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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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If Collie means that he's thankful that God has blessed him with the opportunities and skills that he has, and was therefore a part of that play, that's fine. But the timing of his remarks, as well as what he actually said, made it sound as if he MAY actually believe that God made sure that the U lost containment, blew the coverage and BYU won, because of his righteousness. That is, as Collie put it, "BS."

I really do think that he had the former thought in mind, and I certainly hope so. Otherwise, as an active, card carrying, mission serving, BYU hating member of the LDS Church, I am really bothered by what he said.

Divine Intervention

Collie is totally wrong. God looked down and saw the scared defender and the clueless UofU Coaches and realized no help was needed.


you guys are killing me...if you want to go there then refs totally missed the offensive holding call on the 4th and 18 play. It should have been called by the refs as "offensive holding by GOD on B. McCain".

Patrick W.

So the kid has some Faith, good for him. But, thinking that God favors one team, or an athlete over another is ridiculous! God does not care about the outcome of sports, or entertainment. It erks me to hear celebrities and athletes praise God for helping theM win an oscar or a title.. Just say thanks and walk away.. haha


Instead of

thanking god and/or mentioning their righteousness when they win, how 'bout someone blaming god or confessing how sinful they are when they lose? One implies the other, period. This is what the young Mr Collie (who has a lot of growing up to do, IMO) and all the self-righteous BYU "fans" fail to realize (or refuse to admit) when they just can't figure out why people would be upset. As a related side note, I honestly think there is an undercurrent of belief among some BYU "fans" that Gary Crowton, et al, brought down the "righteousness" level of the team and that god punished them as a result.

a voice of reason

Hey stop crucifying Collie for his comments. He spoke his mind and stood by his take. Only Austin can account for how he is living his life and nobody else. If he feels like God helped him perform up to his potetial in that game who is to say otherwise. I know that many of us in school, sports or simple presentations have asked for help from a higher being and received it. No matter what faith you belong to, there is an ideal that good actions return good results and bad actions result in bad consequences. It is called kharma. My personal opinion is that God doesn't care who wins or loses but he does care how people live their lives and blesses all his children in some degree or another. The score still reads 17-10 and if God really does determine the outcome based on how players and fans are living their lives, then some players and students need to set down their bong and start living their respective religion.


everyone except ute fans know that calling BYU the "lords university" and pretending like he favours our team is nothing more than a ploy to get you all riled up! and oh how fun it is to see you react!

Re: BYU Student

Thank you BYU Student!!!!!!!!! Your comment was right on the money!! Whether or not Collie should be allowed to say what he wants, or whether or not his comment was nothing more than a profession of his faith, he represents BYU and the Church. There are people out there LOOKING FOR OFFENSES, hence all the more reason to avoid giving them a reason to be offended. When it comes to rivalries, the media and the opposing teams are always looking for fuel for the fire.

The media wants this to be "THE HOLY WAR", which is yet another way to create divisiveness and improve readership. Let's keep the rivalry to SPORTS and not religion.....PLEASE!!!!!

Our church leaders are constantly seeking for ways to quell divisiveness between us and other groups. We should do the same, after all, many U students are LDS.


Collie's comments revealed a sincere belief that he holds and that a majority of LDS members share.

But it is a wrong-headed idea. As such, BYU Student's suggestion to "keep it to yourself" is a disingenuous approach. All you are saying is that it is OK to be arrogantly self-righteou as long as you keep it to yourself!?

That combines the sin of arrogant, self-righteous pride with the sin of being subtly dishonest.

That is NOT what Jesus would do!

Lt layton

I would just like to thank all those who left comments that they choose not to go to BYU as It made room for the rest of us and as I see it that was divine intervention!


I HATE byu more than most, but this is getting to be a JOKE!!! Listen to games on any week-end and you see players in EVERY sport say, "First of all, I'd like to Praise God"....and then imply that that is why they are being interviewed.

Collie, I hope you guys lose your bowl game, I hope you lose every game next year, but YOU ARE RIGHT. You do good things "on and off" the field and in life...GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!!!

Call it karma, "what goes aroung, comes around" ort whatever you want...YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!


I think everyone who is sticking up for Collie is missing the point of the criticism. They are not attacking him for recognizing God, they are attacking him for implying God favored his team and determined the outcome of the game. I don't thing anyone cares he mentioned God. Another point is I am not sure BYU is doing what is right on the field though. Lots of cursing, personal fouls, and taunting. For claiming to be the Lord's school/team whatever they sure behave poorly and give your church a bad reputation. I know Utah does it too but they are not claiming devine intervention because they are doing what is right.


Austin, As a good family friend of the Collie's I could not help but write and let you know of our support for you! I am so sorry that you have to put up with all these crazy Utahns. Your comment may have not been the best choice, especially in a place like this crazy state where everything is blown WAY out of proportion, but now you know right?? Just know we love you and are on your side and to FORGET about all these negative idiots on here. They are a bunch of low life's with nothing better going on!! Keep doing what you do and know you are a wonderful person. We support you %110 percent. This will all blow over soon enough. Much love!

Is this really still going on?

I can't believe this is still such a big issue. I am a student at the U. As such, I was not offended by the comment at all. I have no doubt players on both teams say many prayers and try to be good people. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion. Collie gave his opinion, got plenty of flack...isn't there something else to talk about now? Seriously?


As Austin will be translated soon, this is all a moot point.
Let's focus on SDSU folks!


I study at the U but I like the Cougars better. I am also a happy member of the LDS Church. However, Austin Collie's remarks were unnecessary. My home teaching companion is in the Utah football team and is one of the most faithful LDS members I know, "on and off the field." The fact that his team lost does not mean that God did not "step in" in favor of them and "take part in it". For all I know God loves both teams and rewards people in different ways. I agree with an IN Salt Lake City article referring to the "celestial arrogance" of immature BYU students. They can acknowledge God in their victories, but not in a way that suggests they are favored because they are better people than others.


Not everyone commenting on this article is from Utah. Second not everyone living in Utah is from Utah. Half of BYU is from out of state and a majority of U of U is not from Utah as well. So to simple Judge people is wrong.

Just a personal thought I dont think BYU students or Athletes relize that not everyone in Utah is mormon. Especially in Salt Lake Area. So when someone makes a comment like that I could see how people who are not LDS could take offense. I think sometimes people at BYU give the church a bad image to non members in that state of Utah " Salt Lake County" as an example. Salt Lake County has Million people and less that half or LDS. Since Majority U of U fans are prob not LDS I could see how this could be taken offense to a lot of UTE fans because they are not mormon.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone I can just see how people are getting offended by this..

BYU fans are fully invested

Utah fans are "fully INFESTED" with greed, spite, jealousy and pettiness. Grow up


I love the Cougars... but.

Austin Collie seemed to have forgotten what Elder Bednar's Dad once told him. Paraphrasing...

" When you achieve something, remember that God gave it and that you did NOT earn it."


Elder Bednar once told one of his sons... Paraphrasing,

"Whenever you achieve something, remember that God gave it and you did NOT earn it."

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