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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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My cousin plays for the Utes so this is his insight.
Now Utah can put down that it won a game this year 50-0. That should look good in the media guide. Other than that, pretty sub-par year. Lost the first game of the year decisively. Lost to UNLV (27-0, I thought this was a typo when I first saw it! I thought their year was done). Lost to a decent Air Force squad (will probably end up #2 in the conference based on current standings). They have had a couple of nice wins against UCLA and TCU.
Kyle Whittingham is fighting for his job. You can't get mad at a coach for running it up who might not even make it to 2008. 50-0 looks a lot better on his resume than the 31-15 'calling the dogs off win' that Wyoming had against our team a year ago. Give the guy a break as he is fighting for his family's livelihood.
Go Utes!

my opion

Typical Utah bush league move by Whittingham and team. Not unexpected.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Harline is still open.


Interesting reading... With all that is going on in the world, it is nice to have such "imporant" things as this to spend our time on. Also, being a BYU fan, I find it sad that so many "BYU Fans" feel the need to make negative comments. Give it a rest for a couple of weeks until the real fun begins.. I for one enjoy the rivalry... Football would be boring without it.

Henry Drummond

I am glad that both coaches have been willing to express regret over doing things in the heat of the moment that were simply not good sportsmanship. Football is a game of emotion and it is difficult to turn it on and off like a spigot.

What I find sad are the teams who in fact "run up the score" on inferior opponents and who never have a second thought about it. I'll take these two coaches over them any day.


Hilarious. The best part of the game was Joe Glenn's middle finger. I guess he was letting Kyle know who's number one.

Way to go, Kyle. Keep up the good work.

Cal Ute

Coach Whitt can not win. What would you all be saying if Wyoming made a come back and won. You would all be asking for his butt to get kicked out along with his staff. Thanks for a great game coach! I will be in SLC for the New Mexico game. P.S. Please save a few trick plays for the BROTHERS DOWN SOUTH.


All you holier-than-thou poogers need to look at some history and realize that your holy football prophet Lavell had a few nice "run up the score" games in the late 80's. Also, it's usually the losing team or a rival fan that uses the term "trick play", usually after being outplayed and out of position. Teams in the NFL regularly use what could be considered "trick plays". This is FOOTBALL, not a gentlemanly game of croquet. The teams are trying to decimate and hurt each other. An argument against sticking it to your opponent is ridiculous! I only hope Whittingham and the Utes "run it up" against the whimpy poogers! I'll revel in their "gentlemanly disdain".


If you're in a position to win, then win big! Don't ever let up on any opponent, keep coming at them until the losing team sees the Ute's in their nightmares for the next 5 years. Way to go, Coach Whittingham, congrats on your win.


It's a game! Bad sportsmanship is the blindside hit on Johnson by Wyoming after the whistle, but hey no comments address that poor sportsmanship. Go Kyle, please instill more discipline on you and the team and makes us forget Urban!


Thank you coach Witt for choosing the school that most closely reflects your level (or lack thereof) of class. It appears that both schools got what they deserve...

Two things!!!!!

1-Who is to say that Wyo couldn't score 40 points in the second half and make it a close game; remember the Buffalo and Houston game! The games wasn't over, and it wasn't the fourth Q so anything could still happen.

2-This was a game situation were Kyle could see how his onside kicking game was coming along; maybe Utah will have to use the onside kicking against NM or BYU, and so Kyle was seeing how his players would respond to game-time situation.

Bottom line is:

Kyle could have put Mack back in the game during the fourth Q just so he could pad his stats, but he didn't. Everyone and their dog was playing in the fourth Q because Kyle had class and wasn't trying to run up the score.

As for the onside kick-
Anything goes in football, this isn't pee-wee football were kids cry.(Unless your Beck)

PS I remember many times when Beck/Harline/Brown were still in the game in the fourth Q. when they were winning by more the 20+ points. How much class does Bronce have?

Still Realistic Utah fan

To Realistic Y fan - Your argument makes no sense. BYU's game plan is to pass. Great. Everyone knows that. But when the game is put away, do you change the game plan a little to run the clock down? Answer however you would like. If I take your argument, then Utah just followed its game plan. They had two weeks of preparation and came into the game knowing they would be running trick plays and, yes, even an onside kick. So you are now attacking that team for running their game plan. Can you honestly tell yourself that last year, when BYU was leading Utah State 31-0 with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter, that it was classy to have Jo Beck throw a touchdown pass to Johnny Harline? Please realize that it doesn't matter how you do it, running up the score is running up the score. Maybe BYU thought USU would score 32 points in the last 2 minutes. Whatever reason, they ran up the score!! I personally think if you are going to play div I football, your job is to go out and win games, not make other people feel good about losing games.

Ute Fans

Wow what a display of childish behavior, kind of like Whit's little melt-down at the end of the "Caught for the Touchdown!" game last year.

Ute fans must be so proud!


What Whittingham did was not classless. But it calls into question his intentions. Imagine how Mendenhall would be precieved by the Utes and their fans if BYU was up by 30 or 40 and the same thing occured?

And why is what Coach Glenn considered disrepectful by giving into a fan and predicting a win at Utah?
Saturday's game was big for both Utah and Wyoming. Wyo has hit the skids as of late and beating a good Utah team would put some fire back into a struggling team. As for his flipping Kyle off for the onside?
That was classless.

And what right does Utah or its fans think Wyo was the instigator over the bad feelings that came out of last year's game. Utah played just plain lousey. Or doesn't that count for something???

And speaking of disrepectful? Remember when John Beck excitedly exclaimed to the Cougar faithful about going up to SL and beating the utes? If I remember correctly, the Ute faithful considered that disrepectful, even considered his comments a prediction?

But he backed it up, even personally.

And how many predictions have we heard about a guarenteed victory over BYU, weeks before the game?



I am amazed at how many cougars feel they need to show how much better they are than everybody else. They have run up the score on countless teams over the years.

Think of it this way. Is it better to OD on illegal drugs or on prescription meds? Either way you are dead.

Is it better to run up the score by constantly throwing touchdown passes when the game is out of hand or by kicking on onside kick when the other team is not expecting it? Either way, you ran up the score.

Fact of the Day, there is nothing wrong with running up the score in DIV IA football. This is not little league anymore. Do it however you like. Just don't attack one team for doing it differently than your team does it. Because no one likes a hypocrite. Coaches are not paid to make others feel good about themselves, they are paid to win. Perhaps the childish behavior is thinking that only Whittingham does it.

the thing i love

I love how horrible people are towards coaches. Win or lose It is a hateful society..It makes me wonder if sports brings out the best in us or the worst in us. Youser. I am amazed


Holding back on a team when they are down is just as much a slap in the face as is running up the score.

Whittingham should have had his starters play their best for the first half - hold nothing back and leave it all on the field - then systematically put in young players to give them experience and use the second half as an opportunity to build for the future - again, coaching his subs to give it all you've got and leave it all on the field!

That is the classy thing to do. Win!

The Final Word

Good victory Utah and congrats to Kyle. Next time your up by a good margin you probably won't try an onsides kick. Point taken.

I disagree with Kyle's decision but far worse in my book is the single finger salute by Wyoming's coach. That is classless. Kyle's decision was just a poor decision. I don't see people up in arms over Wyoming's coach's decision.

Kyle is a great person and turning into a great coach. Utah has a good team and should be congratulated on a great season. And I am a BYU fan, just trying to be objective. And I dont hate Utah, I even cheer for them on many occasions. Their success helps the MWC and helps the Y. Like it or not.

Off of the Wagon

I have been a huge supporter of Kyle on this site all season long, but after the display of childish behavior on saturday I am off. I am frankly very dissapointed. Kyle has been around long enough to know that what goes around comes around. The game in wyoming last year wasnt 40-0 at half. It was almost half that. The utes should have eaten clock. I am dissapointed, and I thought Kyle had more class than that. If my son were being recruited by the Utes, they would no longer be a consideration. The Utes lose alot of seniors this year, good luck getting anybody to feal sorry for you next year. Saturday morning I hoped the Utes would win out, by saturday night I hoped they would lose the last 2. Kyle, its going to take alot to win back the trust of alot of people.


I have a serious problem with the BYU and Wyoming cry babies that have no clue about what class is. I am a big BYU fan and see nothing but smart coaching from Whittingham. As a tennis coach I encourage my players to become more aggressive and practice different styles of play when they are way up in a match. Why not practice an on-side kick when you have nothing to lose in a real game time situation. Those that know anything about football would know that an on-side kick heavily favors the opponent. Why anyone from Wyoming would be opposed to that is just not logical, unless they consider themselves an extremely inferior team that can't handle an opportunity that would provide them with better field position. I have no doubt that the BYU and Utah coaching staff and players would have no problem with how Utah played the entire game. I just hope that BYU coaches show the same sense that Utah showed when they play Wyoming on Saturday.

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