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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thanks, Divinity. God DOES care about football. In fact, he cares about a lot of things that would otherwise be meaningless but for the fact that those things create opportunities for us to develop our relationships with him. The most profound spiritual experiences in my life have arisen from answers to prayers as trivial as, "Please help me find my car keys," or from slighly less trivial things like, "Please help me pass this exam so that I can have a job." Does he care about football? Presumably only to the extent that his intervention lends itself to the spriritual development of his children, but, yes, in those cases (which are many), he does.

We don't always know when God is or isn't intervening, but I'd rather err on the side of giving him more credit, rather than less credit, than is due. And I certainly don't fault Austin or any player from any other school or religion for doing so, or for acknowledging the hand of God publicly, however inartfully he may have been able to do so when caught in front of a camera at a very emotional moment.

MWC Champs

Not once has Collie or anyone else ever said that God helps Cougars and not Utes. He helps those who ask.

SEC Country

This is not a national news item, only in classless Morman hating Utah is this an issue. The University of Utah, from personal experence, has no respect for any thing good.

Holy War

I am totally offended by anyone calling the BYU/Utah game a Holy War! Which of these 2 schools is a church school? It's BYU. So, which one is "holy"? It's BYU. So that implies that Utah is not holy. How can you say that it's a "Holy War"? Please stop, it's offensive.

Why BYU is hated

Another reason BYU is hated so much. Self-righteous and arrogant. Collie, thanks for reaffirming our hatrid for BYU.

Only Collie Knows!

Surely, the guy was super happy after his team won the so-called 'holy war'. He was happy and said what he said! The Cougars won, the Utes lost! Will it be a 3-peat come next year? I think that's the real question! Mahalo to the Cougs.


We're so sorry Mr. Sorenson, I know that losing two years in a row must sting very bad. It's tough when your favorite team loses to its rival, especially when you work at the Deseret News, hope your fellow employees are being kind. We are so sorry that Mr. Collie is a Mormon, served a mission, and caught an unreal 4th and 18 to snatch the victory. We are sorry that Mr. Collie acknowledged the Lord in his success. Looking back he should have forgotten the Lord completely and only praised himself for the win. Next year we will change our name from Brigham Young to Bobby Young so that we are not exploiting our religious origin, we will stop praying before games, and we will stop executing on 4th down so that we do not cause you any more pain. Does that sound fair? I wish you the best in dealing with this current set back and again we apologize for all the harm we have caused.

Cougs can't win

Nice job Collie - way to respond and I'm glad so many readers agree - even Ute fans.
When BYU has players getting in trouble the comments are "I thought you guys didn't live that way, stop being hypocritical..." Then a comment like Collies is interpretted as "stop thinking you guys are better or have God pulling for you" I have to believe that deep down everyone knows what Collie was saying - but the BYU haters had to try to use it as ammunition against the Cougars.
The Lord's school??? View it how you want - I believe it's the Lord's church and BYU is owned by the church. But I would never think He gives preferential treatment for something as trivial (to Him) as a sporting event.
I think all athletes can be blessed for treating their bodies and minds right. An option open to anyone, including any athletes on any school's team. With a different environment at BYU and players buying into it, my guess is that there are more doing the right things in a religious sense. Why is it OK to tell recruits to not go to BYU because of the rules?????


the fact is, no one from any other school would have said this????!

Answered prayers

Hey, I pray for help with things I have to do (work, new projects, realtionships, tests, long road trips, etc.). I feel I've received help with those things in various ways and sometimes I take an opportunity to tell other people about it. The only thing Collie did differently was tell a reporter about it and all that reporter is interested in doing is selling news stories, getting higher radio show ratings, and promoting his own career. To me most reporters are low lifes. Austin will learn to not cast his pearls before swine.

What gives?

I don't know of too many other people who don't get upset at times when someone criticizes them. True, I think Collie could have handled it better, but he didn't. That doesn't mean you wouldn't either if you were in his spot, so just lay off.

All Hail BYU

We all know the main reason why Collie is getting this attention from angered Utah FRUTES is because they're beginning to realize maybe the Lord doesn't like them after all.

just a fan

don't care what anyone says, byu still thinks they're better than everyone else, especially AUSTIN COLLIE


I have been a BYU football fan for all my life. I inherited that from my grand father who took all his grand children to every game. We sat behind the visitor section and never had a bad experience until the Utah game would come to town. Every time this game took place in Provo we would endure constant references about the LDS faith. They would sneak in and spray beer on the Ys fans and be completely rude. All this as a protest to BYUs beliefs system. My grand father played football for Utah and lettered. My mother and father graduated from the U. I have no bias, but I find that Ute fans can be as self righteous about their school as any BYU fans. Every year I have to listen to my in-laws talk about their football god, Urban Meyer. Not only do they praise this god but they talk about BYU players, fans and school as if its hell on earth (even though their daughter's a BYU graduate). As much as I love them, there is no one as self righteous as they are when it comes to this football game. I hate this game!

Ute Fan

I agree with Collie that the uproar is because he is from BYU. Most BYU fans I know winced when they heard his comments because they know that some BYU fans have a reputation for being self righteous. Most BYU fans are great. It is the exception 1% to 5% ? of BYU fans who come accross as self righteous. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for Collie to talk about his personal spiritual conviction without being lumped in with them.

BYU Alum Utah Fan

I agree with Collie's comments, however they were made with poor timing. Had they been made after any other game this year, they would have been brushed off as another BYUism - similar the the comparison of the Title of Liberty to classic football uniforms and the importance of Friday night firesides.

Unfortunately, they were made after miraculously beating Utah where the rivalry is no longer athletic, it is spiritual. Collie had to know what kind of backlash this would set off.

We have a right

People have a right to thank God if they want.

To all of you criticizing Collie for this, are you somehow able to divine that God did not help him?

Do you know all of the circumstances surrounding this and exactly what had been going on in his life that he might have had to overcome?

You don't know everything he's been going through and I guess he feels like he has recieved help from above for trying his best to do the right things.

For anyone to criticize him for what he said is pretty cruel and insensitive and plain ignorant.

From Afar

I am a native Utahn, devout LDS, and now live in the South. I am aware of the stereotype that is present in relation to 'redneck' lifestyle. While we have been treated so very well here by new friends and neighbors (much better than we were treated in Utah), there are some who do perpetuate this stereotype, to the disadvantage of others.

There is also the stereotype of BYU as being a self-righteous, holier-than-thou institution, and that has spilled-over into people's perception of the LDS Church. Sadly, Austin Collie's comments, and the comments of those responding here, have only perpetuated this stereotype. Austin Collie's comments CLEARLY indicated that he believed divine intervention on his play on the last drive. It is one thing to have divine intervention in your belhalf when trying to better your position in life, it is another to claim intervention at the expense of another of Heavenly Father's children.

Then, when people take issue with his comments, Austin cowardly tries to play the martyr and makes himself, and what he represents, look even worse. It would be hard for friends to see that conduct form one of or own, and then believe my words.

Utes that misunderstand

Collie is not perfect. But there is nothing wrong with him saying that living right results in blessings in whatever you do. Should he say that living wrong gets you blessings? Should he say god doesn't care about football players actions off the field? Also, telling belligerent Utah fans (including columnists) to get a life is actually great advice and you should be thankful. To all the other Utah fans that don't care, I applaud you.

Something to think about

Anyone doubt that some Utah players prayed before the game that they would play well?

Anyone doubt that Utah also has a lot of good (honest, religious, etc...) student athletes?

Is it really self-righteous to say you were blessed by God?

Too many people are treating this as a mutually exclusive comment (If Austin is living right and was blessed...He must think he is better than me because I lost). Can't it just mean he thinks the Lord blessed him?

How many of us have been promoted or recieved a prestigous award? How many of us have privately told our family and friends that we felt "the Lord stepped in" and "blessed" us with such promotion or award? Does that make you self-righteous because you got it and someone else didn't? How many of us would be accused of being self-righteous if we announced to the the media (and the 50 other applicants who didn't get the promotion) that "the Lord stepped in" and "blessed" you with this job.

Probably all of us!

Hmmmm...the message didn't change but the reception sure did. I don't believe any offense was meant so I am choosing to give the guy a break.

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