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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Utes rule!! We have clearly proven that we are the hottest team in the league, even after losing several of our key players at the beginning of the year. We have had big momentum and we'll certainly qualify for another bowl bid this year. And of course, we will win that bowl, as we have in all of the last bowls we went to, unlike some loser school down south who has only won one bowl game in the last decade. That said, however, Whit has me perplexed; his latest antics with running all of the trick plays including an onside kick were totally uncalled for--not even BYU does that kind of stuff. This was embarrassing to the Ute faithful. If we are to build a legacy on the hill like BYU has, then we need to watch our actions and stand for something other than poor sportsmanship. Onward to battle with New Mexico!!!

How embarassing

After reading all of these posts, all I have to say is "Shame on you!".

Who am I speaking to? The majority of the childish BYU & Utah fans that are posting here. Come on, get a GRIP! Grow up! I can't believe the comments that many/most of you are making. To the 10% who make logical, good posts, please disregard this message. To the rest of you, get a life! (and go cougars!)

Iron Axe

Utah Man you are right, Coach Witt have said he made a poor judgement...so all of you who wants to sacrifice coach Witt, please get a life! Utes are on to New Mexico, the game was last weekend, I believed that he wanted to run the score and onside kick and all of the above, and he really made a bad judgement,but life goes on, we all make mistakes one way or another, each of us have our own Goliath and it depends from how you are willing to face your Goliath, which brings me to my next subject..Y in 2 weeks, Utes will have a Goliath with XXXXL and a Mt. to climb.....watch out the Cougars are coming.

Blue Who

Who really cares about byu fooball----and by the way , I really don't think that you fans really want to air BYU's dirty classless laundry

MWC Champs

Good job on the Poinsettia Bowl.

Re: Off The Wagon

I'm sorry you'd step into your son's life and decide that he couldn't attend the U. No doubt you sleep in BYU blanket (the old color before they stole Utah State's colors) Don't use this board as troll please. If you want to pretend be obvious and so over the top sarcastic we can get a good laugh. Trying to fool us into thinking you were ever partial is not shall we say "classy"


Classy coaches do classy things. Witt and Glenn deserve one another.


Isn't Coach Whitt an ALUM of your school? Isn't he alum of the BYU football program? Isn't he member of your church?? I guess i could say with all the other bull crap i have hurd today from this matter that coach Whitt decesion to do a onsides kick has reflection on you guys since he played for you all, but it doesnt.. I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine "Zoobies"... Doesn't the scriptures teach he with sin among you let him cast the first stone.. KEEP on throwing those stones and WHITT you "zoobies" I'm not here to argue whether what he did was classy or not.. But i know one thing Kyle admitted he was wrong... So quit throwing stones at him.. Because i know that the mormon faith teacher forgivness.. Isnt that what your about BYU?


Once again, Kyle gives us another reason to be grateful that he is at Utah.

Whitless was classless.

Zoobie hater

Hey Zoobies - get over it - what does BYU have to do with this game anyway...leave it up to all of the red-necks from Cowboy country to whine about Utah riding them into the ground like a rodeo cowboy riding a wild horse into the ground.

Utes are the hottest team in the MWC - even if it took them 3 or 4 games to get it going. Zoobies beware, once we spank the lowly Lobos, you're next....and I will be hoping that we DO run up the score on you.

Let's move forward

Let's move forward BYU fans. WWJD? Remember Cougars, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Are you kidding me?

At what point did competition turn Politically Correct? If you beat another team 150 to 10, maybe that just means the other team needs to go back home and practice a little harder!! Why should one team feel bad for beating their competition? Wyoming, you got beat! Get over it!

Go Cougars!!


As a fan, I have travelled to Wyoming for games, where the crowd was chanting F you Utah. I was also spit on after the game by Wyoming fans, same sort of thing when Cowboy fans come up here. I'm sure they show BYU fans the same resentment. Believe it or not they just hate the state of Utah and BYU fans should focus on the game ahead and finish the shallacking the Utes just gave the Cowboys, because they certainly are capable. Let us all show a little class by running up the score on a classless team with a classless program and a classless coach who runs his mouth and then gets the worst beatdown hes ever recieved and gives the middle finger and K Witt is called the classless one. I say Cougs run up the score too.

finger wagging

I have to laugh at all you "coaches", "parents of players" and "previously proud Kyle supporters" that are wagging your fingers at the Utes. Some of your comments are hillarious....."I won't recommend my son for the program"......"I won't recommend my players for the program".
Kyle is a very good coach. He is a very good role model; ask any player on his team, most of them love him like a second father. News flash: you're dumping on an entire football program and coaching staff because of ONE (failed I might add) onside kick. That tells me a lot about you "fans". Most likely you are all Y fans that are scared to death for the 24th or you are Wyoming fans ashamed at how your team played (gotta tell you, I felt for you guys).
Either way, quit with the holier than thou talk, its getting old.

The Duke

When I read the article, my first response was this; thats just good ole classic utah. And he did it because he knew his fans would love it. I sat next to a Ute fan on a plane once on the way home from a BYU game this year, and he came off with that exact same stentch, the stentch of arrogance and pride. He said the Utes will beat the cougars 50 - 14 this year. Wow, nice call buddy and nice call Whittingham your living up to the expectations of your trashy fans.

Fruit Heights Cougar Fan

I thought this was Division 1 football?

Kyle is responsible for the program at the University of Utah, and no other program. Sorry if it offends some of you, but football is a sport of ONE HUNDRED PERCENT EFFORT from every member of the organization until graduation.

Bronco sat on the ball against TCU to prevent a fumble. By taking the knee, the cougars insured the victory. John Robinson (UNLV) allowed his players to talk him into going for a touchdown from inches out with no time left a few years back, the RB was stripped of the ball and it was run all the way in by the other team for the winning TD.

Classy for Kyle to apologize, but he didn't need to for my sake, or any other adult male over eighteen years old. Same with coach Glenn, I'd have flipped Kyle off too, but coach Glenn is responsible for Wyomings program.

If you allow your team to back off (many do... SMU Holiday Bowl?) it can come back to bite you, and that isn't fair to your team or the fans.

Do the cougars need to apologize now for Thrashing the Utes in two weeks?

to: All BYU posters

You want to know what's not classy? All your athletes getting arrested and quitting the team and being suspended...etc, etc, etc. It's been happening much more than any Ute players as of late. Look on the inner man before you go trashing Kyle for an onsides kick. This conference and fans will never get past the Mountain West mediocre mentality if they think trick plays and on sides kicks are a big deal. Take that to any other big conference and they'd laugh at you, than walk all over you. Get with it zoobies!! go utes!!


Perhaps some history might help us armchair football coaches gain some perspective...I sat in the North end zone when Scott Mitchell and the Utes hosted Air Force. At half time the score was Air Force 7, Utah 45. In 2 quarters, Mitchell had thrown for approximately 500 yards. Utah lost that game 49 to 45. Mitchell finished with around 520 yards.

This is college football people; a team does not let up until victory, if that is in fact the objective, is complete. The opposing team's objective is to stop them. Seems to me that coach Witt came away from Saturday's game knowing the Utes need to work on executing the on-side kick. As for the decision...offering an opponent excellent field position on a kickoff is a big risk to take and, in my opinion, does not by itself translate to "classless" as so many suggest. The U-Defense is now 10 quarters without giving up a touchdown. The team is confident, executing in all critical aspects of the game, and seem to be having fun again. Congratulations Coach Wittingham on a job well done!


LOL I only had to read the first 4 comments and I'm already disgusted. It's always Wyoming's fault. Great to know we have so much love from our neighbors to the southwest. Get over yourselves Utah.

Wyoming is better in every way, and that's why you're so "butt-hurt" all the time.


Maybe Whittingham is classless. Look who he learned from, Lavell Edwards, the King of running up the score.

Who can tell the number of times Edwards was still passing the ball well into the 4th quarter when his team was up by 3, 4 or more touchdowns? It happened ALL THE TIME.

How about bringing your QB back into the game against Utah to throw a few more passes so he can break a record. At least Whittingham didn't put Mack back in just so he could keep his streak of 100 yard games going.

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