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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think its pretty clear that the more righteous you are, the more successful you are in life. As the Book of Mormon says, if you obey the commandments, youll prosper in the land. This is especially clear in sports, where it is the more righteous players and teams that win. Who was it that said, the harder I practice, the more lucky I get? Luck is the politically correct term for divine intervention.


Collie, you poor persecuted "white Mormon kid." Don't they teach students in Provo that when you say something that stupid to a reporter, people are going to react? Of course, maybe he's right. It is reassuring to the rest of us to know that during the years when Utah has beaten BYU, it was because God was stepping in to help His Utes who were doing "what's right on and off the field."

What unbelievable hubris. It's easy to see why Ute fans resent the team down south.


It was mentioned for the reasons he stated which I believe to be true, because he is a white Mormon who attends BYU. I think there is nothing wrong with what he said and that he is right.


Very well put.

Stupid Comment

It was a pretty stupid comment. Just like when all those other athletes thank god for their win.

Talking idiots

The stuffed shirt, arrogant talking idiots on the talk radio (and you know who you are!) just have to have something to fill the time with, so they create controversy where none exists. They find solutions for which there are no problems. This kind of action, ascribing divine help to a performance, is so COMMON in sports that it does not deserve any mention, but somehow this young guy gets all this hate for an innocent statement. Way to go Austin!


I see players pointing to heaven all the time thanking God after they made a TD. Are they saying God helped them make the TD? I think the answer is yes they are. They are saying it was God that gave them the talents to do what they did. Many times in post game interviews they say something like they want to thank God again implying that He had a hand in their win. I think it's a way of staying humble and letting people know that you know it wasn't all you. Austin (IMO) was just implying the same thing in different words.


Amen! (Oh, wait a minute--can I say that?)

Nice Call Collie!

Nothing harmed and well said.
Scott Collie, Max Hall and Harvey Unga
are going to run through the MWC
again next year and they'll run, lift,
throw, catch, study and pray and win
their way into the BSC in 2008.
Faith w/o works is dead!
Nobody works harder than these guys!!!!

So Cal Cougar

To Anonymous: articulate and persuasive comment. To Collie: articulate and persuasive clarification/follow-up. Per Collie, we *do* need to get a life. We're in the middle of a civil war in Iraq and the constitution's been violated by the White House, for Pete's sake. We should focus on the *real* news, and not Collie's innocent comment.

Ute Fan

Apparently, there isn't a remedial logic course at BYU. When you say that a higher power steps in because you're doing "what's right on and off the field", the OBVIOUS implication is that those on the other team aren't. That's why these types of proclamations are inane regardless of the source's team or religious background.

Sure, God helps people in all their endeavors, but come on. "Magic happens"? Maybe if the check I had written at tithing settlment earlier that day had been bigger...

The great thing about this story is that Collie has actually said something more stupid than his "We're gonna put a hurtin' on 'em." comment prior to be rolled by the Utes on their way to the Fiesta Bowl.

Get a life is right

How many athletes, actors, singers, etc. constantly say when they do something good or win an award thank God first! It happens every week in sports, they always thank God for everything first. Collie is right, just because he is a mormon from BYU, the media has to find some story and blow it way out of proportion. Why is it only a topic when Collie speaks of God, it happens EVERY week!! This is why the media gets a bad name, do your job!! And quit trying to stir up trouble!

coach c

People can say what they want. Some media people are way over the top and showing that an analysis of this game, which BYU dominated, isn't what they want to postulate, they would rather stir up controversy because their beloved Utes lost and were dominated and they need something to draw the attention away from how bad the Utes looked. Personally, I agree with Collie. But the real story is BYU's dominating performance.

Big A

Ute fans need to chill out, such sore loosers


Middle-aged female sports fan-
It appears as though you didn't watch any news reports after the Super Bowl and Tony Dungy's statments. People were ripping his comments on TV and radio for a week after that. If Collie couldn't take the heat that his comments were obviously bring, then he should have kept his mouth shut. I highly doubt rebuttling with "people need to get a life" will help him much with this one. Once again, should have kept his mouth shut!


What happens when the Devil worshipers win a game and publicly praise Satan for their good fortune. Will everyone be as philisophical. Personally I'm glad that Collie has a friend in God, but I think he should keep it to himself. And, yes I'am a Utah fan still stung by the lose.


Amen to "anonymous' comments. I agree. Oops I used a realigious term with "amewn." Is that going to be censured?


Good for him. I think he was trying to give the Lord and not luck credit. If a person prays to do their best, and then is blessed with that, who should get the credit? This PC stuff is getting ridiculous.


Stick to your guns Collie! You're right!


The God I believe in doesn't care about football...

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