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Published: Friday, Nov. 16 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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I wonder what his family business (Huntsman Chemical) is doing about global warming... guaranteed they haven't changed any practices...


Gov. Huntsman needs to come out of his ivory tower. Not only is climate change part of the natural order and not within our ability to control, this new "religion" is based on political ideology and not science. In addition, it flies in the face of common sense. I am not prepared to allow Huntsman and the Greenies to force their environmental religion on me. Higher taxes and unnecessary gov. control of our lives. There is no crisis and if we examine modernity, the environment is cleaner than it was 50 or 100 years ago. C'mon Huntsman, get a grip!


Way to go Jon. It is good to see a Utah politician take science and reality seriously.

At the table or on the menu?

I'm proud that Utah is "at the table" on this issue so that the state's energy industry will have a say on how climate change policy in the West will play out... so many Utahns are saying we should ignore climate change science and politics. But if we do, our coal and gas industries will simple be "on the menu" as other states set policies to Utah's energy exports out of their energy portfolios! Word is that Milford will have a super large wind farm to serve California's demand for renewables. Wind is the fastest growing energy source, with Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado taking the lead and their rural communities are flush with economic growth! Let's hope Utah gets in on this future energy boom so that our farmers and ranchers can get a share of this new industry! It should bring millions in new economic development to the state!


ARE YO KIDDING ME? This is the leftist governor. He parades around like a Republican yet acts like a Democrat. I don't have any issue with the fact that he's more left than right but don't say you're a conservative and then go running around the west with Arnold.


Didn't Huntsmans sell off the chemical business?

What we do know is that Jon Sr. took a big lo$$, choosing to stop making plastic foam containers for fast food, because they were polluting, long before anyone else raised the cry.

Another RINO

Once again, a purportedly conservative majority in Utah has elected another Republican In Name Only. Wise up during the primaries before the next election people!


Boy, and I thought Rocky Anderson was the only one!


Now look for him to propose a "global warming" tax on Utah residents.

Rod Smith

The greatest hoax being perpetrated on mankind and Huntsman has bought into it hook, line, and sinker.

There is not one shred of proof that man-made CO2 causes global warming. None. The only link between global warming and CO2 came from ice cores. Gore used this connection in his movie, yet he failed to mention that atmospheric CO2 levels increased several hundred years AFTER the global temperature rise. The IPCC calls this bit of information "irrelevant." Irrelevant? They used this connection to jump-start the GW scare, but now that we know the data doesn't support their theory of man being responsible for GW, the data is now irrelevant?

We taxpayers are going to see our energy bills double in the next three years just so we can combat an imaginary pollutant: CO2.

Thanks, Gov. (Are you really a Republican?)

Who did we elect?

Huntsma has done a great job as far as our economy goes. I don't recall Huntsman campaining he would fight global warming.


Enough of the East Coast Kool Aid. How about a little help with the price I'm paying for diesel gas. Nothing like letting outside forces set the agenda for the majority of Utahns. Great leadership there.


Because of this issue I'm not voting for Huntsman for reelection. He's turning into a democrat.


All is well in Zion, right?
Read the article in "Opinion" today. Notice it's written by an actual local meteorologist. Someone who knows what he's talking about.
Global warming is not based on political ideology. It is based on sound science. Go read a science journal.


i agree huntsman chemical ought to look inside, but i'm proud huntsman is leading the way on this. it's time for moderates to speak out; only wackos at this point deny climate change is real.


It is nice to see that the State of Utah has a progressive and smart Governor. The jury is out increased carbon emissions do cause climate change.

It's not "green money", Sam

Governor Silver Spoon's family might have sold the company, but it's highly unlikely they gave away the "dirty money" they made by pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

Perhaps our wealthy governor counts all that Huntsman Chemical polystyrene sitting in our nation's landfills as "sequestered carbon".


Again, it's time to move to Idaho a truly conservative state. We should all be writing the Governor telling him of our displeasure with this ad!!! How have we got to the point were we are actually listening to these enviromentalists!!!!!!!!


Good job, Gov. Huntsman. I'm behind you. Before long this will not be a partisan issue - it will be a survival issue.

Grass Roots

Way to go, someone in control finally caught on. I have solar hot water and 1kw of solar power coming in every sunny day. Lots of people like to talk about it (or against it), but nothing will get done unless everyone of us do something about it. With population growth being so 'popular' in Utah, gunna need to do something about it all...

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