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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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If the Mormons are living right?

Then where is the love? You got mormons Tazing mormons, now fighting over god. Over a kid's game where the players get a king's ransom!


For me I really do believe that BYU is God's favorite school. There!


CougerKeith (UtahKeith)

Give it a rest people... All he meant by the comment was that the cheap call from the 67 yard TD called back was given "Karma" by never giving up. That was all the kid was saying and everybody blew it out of proportion. He was trying to apply the "Lesson" and "Example" to a real to life scenario was all he was saying. Get over it people!!! The Lord watches over those who keep their nose to the grindstone and work hard (have faith and don't give up no matter what), that was all he was saying. Anyone trying to put more into it than what he actually meant, SHAME ON YOU!!! He was excited, he was asked about a big play and he said quickly what he thought, and you all get on a kid for saying what he felt, but it didn't exactly come out the way it should have been understood by the public.


So, If I understand this correctly, A football player mentioned his personal religious beliefs in an interview, and a significant portion of those who heard the comments are offended, and demand an apology?

I'm not sure that I understand why he should apologize or retract his statements. Aren't they his personal beliefs? If an individual United States Citizen has an opinion, I thought that they were free to express it.

For what it's worth, those who are offended are either biggoted or just have a bad case of sour grapes because their team lost a game.


It's true. If he were from another school and were black, or jewish, or any other ethnicity, or denomination he would be praised, not ridiculed. It floors me how so many will say mormon's are intolerant of other people and yet face some of the most intolerant comments and people against them. Apparently the media was really lacking for a story if they had to beat this one to death.

Non LDS BYU Student

I am (was) a KFAN listener. I'm a Jazz fan and often listen to the games on KFAN. After the BYU/UTAH game I had my car radio tuned to KFAN. I was disappointed in the commentators. Come up with something worth while; that reflects what a great game it was. Not, "lets try and make this athlete appear bigoted." 1280 it is for me.

ute fan

hey im a ute fan, but i agree with collie. let it rest

RE: Take a logic class

Well, I feel a bit sheepish. Evidently, I need a logic refresher myself. In my previous post I ignored this logic rule:

means that

So, if Collie truly was saying "You live righteously, you're gonna win", then he would also be saying that "You don't win, you must not be living righteously."

Anyhow, I stand by my original analysis: Collie acknowledged that as he does his best to follow the Lord, then the Lord blesses him and helps him accomplish great things.

Collie did not make a sweeping statement like "Hey, you live right, you'll win (and therefore, if you lose, you must not be living right)."


Get a life Get a life Get a life!!!


If you just think about it, if he were a member of some other religion he would not get as much heat!
And because he is standing up for what he beleives in, I am proud of him as an LDS member!

Don't Persecute Me

Isn't it funny that Collie trys to play the race and religion card in a place like Utah County. What a joke! Collie shows real maturity in his response by calling the whole thing B.S. and try to get Cougar sympathizers like the people on this blog to stick up for him. There is a reason why Ute fans like me don't like BYU and it's because of athletes like Collie and the cougar fans that can't take criticism. Take the Blue Goggles off ... now.


I've always thought God had a sense of humor. I'll bet he/she thinks this one is pretty good.


This story is a non-issue, or should have been. The prophet Isaiah warned of people who would, "make a man an offender for a word" (Isa 29:21).

Brigham Young once stated that, "He who takes offense when no offense was intended is a fool."

The world could use more men like Austin Collie, and less men that take offense where none was intended.


RE: Don't Persecute Me.

I will use small words so you will understand. I like my Blue Goggles! This is America. I have the right to wear whatever color of eyewear I choose. I will not stoop to your level by making a hasty generalization about moronic Ute Fans (Not all of them, just the folks like you).

Re: Don't Persecute Me

Aren't you making your comments through Red Goggles? Thats the reason Cougar fans don't like many Ute fans like you. Have a nice day.


Reporters are in the business of selling newspapers. Controversy sells papers. Its the oldest ploy in the newspaper business, and we've all been caught by this story, like a dumb carp.

Strange bunch

You Utah Mormons are a strange bunch. You send missionaries - like Austin - all over the world telling people that they need to join your church and obey God's commandments (do the right thing) they will be blessed. (As I understand it those blessings apply generally to this life and the next life.) Then one of your own comes back from having delivered that message in South America and tells you that he thinks that that formula has helped him in his life - including this game - and you villify him for it. I would have thought you would be proud of the success of one of your own . . .. Strange bunch.


Fischer does the same thing last year in the Jazz playoffs and we all admire him --- well, maybe Golden State fans did not think God had helped the situation. But, we all did. Collie said or did nothing wrong. I admire his faith (faith is an action verb) and then giving credit to God.

Sacramento Coog

I know Austin Collie. He's a great kid, from a great family, and who does his best to live his religion. His comments were nothing more than a way of thanking the Lord for helping him reach his potential during the game. I hear the same kind of thing all the time in post game interviews and it's never a story. What this is, is another example of the state of Utah's hysteria over religion--particularly from those that oppose the Mormon faith or who are hypersensitve of the Church's influence. It's bigotry in another fashion.

Good for you Austin--for thanking God to begin with and for standing up for your beliefs when attacked. The rest of you should heed Collie's advice and get a life!


Enough said... we can all stop the debate now.

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