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Published: Thursday, Nov. 22 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Match 10 Colt

Sorry, deputy dog. I disagree. Driving is a right. We, in the USA have the Consititution and Bill of Rights, as inalienable. We have the right to travel unfettered. Just as the drafters of the Constitution had no idea what form travel would take, it is guarranteed. Cars are the tools, and the most common method of travel second only to walking. Car travel is not limited.

It's the same as the Second Ammendment: The guns were not foreseen to their future, but are guarranteed. I need no license to keep my guns, or bear them in a responsible manner.

Bobby Jo

I Think that if you sped, then you should just sighn the stupid ticket. If you felt like you need a better warning, whats a better warning then a gun pointed at you? I think that the respect for law enforcment is in the toilet.


Jared clearly has a problem with authority. His actions brought on the officers reaction (excessive or not).
Mr. Massey could have avoided this situation by (a) not speeding (b) following the officer's direct orders. (c)not thinking he was above the law. I do feel bad for
Jared and his Wife, the whole ordeal is traumatic. Bottom line, it could have been avoided.


"The UCC code does not apply to normal citizens, the UCC code just apply to merchants in the course of their business."

Omar, you poor, naive fool. If you took a driver's license, if you have a Social Security card, if you have a passport, you are part of their commercial system. Through any one of the government services you have to sign up for anymore, you inherently sign yourself away as a cog in their system.

I think it's a great policy to never sign anything the government hands you.


Yes..The speeder was an idiot. Sign the ticket and move on. If he had done what was asked he woudnt have had this problem.

However, The officer could have had better judgement on his part.

He (and those like him ) are the reason so many people do not like cops in the first place.

Both Cop and civilian are idiots.

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