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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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SHHH! Please don't anyone tell the yewts... HARLINE & COLLIE ARE STILL OPEN!!! GO COUGARS!!!!


How do we know God doesn't care about football? Go deep Peter, James and John. I just think Collies remarks should have been done in private, between he and his maker. He does make a good point in that religious overtones are shown by other athletes all the time.


This was a well played game by two fine teams. BYU WON. Wow, still upset by reference to Diety. Get over it bitter yewts!!!!



Maybe if he would have taken all of the credit for himself and his own abilities and maybe even spoke about himself in 3rd person as some other athletes have done, that would have pacified the world/critics. Give the guy a break, he is very young and was just grateful. He said some things in an impromptu interview, that he hadn't totally thought out. Live and Learn. Maybe Bronco, the Master of Political Correctness, will give him a few pointers in the off season... Read all you want to into his comments, but I don't think he was trying to dog anyone, he was just expressing appreciation to God...


You people have no idea how stupid you all look on both sides of this little arguement. Most of the writers in Utah are considered Hacks otherwise they would be in a bigger newspaper coverage area. Noone in the rest of the country even cares if a player thinks or beleives he was blessed by god. They appreciate his humility for that moment. but seriously those of you who think the cougs are more righteous get over yourselves. and you utes that are somehow feeling so insecure you have to attack a college kid that has stronger beleifs in god than you do also need to getover yourselves.

Who cares

This is an example of people fishing for news. Sports writers, columnists, and bitter Utah fans that have nothing better to do than look for any excuse to call BYU arrogant or self righteous. Get on with your lives Utah fans and start looking forward to gymnastics season.

Anyone Remember?

Coach Whit said something two years when the utes were 3-4 and faltering badly in the 4th quarter of games. He was trying to figure out what the utes were doing mon-friday that was translating into problems on Saturday. He specifically wondered if his guys were "living right" and if that had anything to do with their losing ways. He didn't have any proof of wrongdoing by his players but he was speculating that something was up.

I found it a bit ironic after utah fans have balked at Austin's correlation of "living right" and how the game turned out. Is their a direct correlation? No. However, it sure seems Kyle and Austin were saying the same thing. I sure don't see much difference.


My goodness what a mess...

Football is just a game, not life but many of you seem to think it is.

Was Collie right to think God has blessed him to be successful in football? Yes, because he has been and thanking God for it is natural. Even if thanking God during a post-game interview isn't viewed as appropriate.

The sad state of affairs in Utah(because I have lived there)is that some of the locals just don't like us Mormons. They think, I believe that we should keep our thoughts and opinions to ourseleves.

They don't want to hear that we believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Lastter Day Saints is the kingdom of God on earth.

Now I know that this has nothing to do with football, but that is the brunt of the critcism we as Latter-Day-Saints bear in all this.

Now I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Chrsit and there are folks who will disagree with me. But that is their problem, not mine.

But no one wants to hear it publicly. The reason why this probably won't be posted, right?

But Austin has a right to thank God for his blessings?


It's not necessarily Collie's comment that causes outrage. It's the simple fact that the predominant religion in the state has people who preach that they are the "chosen few." So any comment directly or indirectly made in this context will cause a furor. SOME PEOPLE in our faith will never understand that while unfortunate, WE ALL speak for our religion. It is a religion (like all) of God but represented by the people. So when a few act like fools, something like this gets blown out of proportion. Please remember this next time you act superior to someone else's beliefs, or worse ostracize them from the "Members of the True Church". It's up to each of you to promote goodness, not self righteousness.

Mark in Ohio

It's interesting that only those associated with the U of U are the only ones who even bat an eye what Collie said. Out here in the real world, Collie's comments are no different than any other deviout athlete, regardless of religious affiliation. I think Utes are simply super-sensitive to this subject. No one else is.


Well said xenith ... I agree with all the way



Proof God cares about sports...

Genesis: "In the Big-inning, God created...."


We need separation of church and football. They are not like the armies of Helaman. God did not, as Collie suggested "steps in and plays a part in it." Lets be clear about something, and if you disagreee, you must be going to a different LDS church than I go to: God may have given him swift legs, a strong body, a smart brain, and a healthy attitude, which he should appropriately be thankful for. He DID NOT, by anyone's religion, "step in" and make it so Collie got open, caught the football, and caused him to score six points. This, God did NOT cause to have happen and should not be given credit for it.
Again, we need separation of church and football.

Thanking GOD

He didnt thank GOD, he didnt give god credit for helping them like the others do... he basically said god helped him cuz of the way he lives his life. Where have you EVER HEARD someone brag about the way they live their lives? Thats where the problem was


What if the Utes had won and a player on their team said the same thing? It would be no big deal and this is also no big deal.

I think Collie's comment reflects his own view of his own performance. He felt assisted by a higher power. Nothing wrong with that. I think the Utes got some divine help when they scored their TD.

Collie said he felt like he received divine help. I think it is a great show of faith.

Coug in PA

I'm not in Utah, and truth is anyone outside the Utah-BYU rivalry wouldn't give a darn about Collie's statements. I agree with him...if it bothers you then "get a life" and get over it.

Collie is a class act!

reasonable man

One more thought.

As a controversy, this is idiotic. This is a non-issue.

This is a kid saying something that almost everyone is taking out of context, and then using their interpretation of the remarks to bash the kid, his school and his church.

After all, he is only 21 or 22. What did you expect, that everything he would say would be so well crafted that no one would ever disagree with it?

This whole thing is a stupid and senseless controversy. To use it to bash a school or a religion is just dumb and really intolerant. Cut the kid some slack -- don't you think he was a little excited? And who doesn't get their back up just a little when attacked as a result of someone's interpretation of what was said? Sheesh.

It just seems like someone wants to fuel a fire that shouldn't be burning at all.


I've read through all the comments and it seems that many people are agreeing with Collie on one point. "Get a life." So am I to understand that simply because someone disagrees with you or takes offense to something you've said, that gives you the right to simply dismiss their feelings or their opinion?

Or am I to understand that because a part of me was offended by Collie's comments that I've become self righteous and closed minded? I think he could have worded it differently. If he wants to thank God for allowing him to play his best and help his team to victory, that's fine. In fact, I applaud him for doing so.

The moment he implies that the Lord rewarded his way of living in the form of a football victory I lose all respect I may have had for him. God does play a part in every aspect of our lives. However, he has better things to do then care about the outcome of the "holy war."

I am a Ute fan and I will admit the better team won. I just hope next year players will choose their words a bit more wisely.


No football fan outside of the mtn. viewing area cares either way about BYU or it's football team. This whole thing is a none issue. Get over it. Get past it. Move on.

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