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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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coach chris

What coach doesn't garentee a victory in their own prep rally? Are you that stupid to think that they shouldn't do that. I was in a booth at the game as well as on the field, and thought it was bush league to onside kick. As far as last year's win over Utah, the score was 31-0 at half and ended up 31-16. Get your facts strait, there was 6 minutes left in the third and the utes were up 43-0 when the utes onside kicked. The utes will get what is coming to them. BYU leaves their starters in late in the fourth as well, when they are fortunate not to be playing Tulsa or UCLA. I think that both teams are pukes.


Do you think coach Mendenhall would have pulled a stunt like that? Me neither. Enough said.


Wow!!! I love Cougar Nations enthusiasm when a subject dealing with moral issues arise. Should he or shouldn't he have gone with the onside kick? The answer is obvious, no. Is this grounds for questioning Kyle's ethics, not really. I would consider Wyoming aside from BYU our next best conference rival. And with bad blood already being in the water, that's what happened. So all you BYU fans take it easy. Yes, we know you are glad that Bronco is your coach. And every questionable thing that Kyle does just proves he wasn't the man for the BYU job. Will anyone that cares about football remember this in a few weeks? Maybe Wyoming but not no one else. Will Cougar fans continue to try and ride the "ethical bus" on this one, of course. The battle between good and evil still continues, right Y fans? That being said, being the evil Ute fan that I am, I guarantee victory over the team from down south. I can't wait to see if Max Hall has any tears in him. I hope this doesn't get back to the BYU locker room, I would hate to give them any additional motivation.

Zip it Coogars!

Get off this comment board, Zoobies. Had your precious Cougars run up the score, you would find nothing wrong with it. You are just threatened because Utah is playing a lot better at this stage of the season than BYU. Only a 2 more weeks 'till you will see what I mean. Now go back to watching your Star Trek episodes.

Think about it

A billion Chinamen could not care less. As an avid Ute fan, neither could I.

What a nonissue.


I'm glad people are starting to see Utah for what i know they are, unsportmanlike bumbs who have to run up the score on anyone they can to make themselves look good. I have never once respected the Utes, but I have given them a chance. It's sad to say that the only way Utah can win is by doing trick plays. Utah you need to get some class, in every sport you play.


K Whit forgot what he learned at the Y about TRADITION, SPIRIT, and HONOR.


it looks like byu fans only have that ammunition this week to trash talk about the not so classy play calling of kyle whittingham, other than that, i bet it is hard to accept how well they are playing right now


Wow. Must be a rivalry game approaching. By the way, this isn't just a UU v. BYU issue -- as pointed out, people saw the onside kick on cable outlets around the country. Let me simplify this, Utes: you don't make national news unless it's something a) really good or b) really bad. And I guarantee it wasn't the 50-0 blowout that made the game newsworthy....

By the way, did I hear Whitt being compared to R. Lavell Edwards?!? Priceless!

No dog in this hunt

I'm not a fan of either team, but my Utah's coach has got to have more class. If he regret's it apologize for it. If not to the coach fine, but to the Wyoming players. He's supposed to be a leader of men, and an example, for all athletes. His onside kick wasn't just getting back at the coach, it showed no respect for the young men he was playing. The funny thing is, when I was a player, an opposing coach ran a fake punt against us up by 30 in the 4th. Our coach also gave him the bird. Some things are just universal reactions I guess.

If you don't like it...

There is only one way to react to the situation that everyone looks like they are facing - If you don't like what is happening to you, then do something about it.

It's when you start to take your foot off the gas that players and people get hurt because they aren't doing what many of us as parents and coaches taught the kids from the time they were born - take plays off and don't go hard.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. The Wyoming players and coaches should have put a stop to it, but as it stands, when they did put their second string in the game to start the fourth, the FIRST TEAM OFFENSE still couldn't score. Shame on you for not putting up a better fight than you did.

See you next year.

I agree...

If any of you watch ESPN, the same question came up about New England and I believe that it was Tom Jackson that said he doesn't have a problem with running up the score. If you don't like getting whipped that bad, then do something to stop the bleeding. They couldn't do a thing against anyone from Utah. Go back to the drawing board and start over Glenn. Maybe next year will be better for you.

Sounds Personal

Personal does play well on live TV.

Kyle, we expected more.

He apologized, let's leave it at that and move on


I love the BYU fans on here. You guys are making this 50-0 drubbing even better with your comments. I hope coach whit does it again next week, so I can hear, "This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. I had to cover my kids eyes in the third quarter. I even had to comfort my wife and wipe away her tears because she just couldn't understand how an onside kick could be run with the score being up 43-0. She just kept sobbbing, 'Won't somebody think of the cowboys. Will somebody please think of the cowboys". Keep em coming cougars. Its like we have a big bunch of sissys inhabiting our state. I always wondered how 64,000 fans could make such little sound at Lavell Edwards stadium. Bingo, just got my answer. On another note, BYU is still play great football and can't wait to see the two best teams clash.
Go UTES!!!


So Whit is classless because he "ran up the score" on Wyoming? So was Bronco classless last year when he left Beck, Brown, Harline and other starters in the Wyo game and called passing plays when BYU was up 41-0 in the fourth quarter. Is it more classless to kick an onsides kick halfway through the third quarter up by 43 than to leave starters in and throw the ball up by 41 in the fourth? Of course Y fans will insist BYU was not classless because Bronco is "fully invested" (a term Urban Meyer used at Utah four years before, by the way). Ever think the onsides kick was done so the Utes could practice? Wouldn't you rather have your team fail at an onsides kick up 43 in the third than with the game on the line in the final minutes? Let's give this running up the score a rest! Utes dominated and looked as good as they've looked since 2004.


Hey BYU fan, it's nice to see a cougar fan look at this without getting all riled up. Why does everyone have to get so emotional about it? The Holy War will be a good one this year.

Can anyone tell me, what will happen if (hypothetically)BYU and Utah both win their games this Saturday and Utah ends up beating BYU? Would that cause a tie in the conference standings? Would Utah be on top or would BYU still remain on top?


I have to laugh at those who think Bronco's taking a knee against TCU had anything to do with class. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that this was to ensure the victory. Running any play was risky. TCU could have run back a fumble or intercepted a pass. To take any risk would have been stupid. Bronco was just being smart.

Ivory Tower

Hmmm... Let's consider the score so far:

The anti-Wittingham Team - 128
The pro-Wittingham Team - 8

Seems likes the anti-Wittingham Team has won this pointless debate, yet they just keep piling it on. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were just running up the score.

Well, they probably just let their emotions get the better of them.


After reading these comments, it's clear that the only people rationalizing the classless onside kick, are the classless Utes fans.

Calling out all byU fans

Since this is byU's newspaper I'm not suprised to see all of these comments. However UTAH fans are here to keep our little brothers in line. Do you remember Bronco running the score up last year against USU???...didn't think so. 2 minutes left in the game and byU does a play action for a 20 yard td pass to go up by over 30 points. Oh that is right it is totally diffrent because bronco can do that and Whitt can't try new things in the 3rd quater of game. Someone please help realize the difference!!!

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