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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Try this on for size.

I can't believe we're still talking about the onside kick and how classless it was! look at it this way, personally I think Witt felt bad that the Cowgirls couldn't get past the 50 so he wanted to give them some decent field position and an opportunity to put some points on the board. What happened after they got the ball on their own 30, oh yeah, they had stupid penalties and ended up punting the ball away. The cowgirls are the ones that made themselves look stupid and I loved every second of it. GO UTES!!!


The drama started with his "guarantee", and I will like to run up the score if I am the opponent. Even I am a BYU fan, I still think Utes did what they should. Now it is BYU's turn to shut them out. Go Cougars!


What's the point of running up the score when the game is in hand? Where's the class in rubbing it in, in a victory. There is no sportmanship in that. With that said their is also no sportsmanship giving the finger.

Multiple Choice Quiz

Actually the coach was giving the Utah Fans a multiple choice question about himself with his finger. The quiz is as follows:
A. Total # of my brain cells
B. My age
C. My IQ
D. A, B and C combined

And the correct answer is: Hint it is not A, B or C

Yeh, Whittingham also showed no class on the onside kick.


The whole thing is just a couple of drama queens living up to the 'bad blood' hype. Where is the sportsmanship and leadership from the start to finish. We talk more about this then the play. Shame on the coaches on both sidelines. Maybe it is just something to sell more tickets???

Get over it.

Lets get over it. I think we have all had a time or two in life where our emotions got the better of us. With that said...how bout the UTES defense? WOW!!!

3rd Gen Cougar Fan

Whittingham was taunting Glenn with the onside kick, I am sure of that. He even half admitted as much in the post game interview. But Glenn showed even less class (and maturity) by giving the finger. Did he think no one would notice?!?! It's too bad too cause I like Joe Glenn and I think he was treated unfairly for the "guarantee" comments. He was speaking to a pep rally for heaven sakes! It wasn't like he made those statements to the press.


Again two classless programs led by two classless coaches. Nothing new...Why are we all so suprised?


Besides the pointless onsides kick, cougar fans who think the Utes ran up the score need only look back to last season when they ran it up to 55-7 on Wyoming


A finger is not that big of deal. We all know what is said back and forth on a football field. Glenn made a mistake and knew he had screwed up. His team was getting killed and had given up on him.

Why is anyone suprised about this. It isn't that big of a deal. The MWC should spend more time fixing the disaster of a tv deal they have made. I think it is obvious that no exposure from the tv deal is the reason why BYU isn't in the top 25 yet.

He doesn't remember it?

Joe Glenn doesn't remember flipping off Kyle? To me that says this must be pretty normal and common behavior for him for it to be such an automatic thing that he wasn't even aware of what he did.

I wonder if the MWC will consider the circumstances and be more lenient to him. Should they be? Should they allow one coach to really rub the other coach's nose in it and then penalize him for such a reaction? Even though I think Glenn was wrong to do that I think some leniency is in order. And I think Ute fans would have to agree since it looks like there are many of them who are ok with everything coach Kyle did in that game. All's fair in love and war, right? So maybe they shouldn't even be upset with coach Glenn but instead look at it as another great Ute achievement.

Good for the Mountain

The MWC is just lucky that they signed that "wonderful" deal with the Mountain channel, so that NO ONE saw what happened. Just think if it had been on ESPN, it would of been the top story nationwide. Thanks Mountain, you finally did do something right.

Go Utes!

Who cares? Wyoming had it coming. Coach Glenn guaranteed a win, so what does he expect? The only story we should be talking about is how badly Utah dominated Wyoming. Hopefully, they are hurting so bad after that beating that they will take it out on BYU this week. GO COWBOYS!

Major Utah FAN right here!!

Well all I have to say is at the end of the day the UTES completly demolished Wyoming....NUFF SAID!!!

RE: BYwho?

I'm not so sure you can claim a 55-7 BYU victory over Wyoming last year as running up the score. I'm sure you didn't watch the game or even read a box score but BYU wasn't faking punts and trying on-side kicks after the game was well in hand. Do I care that Whittingham did it? No. Was it bush league? Maybe in somebody's book. There's no question he was trying to send a message, however classless anyone deems it.


Everybody involved should be embarrassed. Utah and Wyoming are two minor-league programs who have classless coaches who can only get some national media attention by acting like five-year-olds. No wonder Joe Tiller and Urban Meyer dumped you both the first chance they got.

Whittingham...wait until next ye

As a graduate of the University of Utah and a BYU football fan, I hope you take it to Utah next year after Wittingham's lousy behavior in last Saturday's game. It is because of that type of idiotic behavior (coach and fans) that I and many other Utah grads cheer for anybody but Utah. Divine intervention kept Wittingham from accepting a job at the Y. Go Mendenhall! Go Pokes!

Where is the class?

Neither team showed any class in this game. What kind of pathetic program would kick an onside kick when up by 43? I don't agree with Glenn flipping the bird to Utah, but what is worse letting your emotions getting out of hand or spitting in the face of an opposing program. Flying the bird wasn't predetermined. It slipped out due to frustration. The call by Utah's coaching staff to kick an onside kick was for the sole purpose of being classless. I have to admit Utah did an excellent job of showing how classless a program can be. As forthe previous comment....who kicks onsides to give the other team good field position. I guess Utah fans are as smart as their coaches are classy.
Oh yeah...BYU's score last year was not run up. A final score came in late...ON THE GROUND. Can't stop the kids from playing but you can play a classy game. Maybe Utah should take notes.

Wish I could watch

I only wish I could have watched what all of you are talking about. A rivalry has started here that won't be going away soon. What are we going to do about the TV problem?? That is the bigger problem.

John Doe

Look at it this way,

That game will give us something to talk about for a long time. It will fuel future games beyond being just another MWC game. It gives local tv & radio talk shows something more to talk about than "how Max Hall will do the next week" It gives some national fuel to actually give some notice to the MWC.

It was slightly negative sportsmanship-wise, but think of the drama that will mount up for years to come!

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