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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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As a BYU fan, I wonder why some Mormons blow criticism or differing points of view out of proportion and make it sound as if this is Mormon bashing? I've heard numerous athletes and coaches of all races and backgrounds excoriated on sports radio talk shows (Jim Rome, JT the Brick, Mike & Mike) for invoking similar attitudes. Cut the persecution complex and grow up. Collie could have easily defused the situation in his follow-up interview if he wanted the issue to go away.


If i were a ute defender, i'd try to blame divine intervention too. How else do you explain the utes forgetting how to guard the best player on the most important play two years in a row????

Ore Coug

To C: I interpret Collie to mean he did not mean offense and anyone taking offense should have better things to do in life, in other words "get a life".

A couple of thoughts come to mind.

1) Gods wrath is kindled against those who do not acknowledge his hand in ALL things. I interpret that to include football as well, although not necessarily outcomes, but in individual performance.

2) The purpose of the article is to create controversy (or contention), after all it makes money. I believe nothing good comes from contention. In fact it is widely believed that the devil is the source of contention.

Who, in this case, is doing the devils work? Surprising this is coming from the DMN.

looking at the game with blinders on only makes for frustration, do you not have something better to do with you lives?

Father of four

That was a very good game, Thank you for giving credit were it was due. The example you set for my kids is very much appreciated, I wish we had more people like you, willing to stand up for what they believe in. Your comments allowed us to have another great dinner conversation with our kids. Thanks again


Shame on Sorenson and the local sports radio hosts for even making this an issue. John Lund on the manly morning show would not get off the subject. I finally changed the radio station. I came back an hour later, and he was still on it. He made it an issue. I think much less of him now than I did before.

JC From CA

To:Western Sport LDS fan, and Utah supporter. Look at the comments made from the Utah Players after the successful defeat of Pittsburgh in the Arizona Tostitos Bowl when coach Meyer was at Utah. The Utah players were making similar comments after their win. I was at the game as a BYU Fan Rooting for Utah, and loved the execution of the Utes. "They Dominated the team from Pitt because they were better prepared." Austin's success comes from principles taught at home and in the church. Amen Austin

dave h

As a BYU fan I still have to say that Austin was wrong to say what he said. When you are an athlete in the spot light you always have to measure your words before speaking. If Austin actually believes that the Lord steps in and helps a team based on their "righteousness" I guess that is his right - even though most don't accept that idea including most of his fellow BYU team mates. I would bet that most of the other BYU players wondered "what the heck are you thinking Austin". Like it or not, this is an issue when make some sort of self righteous comment like that and it is better to just keep it to yourself.


This is a perfect example why this state is so lame. It always comes down to religion with everything nobody can just shut their mouth and keep their beliefs to themselves like they should. You take something as good as Byu-Utah drag it in the mud and bring religion into it. Just another reason I will be moving back out of Utah grow up people stop gossiping and judging people for religious beliefs.

Blown Away

Wow, I can't believe all the blogs being written about this incident. I question Collie for why he even said what he did. Examples of players thanking God and making the sign of the cross, or pointing their finger towards the heavens do not make the implications that Collie did when he said..." if you do what's right on and off the field." To me that says that if you are doing what's right off the field in your personal life, God will help you on the football field. Who cares which team won, that doesn't matter. But with his comment, I think it was taken as a personal insult rather than someone speaking out about his faith. I don't say that about my fellow workers yet God plays a role in all our lives if we let Him.

It amazes me to read the blogs from the Deseret News articles. If its about Mitt and his faith there may be a 100 comments. If its about religion it may be 100 comments. But if its sports and religion, over 350 comments. After further review, I think I better get a life.

CougarKeith (UtahKeith)

Good for you Austin, I salute you, and stand behind you 110%!!! Everyone else can take a hike, if you don't like what he said, get over it, or lose your guilty conscience! Get off the kids back.

Mormon Ute Fan

As a Utah fan who was upset by the loss I still have to say that I don't believe Collie meant to offend anyone. He could have phrased his comment more wisely, but in the heat of the moment, that's just how it came out...and he is fresh of the mish!
However it has been my experience in talking with many byu fans, including several in my own family, that they truly believe byu wins because it's the "lord's school." This type of attitude puts me off. And anyone who thinks so needs to put their pride in check. It's football for crying out loud! And Utah fans...the game is over, move on and let's just mentally prepare for the next match up ok?


OK. I don't think Collie actually meant to imply that he or BYU were more righteous than Utah, but the comment was terrible. It made me cringe. Even worse was his combative response.

I love BYU, and I'm a big football fan, but it's no joke that we're hated by a lot of people because we're perceived as self-righteous. Whether it's true or not (and as much as it pains me to say, it is true a lot of the time (which drives me crazy)) we need to be especially careful not to be this way or come off this way.

Just because you believe something, it doesn't always need to be said. Maybe Collie thought God did help with 4th and 18, and he definitely thought his critics needed to get a life, but THERE'S NO NEED TO SAY ANY OF THAT STUFF. Please BYU people, just keep that junk to yourself. You're not doing me or any of the other normal BYU people any favors. Instead of saying "everyone else thanks God so it's OK," we need hold ourselves to a higher standard or else the stigma is never going to go away.


It comes down to this, Yes many athletes thank God for giving them strength or whatever and that is good, but I have never heard an athlete say that god blessed him because he was living right on and off the field, because that gives credit to the player for living right not God. Leave your own personal life out of it and give all the credit to God and that is what most athletes do. Its funny how BYU fans are so quick to come down on the utes coach for an onsides kick even after he said he was sorry. but now BYU fans are so quick to get defensive about Collie who has no intentions of saying he is sorry, but just tells everyone to get a life, and that this is all BS.

Collie's Right

Collie is right.


335 comments. You have got to be kidding me. He simply said he prepared and the Lord blessed him. He never put down any other player on the team. He never said the others didn't prepare or go to the Lord for help. He just said what has happened to him. Many of you need to get a life and quit being so angry.

Quite complaining about the mote in a person's eye, when you have a beam in your own.


I believe that the emotion behind the "Collie" bashing has diminished many bashers' logical capabilities. First rule of logic is that of "charity." Charity is idea that a word may have more than one meaning, therefore a sentence may have multiple interpretations. For a statement to be argued against you must take the words or sentences in context of the speaker's intent. You must use the speaker's definitions or meanings not the definition that you wish that he had "implied" for the sake of your own motives. The first rule is based on the idea of understanding before attacking. Most of the bashing seems based on an all too common twisting of Collie's intent.
Although it's already been stated a number of ways, I'll say it again: one should look at his or her own motives before "casting stones".

Collie get a life!!!

Typical BYU person, thinking they are better than the rest. Guess what Mormons are not above everyone and god will not treat you any better!!!! God will look at how you treated people, not that you went to BYU or that you were mormon. God does not make poeple make touchdowns!!!

Hey "Collie get a life"

I'm also a typical BYU person, trying to do my best on and off the other field (baseball). I hope that it's typical of all you Yewts as well. It sure isn't typical of many atheletes any more (and yes they do succeed in their sport still). I think I'm better than you as well! Ha! How do you like that!? I'm better than anyone who doesn't see things the same as I do!
Hey, we sound the same!

Football Fan


You're the man, I agree 100%

Collie get a life

I agree that Collie is way off base. When we look around at the world events of Saturday, I think a football game ranks low on the scale of what the "Lord" was paying attention to. Collie new exactly what he was talking about when he made the comments. If the "Lord" helped him get open, does that mean the "Lord" made the Ute defender blow his assignment? Maybe the reason why BYU has such a terrible bowl record over the years is because the "Lord" is on Christmas vacation???

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