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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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What if he does think God helped BYU win the game? How's that any skin off of your nose?


ute fans and reporters "get a life"? are you crazy? will never happen.


How ridiculous that anyone would think the Lord blesses them because they play for BYU! There are LDS players on many teams around the country so who is the Lord supposed to favor? I think officiating, preparation etc has more to do with it. Keep your preaching away from the game. I am LDS but I don't think BYU is favored over anyone because you live right. What about all your players who aren't LDS who break the school's ethics code? Do you get punished for them? I don't think so either. Now all we need is the testimony meeting like John Beck would do!!!!


read sorenson article today about Yewts BB coach and in state rivals. He quotes Twitt about the Holy War being just another game. The clock counting down seems to say other wise. But he knows exactly what Collies statement implied. Double standard no doubt.


After living in Utah for over 20 years and loving the quality of life here I spent the last two years in the South (the Bible belt). There are many God fearing people here and there. My children were able to find great friends with high moral standards here and there. However the one thing I miss the most moving back to Utah is the much more responsible and mature media.

The Utah media is completely irresponsible and want nothing more than to incite needless controversy to promote themselves.


Remember the year of the Doink? Utah fans were dancing in the stands. A chip shot field goal is all that Utah needed to beat BYU. The snap, the kick, the ball sails end-over-end toward the north goal posts. All of Utah held its collective breath. Then . . . Doink! The ball hit the goal post and fell short.

And who says God doesn't root for the Cougars??


Did the young faithful Austin really respond to his 'my team is more righteous than your team' comments by saying, "I really think it's because I'm a Mormon white kid from Brigham Young University"...
What a tough cross to bear being a white Mormon on full ride scholarship in a city that's 99% white. I cannot believe he is naive enough to pull the persecution card. Act like an adult and own your words. God doesn't win football games. Why do you have such a hard time admiting you have darn good team and were fortunate enough the utes can't play defense in the last 2 minutes of a game.
Choose The Red-


if you believe the Lord answers prayers, he answered mine when Max and Austin hooked up on that play, and Harvey Unga punched it into the endzone, and then Austin and Max hooked up again. Way to go cougs!!!!

tired of whining

How is Austin Collie recognizing God in something he did successfully and different from an actor thanking God at an awards ceremony?

I am a mormon. I am not offended or embarrassed by what Collie said. Sometimes the truth hurts!

The sweetness of offence

Bottom line, people love to be offended. "I'm offended", "I'm hurt" especially Mormons. Offence is like Mormon beer. The more the merrier, I guess. Austin offended us, thats why we "hate BYU". etc, etc, It is so funny, so Utah. Listen, folks, I hate to be the barer of obviousness but if you are offended YOU CHOSE TO! and if you HATE someone or something YOU CHOSE TO. It is simlply an only because you are a hatefull, take offence full person. Unless I missed the "control others course" growing up. You control your own emotions, thoughts, feelings. So at least preface your hate and intolerance by saying: " I like to be offended, I chose to hate BYU.

Here's one guy that thinks it is soooooo funny that you have rendered such power to us. We control you I guess, and who you like and who you hate. Sweet. Here's one: Be sad and mad all year about BYU's Magic!

HA HA HA HA, do you hate me now? offended?


Divine intervention

What's all the fuss about? In the medical profession (and I'm sure many others), people ask for help from the Lord daily. Russell M. Nelson has told the story of being inspired in his work as a heart surgeon. If it's ok to receive inspiration in these circumstances why would it not be ok for anyone in any other profession receive or expect inspiration? I'm sure that Austin prays daily for guidance in his academic endeavors, and I think it's only right for him to pray for the same on the field. Just like studying for a test, if you put forth a good effort and study hard you can expect help from the Lord to remember the things you've studied. Austin, and I'm sure other athletes at other schools can expect the same in regards to athletics. If they work hard and practice right (live right on the field), they can expect help in improving/magnifying their talents. Austin feels that he has been helped in regards to football, and I have no problem with him sharing that feeling(or any other athletes from doing the same). I know it makes me better in my profession when helped from above.


What a waste of precious breath and time. Like many other previous writers here, I have literally heard many hundreds of such comments by players in a variety of sports in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, etc. I have never heard of anyone complain until Collie's comment Saturday. I love all the mind reading that has been spewed out by the media and some individuals. This is nothing more or less than very thinly disguised Mormon bashing or Mormon (irrational)defensiveness. I sometimes think there are a few LDS folks would be agreeable (and even apologetic) if there was a groundswell of non LDS public opinion to run Mormons out of Salt Lake City or Utah. I think Austin's reaction is accuarate: "Get a life" and move on to something that is really important. If you don't like Collie's or any other athlete's faith based comments, don't like and don't like it for decades if you want but shut up and focus on cleaning up or keeping clean and pristine your own verbalizations.


If you have ever meant to say something - and it came out a little differently than you intended - THEN GET OFF OF COLLIE"S BACK.

It is amazing to me how people interpret what Collie said according to THEIR OWN AGENDA.

Collie has said, in no uncertain terms, that he WAS NOT saying God determined the outcome of the game - period. Enough said.

I find it amusing how many U fans play the "self-righteous" card when it comes to BYU.

How self-righteous is it to take a comment by Collie, a 21 or 22-year old, place your own spin on it, and then accuse not only Collie, but ALL BYU fans of being self-righteous - because of the spin you put on the comment???

Not only is it hypocritical, but it is SELF-RIGHTEOUS to the nth degree - and all because you are upset that you lost a stupid football game!

I think there are a lot of people who are willing to throw Collie under the bus, not because of what he said, but in an effort to get the upper hand in a "football rivalry".

Pretty pathetic.


Before I take your "offense" and become offended, could you type your theory in a coherent statement, so I could then decide if I am offended or not.

Thanks a bunch there spanky...


They used to say that they didn't finish putting the roof on the top of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium so God could watch his team play.

Just glad it was said in Texas so as not to offend any hypersensitive Ute fans.


years ago coach croton commenting on the holy war reminisced about coaching a BC/NotreDame game. he saw the priests on one side praying fo ND and the Jesuites praying for BC and said to himself God isn't here - he's at the BYU Utah Game!

go cougs

CTR- collie did own his comments. he didnt chage what he said, he has a point. if he was a player at another university it would have been awesome that a young talented person gave credit to god. if a ute player would have said the same thing it would have been funny becuse he would hve been snubbing BYU. i think one of your players would have thanked god but i forgot, you lost. i never get tired of listening to ute fans cry after their team loses. instead of worying about collie, you should worry about your team getting burned on 4th and forever in a bowl game. again.

There they go again!

The christians, stoning each other!


The fact is that by saying what he did when he did (right after being asked if he was lucky to make the play), Collie brought this on himself. A player pointing to the sky or an actor thanking God for his success is very different; Collie's comment and it's timing suggest that the Lord stepped in to make the Utes lose. I can see why he thinks the over reaction is ridiculous, but at the same time I don't approve of him making the statement at that time. If he wanted to thank God in an interview he should have brought up his injury and been grateful for a full recovery.

!st Ammendment

Freedom to exercise your religion, freedom of speech and the press.

Mike Sorensen postulated and basically said that Mr. Collie did not have these first ammendment rights.

Sounds sort of funny, a reporter trying to editorialize and censor a source.

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