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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Is this a BYU cougar club chat room? I'm glad you got the coach that says, "The players are fully invested in our system and have a wonderful feeling of unity as we press forward with faith." You can have him. I'll take Whitt. Have you ever been to Laramie as an opposing crowd? Wyoming got what they deserved. BYU has plain vanilla play calling and isn't really that fun of a brand of football. BYU fans would not even care about this situation if they weren't scared of what Utah could do to them in two weeks. I remember well how excited BYU fans were when Mr. Crowton was running it up on opponents in 2001 and put a tight end back in a slaughter of Air Force just to get a 2 year old MWC receiving record. Its called hypocrisy and BYU fans have it in spades. Go back to Harmons articles about how good (and boring) things are in happy valley. And don't forget, Utah is 6-1 in its last seven visits to Rice Eccles South.

A higher power

Coach Whittingham has ALREADY apologized for the onside kick. Any BYU fans who still believe in the atonement and the miracle of forgiveness can now lay off of him and turn all of your attentions toward the game this weekend in Laramie.


I'm glad the UTEs won, but the decision by coach was uncalled for. Even when they were up 43-0 and still went for it on 4th and 2...c'mon!!

ABQ Cougar

Congrats Utes. Very impressive win. I'm looking forward to a classic in two weeks!


After all the years of bad treatment from Wyoming, they deserve this. Who cares, tell them to quit whining!!!
Man up, and quit complaining!!!!
If they had done the same thing, that would just saunter back to Wyoming and count it as another victory.

How Much is Enough

Cooter posters are sooo hypocritcal. You go to church and give all your primary answers about repentance and forgiveness, but stumble when it comes down to practicing these principles. Coach Kyle admits in the article HE made a mistake. Who are we now to judge him as "Classless". Would it have been better to not admit to the mistake. Do you want him to go to each of the Wyoming players homes and personally bring a plate of cookies. By the way, how classless is it to demean the Utah players for running the plays as dictated by their coaches.

Conspiracy Theory

My theory is that Utah wanted to stir Wyoming into such an angry frenzy so that when BYU visits next weekend Wyoming will kick their butts up and down the field ala Kansas - Nebraska - Kansas State.
Kyle coaches with passion, what more do want in a coach. Football is savage. It was when Utah was losing they were calling for Kyle's head now they just want him to play nice and say that he is sorry. I never heard of anyone losing their job for running up the score.

Realistic Y Fan

I am sorry realistic U fan, but there is a difference between passing while ahead, and kicking an onside kick. BYU's game plan for as long as I can remember has included passing. They have never been a run first team, so they don't change their game plan when they are winning.

The utes on the other hand, are not an "onside kicking" team. It was out of the norm for them to do that, and it was not necessary. It was classless and totally uncalled for. If Kyle can't handle his emotions maybe he shouldn't coach?

Meet me in the Muss

I am so sick and tired of hearing about this onside kick nonsense. If you really think about it, it was a great move. The only time that you can do an onside kick is either is practice or in a game. If it is a game situation it is usually when you are down and need a miracle to stay alive. Why not do it during a game when the outcome of the game won't be effected by it??? It sounds like a great idea to me and it gives good in-game experience. I have no problem with Coach Kyle's decision. If any of you on this board know anything about football you can't argue this. I would love to see you try and welcome your comments!!!!! Go UTES

Interested observer

I think it's interesting that both coaches blamed their inability to control their emotions for their behavior. Coach Glenn blamed his emotions for making the guarantee and for making an obscene gesture during the game. Coach Whittingham blamed his emotions for the onside kick. Aren't the coaches supposed to be in control of their emotions? If they're not in control of their own emotions before and during games, what should they expect of their players? Doesn't the loss of control of emotions contribute to player brawls? What about the fans? Would the coaches want the fans spilling onto the field in anger because they couldn't control their emotions after a controversial call or a bitter defeat? It worries me that two grown men who have been in the business of sports for this long can't control their emotions. Apologies are great, but what kind of example are they setting for the athletes and fans?


Notice that Darrel Mack ended the game with 97 yards rushing. He was going for his, what, 8th 100 game of the season? He was going against the best run defense in the MWC. Don't you think he would have loved to get those three extra yards? Why didn't he? Because he was on the bench most of the 2nd half. That's not classless.


The onside kick showed a clear lack of class. A guarantee does not show a lack of class, it shows a coach trying to inspire his team. Utah took it to him, good for them. They made him eat his words. But an onside kick with a 43 point lead in the 3rd quarter? What were you trying to accomplish? That is pretty weak.

the sweed

As a Cougar fan, I am surprised Whitingham did the on-sides kick being up by 43 points. That is the ultimate bush league thing to do to the other coach and team. Kyle obviously did this to humiliate Wyoming and basically baited a HUGE BEAR TRAP next year when his team travels to Laramie. Really really really STUPID and CLASSLESS thing to do.
Aside from this, Utah is bascially the BEST team in the MWC right now. They have the defense and offense going and nobody (including BYU) will stop them. Utah will not lose another game the rest of the year.


This isn't a BYU/Utah issue!!!!. This is strictly a act by a coach who let his emotions control him? right!!!! Face the facts, this was classless and a joke. I can't believe I am going to admit this, But I am not longer a BYU hater, I am now a UTAH hater. I will admit the coach Glenn showed some poor judgement for his reponse to the on side kick, but coach Whittingham has no excuse for his actions. He can say sorry all he wants, but the fact is it was wrong... You made your point being up 40-0, but really come on.... I am embarrassed for the UofU and for sportsmanship. Try to repair this image Kyle.


Kyle's IQ is about 80. He is whiner. He didn't do any knee jerk playcalling. He was going to try to pile it on from the first whistle. He'll never be an Urban Meyer, the guy just isn't that bright. "Yo Adrian" is what I think of when I hear him speak.

Canuck View

I love reading these articles when BYU and Utah are egging each other on like kids in grade school. Everyone step back! As an outside observer you have more to be upset about! BYU and UTAH could hang with anyone in the country right now and if there was a playoff system in place they would have a real shot at doing damage this year. These are 2 very good teams that could play with ANYONE. You worry too much about beating each other up but I am sure any coach in the country would not want to face either team right now!

To settle the debate re the Wyoming game: Wyoming is well expected to be classless so take what they do with a grain of salt; BYU has always been expected to have class and usually does; Utah should have had more class and had in all subs for game experience and not been running trick plays.

No one in the country knows how good BYU and UTAH are. You really should be focusing your energies on getting that message out! The MWC is a far tougher and unique conference than people understand. MWC deserves better!


The onside kick failed and Wyoming got the ball on the 40 yard line and failed to do anything with it.
It was a gift from Kyle and Wyoming just gave it back.

Ute Fan

We sacrificed a lot for that win. Deserved or not, our coaches reputation is now tainted, our program has less respect and we look like fools trying to cover his butt.

Strategy? Are you serious? It is stupid to reveal trick plays when you are whipping somebody. It is better to surprise them than to force them to prepare.

This year has concerned me. It is obvious our team is emotional. Coach is groping each week to find something to motivate his team. This is a draining process and can't be kept up forever. I would rather see him motivate our players to play without having to look for external forces to do it. I worry about our next few games for these reasons.

Hard not to compare . . .

It's hard not to compare Kyle's decision to onside kick when up 43-0 in the third quarter to Bronco's decision 2 nights earlier to take a knee just 3 yards from the end zone when only up by 5 at the end of the game. BYU's victory would have looked much better if they had won by double-digits, but Bronco chose to take the high road and teach his players a lesson in good sportsmanship. Utah obviously was the better team against Wyoming and had already proven that; Kyle could have taught good sportsmanship, but chose to let his emotions get the better of him. I think that's unfortunate for his players who look to him as an example.

When people say this is just part of football, I don't buy that! These college players are learning life-lessons from their coaches and I for one would rather see these young men leave their college years as better people, not just better players.


I'm a BYU grad and fan who is trying hard but finding it difficult to get worked up about this. After all, this was Wyoming they were playing. As much as I dislike Utah and their fans, I can honestly say that Wyoming's fans are the most classless individuals I've come across. I think it's the lack of oxygen or something. Maybe they can only relate to sheep. If it had been BYU playing Wyoming and had they done the same thing, I'd be laughing till I hurt.

That said, the only thing that does bother me is according to Whit's own comments, he lost control of his emotions and he ran the play out of spite, not out of concern that Wyoming might come back or to work on some plays for the future, like many comments suggest. It seems like a coach should demonstrate more control than that.

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