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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Joseph Price

The Lord cares what we care about when we involve him in our lives more than he cares about football. Even if what you care about doesn't matter in the long run or is silly - like sports. He's not a sports fan, he's a fan of us and helping us take the next step.

Good Call Collie

We are pathetic society driven by a need for news to even make this a story. Who cares what he said, other than if you do care you need a life. He isn't the leader of the free world or in any political office or position where he must keep his eye on being politically correct. This is not embarassing to himself or the university or BYU fans as some may suggest. I am embarassed by those trying to sensationalize a non-event. By the way, what he did say is a non-event and should be left at just that. Don't take the fact that the guy was instrumental in hanging a loss on your team as a right to victimize him.

Illinois Cougar

I am happy to see that a majority of the postings seem to get "The Spirit" of Collies' comments. I can honestly say that Collie could have crafted his comments better, but those with an open mind understand his feelings.

Collie is an outspoken individual who is willing to put it out there. Good to see someone still has guts to say what they feel without fear of the PC Gestapo! Enough has been said in his defense. However, to those who can't get past his team colors; GET A FRIGGIN' LIFE!!!

Utah Man

Ha! I love it! Collie is now super defensive about the comments he made, which just proves his arrogance. This could all be blown over if he would politely say that he felt his comments were taken the wrong way and left at that. Instead, he lets his pride step in and gets "angry" about what has been said of him. If Collie and the rest of you Cougar fans haven't figured that out that pride becomes before the fall, you better start reading The Book of Mormon and brush up on the pride cycle.

Acronym for Fully Invested: Y is full [of] itself.


His comment illustrates the doctrine of earning Gods grace that really rubs a lot of non-LDS Christians the wrong way. There is a subtle difference between thanking God for divinely intervening in a football game, and thanking God for rewarding your righteousness with divine intervention in a football game.

Sick and Tired

What a non-story. Since when should anyone care what a 21-year-old college student says and/or thinks. This is simply the media digging for a story, and as usual, blowing things way out of proportion. Why don't we just stick with what happens on the field.

I'd just like to thank the Lord for helping me write such a strong and well thought out comment.

The real issue

The real scary part of all this is not what Collie said. He is just an excited kid saying something without thinking. The scary part is how many others are writing to say they also believe the 4th down conversion was a gift from God.

Look, nobody has a problem with an athlete thanking God for a great experience or humbly giving credit to God for giving him extraordinary athletic ability. Everyone will have a problem with an athlete (of any faith or race) who implies that God changed the outcome of the game because of the athlete's righteousness. Find me an example of a Baptist or Catholic saying something comparable and not getting criticized for it. Please don't let this add to some kind of Mormon persecution complex.


Let's see if I get this straight. Had BYU NOT converted the 4th down, would Collie have said, "Obviously we weren't living right on and off the field, so the Lord didn't step in and help us"? Is he also implying that the Utes haven't been "living right" on and off the field? Were BYU players not "living right" before the UCLA and Tulsa games? It was a dumb comment. The implication of the comment is that he was living right and so good things happen to him (except, of course, offensive PI), and that the defender was NOT living right, so good things DIDN'T happen to him. Terrell Owen points to God a lot after his TDs, but he's not the finest example of "living right".

God has endowed all those young men playing with great athletic ability. They all work hard. They are all passionate about the game. I just don't think that the Lord made any "magic" happen.


The next time Utah beats BYU in football I hope that a Utah player says those exact words. It will be interesting to see how BYU fans respond.


Collie draws heat for his comment, not because he is a white Mormon, but because he plays for a Church school whose entire identity is based on its religion. There is no other school like it in all of football - not Baylor, SMU, BC, or Notre Dame. If Bob Jones U had a football team, you can be sure people would react to the comments of its players.

Collie (and all Cougars) know that they are under scrutiny and that they play for a school that has often had problems with holier-than-thou attitudes. He knew that this game in particular has drawn out self-righteous comments and accusations in the past. He should have been more careful.


Another day, another ad nauseum analysis of someone's words.

Since when do we all belong to some sort of moral authority with the right to judge people based on their beliefs and comments? Let them say what they want - how is it hurting you at all?

I agree with Collie. If you were offended - get a life! You're too thin-skinned and eager to be offended.

Ute Student

This IS Ironic. After Dallas's win over the lowly Jets the NFL network did an interview with TO. He went off for like 30 seconds about how God had blessed him with ability, a great team, and with the such a great season. Now I don't know the minds of God but maybe he does favor TO on the football field and maybe he does favor BYU, in fact after watching that game and last years game I would bet on it. Than again there were were years there where we musta been the more righteuos School. Anyways give the Kid a break, anyways I would like to think it was devine intervention myself makes me feel better about my team not covering BYU's best reciever two years in a row! Maybe they were made invisible.


I've been listening to the local sports talk radio shows and the announcers are totally freaking out at Austin's comments. They are implying that Bronco Mendenhall teaches his players to think in this religious "fanatical" way.

As a BYU grad, I thought Collie could have expressed his comments a lot better. I think when you speak off the cuff this way (especially about spiritual stuff)in a football environment that it has an overall negative effect.

I don't think Collie meant to say that God favors BYU over everyone else but he did misspeak as far as the mass media is concerned.

I also think other players from different faiths misspeak when they bring God into a football environment. I think Bronco Mendenhall needs to be careful in this area as well.

Just play the game and leave all the other stuff at home or in church. GO COUGS!


We're so messed up as a society. We worship sterioid injecting, burglarizing, sexual assaulting professional athletes, claiming their extra-currular activities and belief systems are irrelevant to their games. Then we shriek and point the finger of scorn at a 21 year old college kid who dares to praise his God in the midst of an emotional exult after a rival college football game.

Sorenson and KFAN, Collie gave you some wonderful advice. Get a life. Take a day off, take inventory of your life, identify the cause of the emptiness, and resolve to fill your life with something substantial.


Good for Austin for not backing down. PLEASE don't buy into this madness! Only discussion yesterday on sports radio is over a player talking about magic and, oh no...The Lord. Sad. Having grown up in the South and played HS sports, I can tell you that before EVERY game we had prayer. AND SO DID THE OTHER TEAM!!! I have seen players from every walk of life, PRO and College point to the sky and thank God. Oh yeah?? For what?? According to sports radio that shouldn't happen. God doesn't care. It's offensive to the other team. Last night on MNF QB Roth.. pointed to the sky and thanked God for the successful FG. Where is all the fervor today??!! I am blown away by the response of some for buying into the nonsense. Make something out of nothing seems to be the new mantra. I guess it is time for everyone to start attacking George Washington for his MT.Vernon prayers. I guess God didn't love England. Get a life. God does NOT care about a FBGame. He does care about his children. The NT taught the parable of Ten virgins...guess we have to delete that now...

Billy Smith

So what is this fine, spiritual young man implying when he states "in this world is just B.S.". I thought you weren't suppose to use that type of language at BYU. I guess BYU will now lose it's bowl game cause he isn't living the way he should.


Many of you people have zero understanding of this situation and you are simply letting your Ute-loving, BYU-hating biases taint your view of what's going on here. What he said was totally benign, and if you can't see that then you have more issues than I thought!


I think you're all comparing apples to oranges. Most athletes do thank God, but they thank him for their talents. That's fine. Collie basically implied that God helps decide football plays. That's moronic. And yes, if someone of another religion implied the same thing, he too would be criticized.
This is not about LDS persecution, it's about a moronic comment. You people need to get out of Utah or Mesa more if you think only LDS people get criticized for stupid remarks.
God does not care about a 4th down in a game of football.


Here's the problem with Collie's comments:
People in the public eye often give thanks or praise to God or a higher power, particularly in Athletics. This is acceptable to a secular audience because it shows humility.
Collie's comments do not show humility, but, rather, pride. He justifies the Lord intervening in the play because of how he's living his life on and off the field. His comments lacked genuine praise to God in favor of justification because he and the other Cougar players are such great guys. Even if Collie did not intend for this type of tone, its a bit offensive to Media and the public at large. Damage is already done.

pure arrogance

I think it's a weird thing to praise God in sports, but not particularly offensive. But Collie wasn't praising God. He was praising himself, and implying that because of his righteousness, God had no choice but to step in and make "magic" happen. BYU likes to claim that their sports programs are great missionary tools. If I knew nothing about the LDS church and heard this kid's arrogant statement, I would not be at all interested in learning more. Here's a thought Collie....truly righteous people are humble. You would never hear President Hinckley make a comment like you did...claiming that his own righteousness resulted in victory on the football field. BTW, apparently John Beck has stopped doing what's right. God's not working much magic with him anymore. Must be the playing on Sunday. So Collie....assuming that your righteousness continues and you are such an amazing player in a few years that the Sunday-playing pros come calling, will you make yourself available for the draft??

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