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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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i love it

In football, the only classy thing to do is score on your opponent and stop them from scoring. I'd say utah outclassed everyone (except bsu) last saturday.

Besides, the utes did them a favor, wyoming got the ball at the utah 40 yard line, do you think they could have gotten there on their own. nope. coach glen should have been thanking him for the charity.


As a hard core Cougar fan and one who despises the Utes I will say the onside kick made me laugh. Good one Kyle, after Glenns promise of a win he deserved to get spanked. Wyoming is done, they will roll over for BYU. Thanks Utes for spanking them so hard that they are way in the pits now. See you on Nov. 24th.

Wyoming Classless

Did anyone notice how many Wyoming coaches and players walked directly off the field to the locker rooms without shaking hands with the Utes? That is more classless than anything Whit did during regulation.

Whether or not an onsides kick is classless or not can be argued indefinitely.

Coaches really have every right to call the plays they want and when they want. Exploiting a weakness in a team - no matter how many others you have exploited already - is the game of football.

When you stop playing football - no matter what the score - that's when you start losing games.

Wyoming - As well as everyone in the MWC - needs to learn that the big teams NEVER let up. Look at the pouncings they put on the "little guys" year after year.

Comparitively, letting up would be like Tiger Woods being 20 under par on the 9th hole and paring the last 9. Or a runner slowing up before the finish line because he is too far ahead of the others.

The first thing Wyoming needs to do is come to play 4 quarters of football. Then maybe they might start to guarantee some wins.

Look at these scores:

42-7, 38-0, 52-7, 38-8, 42-17, 55-7, 47-17

Those are all BYU scores from this season and last. The 55-7 score happens to be the BYU/Wyoming score from last season.

Wyoming Whiners

After watching the game I just hope that Whit. kept some trick plays for BYU. I don't think eberyone should jump all over Whit. I think Wyoming was a good team to practice an onside kick against, wel may need it someday.
The best part of the day was when a cornerback for the pokes got on T.V. whinning about how they ran up the score. Seriously kid it is your job to stop them, come on have some self respect don't cry becasue mercy wasn't granted by the U's second team O.
What a whiner!


When is enough points for a lead? Does everyone forget when BYU played SMU and SMU had a big lead in the forth quarter with only a few min left in the game? What is enough points in a lead. SMU lost when BYU went crazy in the last 4 min of the game and won it.


it is not the coach in the leads job to slow down. it is the other coach to stop them. if you can not then you need to work harder!!!!


This may have been Kyles best move yet!
Now when Wyoming beats "YbU" then Utah Beats "YbU" the move will become clear!

Great Job Whit!!

I attend the U but work in Wyoming during the summers. Pokes fans are the worst fans in the entire country. They have no respect for the other teams players even their own.

They talk more trash after a losing season than Cougar or Ute fans do after an 10 win season.

I loved than onside kick. Great game Utes. If I was the coach I would of put in my scout team and kept running my normal offense just to show the pokes that Utah's 1st and 2nd teams can whoop'em.

Finally, I have a hard time saying this but...I hope BYU goes into Laramie and hangs 60 on'em right in front of the pokes sale-out crowd!!

Cougblue in TF

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Cougar fan but it seems to me that memories can be very short. Remember how mad the Air Force Coach was when Crowton did the on-side kick early in the game against the Falcons some years ago? It is not a matter of being classless or running up the score. It is a matter of observing that the players on the opposing team drop back way early and very rapidly to set up a run back on kick off. It is a matter of good strategy and taking advantage of a weakness the other team exposes. Congratulations Utes. I didn't see any "easing up" by Wyoming last year. In fact, it seemed to me that Coach Glen was rather gleeful after the Cowboys hammered the Utes.


These people upset at Coach KW make me sick. This is football, not girls ping pong. Glen needed to be taught a lesson, for opening up his mouth. Football is a game of emotion. If Wyoming didn't want Utah to run up the score and dominate. Maybe they should have played defense and special teams fundamentals. The onside kick just gave wyoming better field position. Give me Coach Whitt over Pony Mendanhall anyday.

Come on people...

The really shouldn't be a big deal about the whole guarantee. How many times each week are there guarantees made all across the nation at pep rallies. It happens all the time. The difference here is the Utes heard about it. Big deal. Get over it. Is Joe Glenn supposed to say we're going to go in there and play pretty hard, but I think we'll get beat? It's his job to get the troops riled up, and what was said is said each and every week. Get over it!

A Big Man

It takes a big man to admit his mistakes. A lot of guys would get defensive in the face of the onslaught Whitt has suffered the past few days. But instead of stubbornly digging in his heels, Whitt listened to the criticism, reassessed his decision and issue a mea culpa. It's impossible to have a perfect football coach, so I'll take a coach that can honestly reflect on his decisions and try to learn from mistakes. It's been fun to watch the Utes the last several weeks. Whitt has pulled about 5/8ths of a rabbitt out of his hat. I can't wait to see if he can get the whole rabbitt out.


Why are BYU fans even commenting here?
Since when is football a classy sport anyway? We're talking about guys tackling eachother as hard as they can, and you're upset about an onside kick? Please, get over it, and BYU fans get lost.

Thanks for the Scores

You are right those were the scores but I never remeber an onside kick in the third quarter in any of those games.

This guy

Classless. An onside kick while up 43 points??? If Belicheat had done this, the national media would be up in arms. Coach W has just lost his right to EVER complain when the other team runs up the score. Couldn't even muster a real apology. Sad.

T Free

The onside kick resulted in Wyoming having the best field position in the game. Glenn should have thanked Whit. And his team should have used that as motivation to not get blanked.

Score is not the issue

The score is not the issue. Neither are the trick plays. The Utes were clearly the better team. Glad he showed they have some tricks so there will be fewer surprises in Provo. The issue is the onside kick -- which is usually used to try to break open a close game or to launch a comeback attempt. Not to punish the oponent because their coach is dumb. It (the onside kick) creates a short field -- if executed successfully.
The flying finger is also classless, so you have 2 classless head coaches. Usually it's the assistants who are sometimes immature, not the ehad guy. I personally don't see anything wrong with Joe Glenn's pre-game comments other than they were stupid. They certainly didn't strike me as disrespectful. Oh well

old crimson

"A strategy's" comments are 100 percent correct! Future opponents now have to work on all this stuff.

Who does not like to watch gadget plays? Will anybody argue that this year's fiesta bowl with Boise state and Oklahoma wasn't one of the most entertaining games ever? Remember the Stobart years and 5 yards and a cloud of dust? Utah was lucky to get 13,000 fans in the stands, all the while the TDS was sold out while putting on their arial circus. Hats off to Whit and Andy Ludwig for putting on a show! I for one am begging for more.

ute fan

Stop saying they ran up the score. Whitt was just practicing an onside kick because the game was already in hand. He might not have been thinking when he did it, but they were just practicing it for the New Mexico and BYU games. They haven't done one onside kick all year, and that was the perfect time to do it if you think about it. Plus how did they run up the score by only scoring ten points, what do you expect them to do, lay down and let WYOMING COME BACK AND WIN IN THE 2ND HALF. everyone needs to stop overreacting to this because it's not that big of a deal!

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