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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Damage control

Good damage control Whit, once you realized that you lost face with the rest of the coaches in the conference and college football. But somethings just can't be undone.

You make me laugh

Wyoming Classless? Did you actually watch the game? The finger gesture was a reaction to Whit's totally tasteless game plan. No one ever said Wyoming was a class act. They are Wyoming. Utah is supposed to be a classy organization. Trick plays after game was well in hand? Fake punt when up 26-0? Onside kick up 43-0? Surprised they didn't go for 2 points after each touchdown. The backlash against the Utes for being so classless will continue beyond this game. Not just form Y fans. That is to be expected. The kids watching this will get into their minds that Utes don't have class. Those type of things stick as they choose where to play their sports careers. Even my long time Ute fan neighbors are embarrased about this one.


I'm a BYU fan but I don't hold this against Coach Whittingham. There are two teams on the field and both are responsible for a lopsided score. If the Cowboys didn't want to be embarrassed by the score they should have played better. Maybe there should be a "skunk rule" or "mercy rule" like in ping-pong. If a team gets up by 40 points the game ends. Barring that I have no problem with the Utes scoring as many points as they can. Question - did Wyoming take out their first string and stop playing as hard as they could? Why should the winning team stop trying while the losing team continues to try hard? Finally, remember that this is just a game, not life and death. All that said, I hope the cougars can run up the score against the utes.


I find it interesting that people can be so negative about a person they have never met. Coach Whit is one of the most genuine classy people I have ever had the privilage to be around. When it is game day he is there to win, which by the way is just what he is paid to do. And to the coach who commentted earlier that he would no longer reccommend the U to his players: Oh if we could all be as perfect as you!!! Grow up, sounds to me as if you weren't pushing the U very hard in the first place.


As a Utah transplant, all this U vs. Y banter kills me. I hail from Oregon, where the real college Civil War resides, and while there are extremists on each side, reason and objectiveness rarely takes a backseat to blatant homer-ism for your team.

I think the real story is how ridiculous Y fans are for calling Whitt "bush-league at best" when all he's doing is securing a win for his team with a whole half of football left to play! Get over yourselves, Cougs. Don't worry, I have plenty against the BYU homers too, but in this case Cougar fans need to realize that you don't win games and you ultimately let your players & fanbase down by "letting up" at inappropriate times. Anyone see what Manning and Indie did inthe Colts/Chargers game last night...in less than one quarter? The game is never over in collegiate and professional sports.


What a poor and ugly thing to do. There was no reason to call an onside kick. There was nothing to prove. The game was in the bag. Somebody talked about class earlier and Whittingham has none. Honestly people, if you were a Wyoming coach would you have enough "class" to go out and shake hands! I think not. I wouldn't

Oh yeah, and why are Ute fans suddenly standing up to Whittingham. You wanted him gone just a month or so ago.

Realistic Ute Fan

First I will say, the onside kick went too far. Kyle's emotions got the better of him. It shouldn't have happened but it did. He realized that after the fact.
Next point. Everyone out there saying that Utah is classless for running up the score should look back to the Lavell days. Happened week in and week out. Not to mention that Wyoming had the 6th best defense in the nation going into that game. This was not an Eastern Washington opponent. We removed all starters with 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Bronco doesn't pull his any sooner.
Utah ran the ball 18 of their last 19 plays. BYU never stops passing, even when a game is out of reach. That is just as classless as running trick plays and kicking onside kicks. Perhaps we only like to find the bad in other teams and overlook our own "classless" acts.
And I dare anyone to say that they haven't done something stupid in the heat of the moment when emotion reigns. He who is guiltless, let him cast the first stone...


to the coach who said he tells his QB to fumble or throw a pick, this isnt little league pal, you run the ball.

Texas Ute

Maybe Whit had an emotional relapse and thought he was still a Cougar at BYU.

Play the game til it's over. Never let up. Just ask the Texas Rangers, who scored 30 runs on Baltimore. The Lakers would score 200 on the Spurs if they could. This is much ado about nothing.


That's a pretty lame excuse for calling an onside kick when your team is up 43-0. If you can't control your emotions at 43-0, you shouldn't be a head football coach, even of a pee-wee team.
Go Lobos!


How ironic all the BYU fans in here are talking about class when LaVell Edwards used to re-insert players like Marc Wilson to break NCAA records in games when BYU was winning by huge margins.

Glenn needed to be taken behind the woodshed. He'll think twice about running his mouth before playing the Utes next time.

Remember it is better to feared as a team than loved. Look where being loved gets the Chicago Cubs every year.

BYU Alum/Fan

I'm disturbed by all of the people piling on Coach Whittingham over this. I agree that it was an ill-advised decision, but he doesn't deserve this vitriol. Nothing against Bronco, but I'm one who still wishes Kyle would have taken the BYU job. I hated it when his dad jumped ship to the U and took the rest of the family with him. I'd like to see Kyle back at his alma mater.


So when exactly in a game are you suppose to lay down. I am shocked people are upset about a fake punt in the first half when the utes are up 26 to 0. Haven't any of you seen teams come back from large deficits.

So when exactly are you suppose to lay down? 2nd quarter?

Biggest Loser Contest

Who cares? Wyoming shouldn't have guaranteed victory. Utes shouldn't have onside kicked with the score 43-0. Like there is a national champion in NCAA football anyway.

It's football, people!

First, let me state that I am a true blue BYU fan and long-time season ticket holder. That said, I'd like to congratulate the Utes for their great victory, and Kyle Whittingham for a beautifully coached game, INCLUDING the onsides kick. I would've done exactly the same thing, because the funny thing is this: It's actually the job of the OTHER TEAM'S DEFENSE to prevent my team from scoring. I just don't understand why a coach should deny his own players a great moment for the tender FEELINGS of his opponent. Aren't they all D1 football players, or did I just stumble into a stadium of romper-room play buddies? It's nonsense. Furthermore, a struggling team can only learn when the weaknesses in their preparation/execution are exposed. If a coach calls off the dogs, tactical learning ends for the losing team at that moment. So, to the victor I say, "Play on!" And to the loser I say, "Fight harder, then learn from what you've seen!"

Where this U fan cont..

I have admired Joe Glen from afar from his days at Montana and N Colorado and wish he wouldve ended up in SLC or Logan some day. He just seems like a down to earth, intense, rebel of a coach. Which make his guarantee no big surprise. My only disappointment was when asked about the finger, he didnt respond I was checking the wind for a possible field goal. That would have been classic.

Fan Man

Dear Coach Whittingham,
According to byu fans and the local media, you are classless for running the imfamaous on-side kick. I believe you are sincere when you say that you made a mistake. I felt at the time it should not have been run. The same byu fans and media also believe that when you have a lead on another division I college team in the third quarter, you should quit running your plays and trying to score. It appears that scoring and preventing the other team from scoring is no longer the goal of the game. So, to appease said byu fans and media, for the next two games, and in the apparent bowl game, would you please just punt on every first down after you get a lead. Would you also just tell your kick returners to down the ball wherever they recieve a kick. It is apparently no longer right to try to advance the ball or score. Oh, and please don't ever try scoring more than 10 points in the second half again. You should have been punting on every first down! How dare you run plays that you had practiced all week! Classless... (tic)

Are you serious?

Coach Whit did exactly what should have been done, what is this good sportsmanship? College football is not little leage anymore... College football and professional footbal do differ but not by much when it comes to the coaching style. You play to win, and you do not quit playing especially in the 3rd quarter.

This is part of the game, if you are not coaching your team to the best of your abilities you better be able to take it when you get trashed up and down the field.

Football is pretty much a job for these athletes so when they are trained to do what they did they will not quit and same goes for the coach. I agree there is such thing as class in sports but after a "guarantee" what would you do? Lay down in the 3rd and act like we are playing backyard two hand touch? Not likely, you would run the score up on your little brother like the Utes did to the Cowboys.


Sorry to say folks, last year when Wyoming got 35 points they BACKED OFF! Utah poured it on continously through the third quarter, ON SIDE KICK at 43-0? What, fake punt at 33-0 wasn't it? Hook & ladder with a huge lead too? The forward handoff through the legs was brilliant, the lead wasn't that huge yet, so that was an awesome play, but the trouncing should have backed off at 40-0, and put in the back ups, or at least went to a steady running game without all the long pass plays and trickery which continued. IT WAS DISGRACEFUL! Enough said. Wittingham has been bashed by my wet noodle with 40 lashes and I am done with it, I hope every game they play the rest of the year has this last game remembered by the other team as if it was done to them, that might teach Kyle a lesson in what the Coaches Conduct and Ethic Code is all about! It was totally uncalled for, with that aside, nice game Utes.


I think it's blatantly stupid how people turned this onside kick call into an attack on Whittingham as a person; I'm a student at the Y and find it disgusting how Cougars fans are attacking the rival's coach for making a call that has no effect on them. This is not a BYU-Utah matter, it's a Wyoming-Utah matter. Whittingham apologized. I've lived in Ann Arbor and been a part of the Michigan-OSU rivalry, and THIS is classlessness: OSU coach Woody Hayes, with his team leading by 34 points, went for two against Michigan. When asked why, he said, "Because we couldn't go for three." I'm sure BYU fans wouldn't be that upset with a 50-0 win over the Cowboys this Saturday, even if an onside kick was involved. Stop demonizing the rival for what they do to other teams.

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