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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Having grown up just outside of Provo as a church member, and having graduated from BOTH BYU and Utah after serving a mission, I believe those who make Austin's remarks appear benign and not unlike others talking or expressing their religious beliefs are completely missing the underlying significance of his words. The bottom line is that Austin's remarks offended and hurt many in this state whether they are church members or not because his words bolster the very real perception that many, but certainly not all, BYU fans feel (and sometimes express ) they are intellectually, morally and spiritually superior to their neighbors up north. Which, ironically, goes against the very tenants and teachings of the religion and its cornerstone - Jesus Christ. Therefore, I would hope Austin and others have learned something from this situation, but judging from Collie's response that people need to "get a life" and others responses above, I sadly don't think many have.

East Coaster

This is truly an amazing discussion and I can hardly believe the number of comments it has generated. I for one am not one to respond to things like this, but I'm making an exception here.

Collie's comment reflects one of the major reasons I want to send my 5 children to that school. I am proud to hear someone like that is willing to openly speak about his faith. If Collie walks his talk, that makes him a great example; one I will not hesitate to share with my children and remind them it's possible to be successful while maintaining your values.

By the way, I feel pretty sad for those of you who feel God doesn't care about football. I believe God cares about His children being happy. I believe God wants us to and helps us accomplish our personal goals. Of course things don't always go our way and there are reasons for that, but I for one am grateful for that kind of faith.

BYU fan

Austin should have spoken more carefully.

It was right after an emotional victory and in response to an unexpected question - he is young - I suggest we all forgive him.

Many who are piling on BYU as being self righteous are still hurting over a very close loss. I understand that hurt as it has happened to my teams as well. I suggest we all forgive them.

Journalists have used this subject ad naseum to further their craft and improve their ratings. They have kids to feed and perhaps now wish they would have kept a better perspective. I suggest we all forgive them.

Collie will hopefully learn.
We as fans will hopefully learn.
Local Journalists will hopefully learn.


We have taken some comments made by a young football player and turned them into major reasons to hate:

Austin Collie
Sports writers
BYU fans
UU fans
LDS Church members
All those living in Utah
All non-Mormons

No wonder there are so many wars around the world.


I honestly think that Austin's comment had nothing to do with the fact that the game was BYU vs Utah. I think that he was grateful for the fact that he had the priviledge of making such a big play. It was 4th and 18, it wouldn't have mattered who BYU was playing. Going back and reading the context of his answer, it seemed to me like he was just thrilled with making the big play, and he felt that such a wonderful blessing was God given. When he was scrutinized for his comment, he was aware of why people responded the way they did. So, like myself, being a BYU fan and a mormon, I think he's just sick and tired of people criticizing us for everything we say and do.

ND Fan For Life

A few thoughts:
- Had Collie been at Notre Dame (let's pretend for a minute that the team was actually winning games) and made a comment like that after a USC game, he would have likely received the same criticism. Players at religious schools are more like to be scrutinized for making comments about God. (I can think of a few cases where comments by ND players were subjected to the same scrutiny)
- I will admit that when I firt heard Collie's comment, I interpreted it as a holier than thou comment. Now I have no doubt that this comment was not made with any malice or meant to be high-minded. However, the religious arrogance that can be excerted by some mormons in Utah results in the over sensitivity being shown in this case.
- And finally, talent and hard work may have helped BYU win that game, but God doesn't care about football.

If god blesses me?

In the interview, Collie gave kudos to Max Hall, practice, play execution, living right, the lord and magic as to the success of what has been coined a miracle play.

It seems strange to me to think that people are treating this interview as self righteous and a mistake.

The reasoning against Collie is,

IF living right and the lord favored Collie on this play, THEN the lord loves Collie (BYU) and not the U.

Does that mean Collie also thinks that the U has no magic, and does not practice, is incapable of play execution?

The reasoning suggests an IF/THEN scenario.

IF a coach after a win talks about all the practice and hard work the team did the past week, THEN he must think the other team sat around watching daytime TV.

IF I thank the lord for my job, THEN I believe people who didnt get the job are not loved by god.

IF I thank the lord for safe travel, THEN I believe all the people who got in accidents where not loved by god.

I must be self righteous. IF I stop thanking god, THEN god will bless other people too.

Golden Hurricane(9-3)

Congrats to BYU! You are the best team we played this year and yes even better than OU. You won your conference(MWC) and we are in the Championship in
C-USA. We wish you luck at SDSU and in Vegas. We are a better loss than UCLA trust us we'd beat them good with their weak DBs!

jim h

"God made me healthy, wealthy, pretty, smart and I get to win games because I am righteous." ARROGANCE

"I thank God for his blessings, I will strive to do the right things." HUMILITY

It's startling how many "religious" people can't spot the difference. Might make a good sunday school lesson.

Life-long Utah Resident

I want to disagree completely with BMan's comments about BYU students/fans thinking they are better than Utes. I've lived in Utah for a long time, and I have associated with hundreds of BYU and Utah students during that time.

You might find 1 out of every thousand BYU students who actually thinks he is morally or spiritually superior to Utah students solely because he goes to BYU (intellectually is another matter -- most students will defend their education and proclaim its superiority).

On the other hand, you'll find just as many Ute fans -- if not more -- who consider themselves superior to BYU fans because they don't go to such a "narrow-minded" school.

Both sides are obviously wrong -- people are people anywhere they are --

And by the way, Austin wasn't saying BYU won because the Lord loves BYU more than Utah -- so let's not act like we Utahns are all offended or ashamed by his remarks because we're not.

Bottom line is: who cares?


Great game. I wish I could have seen that play on TV instead of listening to it on the radio. God doesn't care about football. He only cares about the way we treat each other.

Japan Coug

The (over)reaction to Collie's comments about God is unwarranted. His original comments were no different from other athletes who thank God for their success. The worse that can be said is that maybe he should have considered that his comments might be misconstrued or misunderstood, given that he represents BYU.

However, one thing does bother me about Collie's comments in this article, and some of the comments from DesNews readers. I don't understand what being white has to do with this, or why Collie and others felt the need to mention that he's white and that his whiteness somehow affected public reaction. This is silly, and shows how out of touch some people are about race. Does anyone really think that the reaction would have been different if he had been a Polynesian, black, or Hispanic RM playing for BYU? IMO, white athletes are just as likely as others to thank God for helping them (just listen to Kurt Warner, John Kitna, and many Latin baseball players). His comments seem to imply that either non-whites get special treatment, or are more likely to invoke God than whites are. This seems more insensitive (or ignorant) than anything he said about God.


People including athletes of faith are:


No God doesn't care about football games. I asked Him and He said that He is more into soccer. More of his children play that sport and like any good Father, he tries to attend the games, but current events have kept Him busy at the office lately.

AZ Coug

He's not at all saying that BYU is blessed for "living right". He said "on and off the field", reffering to himself living right, and possibly including Max Hall in the comment.
He's free to say that "on and off the field" they are giving 100 percent and being blessed for it (whether on the practice field or in life).
The backlash is due to over-sensitivity to spiritual issues. Think outside the bubble of Happy Valley before over reacting to what the rest of the world just calls "gratitude" to a higher power.
Enough of this "Holy War" talk. I cringe everytime they say that. Unless of course you're saying it's a Good Vs Evil thing...then I'm with you! The Devil is red, people! Go Cougs!


It is very obvious that "The Bubble" has initiated an orchestrated Collie statement commentary! It was a dumb comment from AC and plays into the already negative perception that BYU & Mormons are favored!!

The Lord cares about the individual but doesn't much care as to who wins a football game.

The Church of Football!

Get ready for a full Church offense in
2008 Utah! Collie, Hall and Unga!!!

Deck Max Hall with bows of...

What a season to spend with
family and friends. Snow outside
15 Straight CONF. VICTORIES!!
and bent, angry Utah Fans!!!
oh and BYU hoops ranked and
powerful!!! Man it's good
to be BLUE!!!
GO BYU!!!!!
wonder if we'll kill'em in
baseball too???


It must be a difficult and frustrating life-CHOOSING to take offense at every little comment out of everyone's mouth, whether they meant it to be offensive or not.

Why so much controversy?

Honestly, how many times have you seen and heard a player from the south praise God and thank Him for the ability to make the plays he did, which helped his team win the game? I've heard it countless times. Why can't a Mormon say the same thing? Can he not attribute success in his life to blessings from God? Is that reserved for other Christians? Everyone needs to relax and realize this happens after almost every football game. Collie should not be criticized for making such remarks. I do not think in any way he meant that God wanted BYU to win over Utah. Everyone just tried to make it sound that way to cause controversy.

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