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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Forever Strong

Collie reiterated what is said in the locker room. It's obvious that they're encouraged to live right off the field. Can't fault anyone for that...in fact, have to praise people for that. But his comment was a mistake. I agree with Sorensen that it does imply that BYU is more righteous than Utah. That may not have been what Collie intended, but that's how it came across. I'm glad Bronco has them bought into the system, but the comments to the media need to be tempered. I recently saw a screening of "Forever Strong." It's a movie that all will love. It's the story of the Highland High Rugby team and the great Coach Gelwix. One of the secrets to their success is that they live right off the field. They serve in the community, they are punished for use of illegal substances or breaking team rules...they are taught to live a strict code. Living "right" improves self-esteem...that's going to translate into improved performance in any field. I commend BYU's ability to clean up from previous years' embarrassment, but the comment he made was a Holier than Thou comment. A mistake he won't repeat.

Mike S. Fan

Way to go Mike! You've done you job perfectly. I for one can't wait for your next insightful column. I just hope your OPINIONS continue to stir such emotions, so we can all be entertained by this ridiculous banter.


It's not that Collie thanked God for his athletic ability that helped him make the catch, which would have been fine, he said that because he did the "right" thing off the field, he was "blessed" and the play was made. "Magic". Is he saying that those who have failures on the field are not living "right"? How many times do bad things happen to good people? Are they not righteous as well? As an LDS Ute, I cringe whenever BYU players/fans play this card. People are not getting on Collie for praising God, they are upset because he made his own spirituality the reason for his success. God blesses all of us in all we do, but we also all fail, every day, even good people. If Collie had not made the catch, I doubt he would have said that he was living "right" and that God blessed him to miss the catch to give him a chance to learn from his mistakes. BYU fans, this has nothing to do with Mormonism, but everything to do with humility and class.

To All BYU Commentors

Let's get one thing straight. You all keep defending Collie saying there's nothing wrong with thanking the Lord or saying the Lord can bless you. You're right there's not. But that's not what Collie said. The last part of his statement is what really gets him into trouble "Magic Happens" That line, whether he meant it or not suggests the Lord helped him get wide open to miraculously get out of a huge jam for BYU and convert the near impossible 4th and 18. If he would've said he prayed to the Lord for strength and to play his best he would've been fine. He chose his words very poorly. You have to admit that much! What he meant can be up for speculation, but everyone has to agree he did not choose his words wisely, regardless of what point he wanted to get across.

The Big Picture

Don't trash this kid because of his beliefs. If he truely believes that is the reason for his success who are we to take that from him. Not to mention the fact that he goes to a PRIVATE, religious institution. Personally I don't think God cares about sports, but he does about all of our lives and what we personally need. If you don't like that, DEAL WITH IT, I'm not going to change and neither should Collie.

Guardian Angel

You are all wrong. It's not that God likes and favors BYU, he just can't stand the U.


Why isn't anyone talking about Tate flipping off all of BYU's fans? Why do we spend so much time talking about Collie saying he worked hard and no time at all about how rude Tate and the other utah football players were?


This guy is obviously ridiculous! Yes Mr. BYU, God took time from all the genocide in Sudan, the victims of the cyclone in Bangladesh and the horrible conditions in Africa to ensure that BYU one a football game. Seriously! Step outside of yourself for a minute...do you really think that you are that important! You need to get a life, not the people that are point out how ridiculous your comment is.

Bitter Utah Fans

It all depends on how you want to look at it. If you want Collie to be a self righteous punk who thinks he is better than "Ute players" than you can make him that. If you want him to be a humble, spiritual guy giving credit where it is deserved, than so be it. We have all said something that can be taken the wrong way, but the only person who knows what we were really trying to say is the person who said it. I don't know Collie personally, but I would venture to say that he wasn't trying to say that he was more righteous. I just love how we are so quick to judge a person by one single comment that in most cases would be considered a great comment. And then to generalize it and say, "that is why I hate BYU Mormons". To me that is ignorance. Collie said it and it is over. What his real feelings are, who knows. Don't make it into another reason to "hate BYU Mormons". That is what is ridiculous.


I think the quote to remember is "Don't cast your pearls before swine!" Why is it OK to pray to have help on a test, but not OK to pray to catch a ball? Why is it OK to recognize God for your health or a good job, but not for the skills that you have that helped you win a game? Obviously, Collie's only mistake was sharing his pearls with swine. What does that say about those that dont like his comment?

what a joke

The joke here is how long it took me to read all of these comments. What a waste of time that was. I feel even worse about it that I'm now adding to all of this. Visitor at 11:07 had it exactly right. Why is it ok for a ute player to yell out "Where is your God now?" after scoring but wrong for a player to acknowledge God after making a big play?

Austin was simply acknowledging that his God has given him the ability to play this game and that by doing his best (both on and off the field) in his schoolwork, training, life, etc. he has reeped blessings. Some of his blessings include speed and football sense among others. He never said, nor do I believe, implied that BYU won because their players are more righteous. To those of you that take such huge offense at such a little thing really have some issues. I've seen many like you that have left the church or other organizations by taking offense at little issues over who said something. If you bishop states that his family is blessed and prospering because he's doing his best to be......


Mr. "Westernsport and NY", you are the ones who are clueless! Austin Collie did NOT say "I'm glad that the good Lord blessed me to be better than all the other football players & that he helped BYU win the game".

Are you saying that The Lord does NOT bless those who work hard and asks for his help in all things? Collie is merely saying what most of us who have been taught the gospel have learned that if you do what is right and ask the almighty for help then in many cases you will be blessed--as he feels was the case here.

The Lord doesn't just bless in spiritual things but if the almighty sees fit then he will bless with temporal blessings as well. Collie has obviously been blessed with great athletic skills and in this instance the concentration to catch that great pass. If you don't believe that then you better brush up on the teachings by going to church meetings more often.


So does that mean Austin and his team mates were naughty during the week of UCLA and Tulsa? Or how about during the crowton years.

People there is a huge difference for thanking god for looking out for you not being injured or thanking him for your gifts.

Like it or not his word imply he was more rightous on and off the field than his counterparts.

Put down the 44 oz Diet Coke and BYU pen and think about it.

Ute Fans

Most of you are a bunch of sore losers

Give me a break

How many have prayed for help on a test that they studied for hours for, and expressed thanks when they did well on that test? Did God favor them more than the kid that did poorly?

Give me a break. He wasn't claiming that he or BYU was better than the Utes. He was simply acknowledging that God helped them to play to their abilities, to perform as they practiced. He's trying to give some due credit to God. It wasn't a lucky play. They prepared for it. He felt they blessed to perform to their abilities, and felt that the blessing came as a result of living right. This is what every LDS member believes. Whether it be a musical performance, job interview, test, or athletic event...


Whoa, he's right! If he were African-American and Baptist no one would've thought twice. In fact, if he were himself in any other state, no one would've thought twice. It's just a matter of everyone in Utah being overly sensitive about the Mormon thing. Just more of that Us v. Them mentality that runs down the Wasatch Front. Utahns relax!

Ute Fans

The only part I think is hilarious is that Ute Fans are concerning themselves with this. The Utes played a good game and came up short. Don't get mad at a 22-year old player because your team lost. Whether you agree with his comments or not, why don't you keep your comments to yourself as that is what you are telling him to do.

No Matter What He Said

No matter what Collie said...How many MILLION times have we all heard guys "thank God" or "I just believe my faith in Jesus helped me overcome" etc. etc. etc. I remember what a big deal the reverend Reggie White was and he used to say that kind of stuff non-stop. So saying that because he's a white kid at BYU draws the attention - AMEN. And heck I'm an ex-mormon who hates the arrogance of some. But it is no different than Evander Holyfield saying God played a hand in his boxing win etc. etc. etc. And on and on and on!!!


although I am adding to this problem, everyone from both sides has blown this into a bigger issue then it needs to be. No matter where you come from your gong to get bashed for your beliefs, sure Collie faced some critism but lets face it he did kind of say it in an unfamiliar way to most other people, so of course people are going to take it the wrong way. Now, for the people trashing Collie, who cares he has the right to believe in God, and believe that God plays a role in his life. He's one of the best receivers out there so who can really argue with him if he wants to credit God for his success and not himself.

Unga - Needs to learn

Mr Ungha needs to learn from Brother Collie. If only he were more righteous he would have cought that pass. Maybe he can rectify that by next game.

If BYU really wants to be righteous and win all their games Bronco needs to be fired and replced by President Hinckley.

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