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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Holy War

"Holy War" tells you all you need to know. For every holy team there is an unholy team, you know, good and bad in all things. Why do you think the Utes are red?

Seriously guys

Ok, so there's now like almost 300 comments on this article? Wow. I believe that I speak for most of us here when I say, people are making a big deal out of nothing at all, and that Austin Collie was simply overjoyed that he made a big play, and he was grateful and felt that it was appropriate to thank God for his success. His part about "when your doing what's right on and off the field" was speaking in a general sense. Then all of the anti-BYU advocates start all of this controversy about it. I can see how some Ute fans and anti-BYU people got upset about the way they interpreted his comments, but I really don't feel that it was directed towards them. So Austin responded the way that he did today because of how "ridiculous" everyone else is being about it, and they seriously are. Austin said what he said today because everyone who was offended by what he said just set themselves up for it. So I understand both sides, but for real, it's not something to get so worked up about.


Repent U of U fans so we can beat the Y next year. Repent... repent... we need to be more righteous than the Y. Repent!! I know some missionaries that can help the team out and get you baptized!! REPENT!

RE: utah-man18

If I didn't approve of you making that comment, and even if it went further and said it offended me, would you take it back and let me script for you what I thought it appropriate for you to say?

I think Collie said what he said, was given the option to explain it and retract, and explained it.

It's what he said.

Be angry, but he said what he said.

Thats it, now I'm offended!

Spanky boy(re: sweet),

You imply that your argument is more coherent then the rest of us. It is exactly that kind of arrogance, and self righteousness that makes me hate... Well it offends me. No, it really, really hurts. Ooops, maybe I lost coherence. Umm...

Scoreboard too!

Take a logic class

Disclosure: I'm a BYU fan and I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

I agree with Austin's original comments. I interpret them as an explanation of the Law of the Harvest: if you obey the Lord's commandments, He will bless you. You may have difficulties and problems, but the blessings eventually come. The "blessing" may be one great play, where you accomplish something beyond your potential, or when pieces just "fall into place". Maybe the "blessing" is having the courage to overcome a tough lose and continue competing.

Austin did NOT say:
1. If you live right, you will win every game
2. If you did not win, you must not be living right
3. If you did win, you must be living right, that is the only reason you will win

To the posters saying Collie's statements imply that "losing means that you're not righteous" - go take a basic logic class:
is not logically equivalent to these:

I also agree with Austin's rebuttal: if he was not a Mormon playing for BYU, this would be a non-issue. Too bad his response was not more eloquent.


Everyone defending Collie here just doesn't get it. The reason why most people who aren't BYU fans don't like them is because of the 'holier than thou attitude' that some of their fans display. Anyone who disagrees with that is simply out of touch with reality. Granted, I know that alot of BYU fans ARE NOT like this but perception is reality folks. There is a reason why BYU was once named the most hated team in America, and having a winning program is not the only reason. I think it's ridiculous when ANY athlete (black, white, muslim, catholic) suggests that god plays a role in determining the outcome of a game. But when you play for a religous school that people ALREADY have pre-conceived notions about such as being 'self righteous' it certainly will only add fuel to that fire when you make a statement such as he did. This is the difference. I don't think Collie is smart ebough to realize this. He may not have meant any harm by it, but it wasn't smart. By implying god was rewarding him on the field for living a 'righteous life' what does that say about the losing team?

What if?

God really wanted BYU to win, and the Utes to lose, so he intervened?


That was the same move that Austin made down the right sideline in the CSU game for his totally wide open touchdown and the Ute coaches missed it in their preparation and had they prepared for the game by watching tapes, they would not have left Austin Collie open and the Utes would have won?

Either way, Utah lost, BYU won, and it doesn't really matter what Austin thinks, now does it.


I'm sorry, I didn't try to imply everyones argument was incoherent and poorly spelled... just your post.

BTW, I am also a BYU fan, so I am not offended by your "awesome" smack.

I just didn't understand your rambling post.

BYU Cougar



Okay, we've heard enough and Collie is awesome. He is blessed and his comment was no different than every NFL football player that bows his knee in the endzone to say a prayer of thanksgiving after every TD he scores.
So let's just wrap this session up and move onto the next stupid controversy that PK and Gordie Monson drum up so they can save their jobs.


Good show austin. it's nice to hear someone actually speak their mind. a career in politics is due.


I wonder if SS gets it? Why are you making an issue when one doesn't exist. Austin Collie made a statement about how God rewards those who do right -- he didn't say anything about his school, his religion or anything else. This statement could just as well have come from a Ute player on an occasion when they win.

This item needs to die because it is not an issue. It is only one in the minds of those who want to be offended. Hear that SS?


Utah had a great year despite all the injuries and adversity that they had to face. The players, fans, and staff all were blessed because of how they live their lives. I truly believe this. Utah will get a bowl game due to their hard work and blessings. I hope Utah blows out their bowl opponent and continued success except against BYU of course. I hope BYU and any other MWC bowl team does the same.

Almost 300 posts later....

and the majority is finding every excuse for Collie's stupid statement. The posts in here are pointing to one fact and one fact only: the majority of DN readers are BYU Fans.

The law of the harvest logic being thrown around in here is very weak. There are posts comparing Collie's catch and remarks to a heart surgeon practicing medicine. IT IS HILARIOUS!!

I lived in the religous deep south for a number of years and been to plenty of football games. A remark like Collie's would've been frowned just as much in Oxford, Mississippi as it was in SLC.

BYU fans have always been thin-skinned and defending Collie brings up all the old arguments they use when someone is bagging on one of their players. The biggest of which is "if this wasn't a BYU player nobody would care".

I live in Tucson and went to the barbershop today and believe or not Collie's remarks were being discussed. Most of the patrons took offense and were joking that the Wildcats lost to the Y this season not because of poor coaching but because BYU had too many Mormons living right on their team while Arizona only had two.

SS More

"I wouldn't say it was lucky. We executed the play well. We should have had another one (TD). Obviously, if you do what's right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part in it. Magic happens."

What does this statement have to do with BYU, LDS Church or anything else?

Seems like someone is making a store out of nothing.

RE: Charles

Charles, you said...
"It also is pretty clear that God doesn't help any particular team at the exclusion of other teams since no team always wins."

What about the UNDEFEATED 2004 UTES??? Maybe Collie could enlighten us about their season?


Collie is absolutely right. Religious bigotry is doing well in Utah. If he were not a Mormon, no comment would ever be made. Disgusting, PERIOD.

Collies Friend

austin is one of my buddies. he is not a holier than thou guy. he is however a bigger faster and stronger than you guy the kid is a physical freak and a heck of a reciever.......let him thank god if he wants...tons of athletes do it........let the fans from a mountain west team that has beat byu in the last two seasons cast the first stone .................oh wait i forgot.......

The world is listening

I was getting my hair cut in Tokyo, Japan earlier today and you know what was being discussed? Yep, Collie's remarks.

Most of the Japanese took offense to what he had to say and were lamenting the fact that the Japanese lost to the United States in World War II, not because of poor preparation, but because the United States had too many "darn" Mormons living right, while Japan didn't have one.

I also talked to my friend in Iraq and by golly, this Collie issue was the topic of choice there as well. They really believe that those "righteous" Mormons are the reason Sadam was ousted from power.

Beware BYU . . . the world is listening to your every comment!

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