormon that goes to BYU. If a player from Notre Dame, SMU or some other religous school made a similar comment he would also be criticized. Think about where you are. And retaliating by saying 'get a life' is real classy. Way to go Austin.


Just when I think that I just might give it a shot and start rooting for the college that is named for one of my Church's presidents, I am reminded why I have grown to dislike BYU athletics.

There is more to life than BYU football and many fans either forget that or are looking for something other than faith to satisfy the emptiness in their lives.

BYU fans, what would you do if The Church discontinued BYU football?

Football Purist

He didn't say "I want to thank the lord". He said "The lord stepped in".

Initially Speaking

I dont take offense at Austin's comments and but they were dumb and here's why. By making the comparison of doing what is "right" and the Lord stepping in to assist is fine, except when used following a competition. Because there was direct competition, using words just as "doing what is right" infers that those you were competing against weren't. Try and justify it all you want, but it does.

Many of you have claimed that his comments were no different than other athletes thanking God or Jesus after a game. The difference is a big one. Had Collie said, I just thank God for the opportunity to make a great play doesn't undermine your opponent whereas saying "God picked me" absolutely does. BYU has a reputation of being self righteous, and this is why.

If Collie really was as good a person as he claims, he would be apologizing for offending people, not saying, "get a life". My favorite part? Talking about the plan of salvation and using terms such as "b.s." in the same breath. Further evidence that he shouldn't have a microphone in front of him.

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