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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Theres more

It wasn't just the onside kick. Other classless moves inlcluded the fake punt when up by 26 and calling two timeouts in the red zone trying to score when up by 40. Oh and the end of the game gretting and congratulations was complete class-less.

Utah won, but they sacrificed a good name for it. Whit can pretend to be sorry but he is now the bottom of the league among coaches. The repercussion of this game in his profession will last a long time. He really continues to take the program down.


"My emotions got the best of me, and after thinking about it, I wouldn't have done it in hindsight" he explained. "But emotions were running high as you could tell both from what we did and the reaction on the other team. That's the nature of sports, I guess. At times your emotions get in the way of sound decision-making"


this is funny

To Classless, you have appropriately named yourself. Remember who Kwhit played for in college and you will know why he ran the score up against a hapless opponent. Thats what he leaned from Edwards.

What a bunch of babies!

Dear posters,

Quit your crying. When Urban was here, he would always pound the other team by at least 40, yet no one complained then. And stuff like this goes on in the East all the time! I have never heard such a bunch of babies in my life! Dnews should have a special baby board so you can all go to it and whine your heads off together!


How is guaranteeing a victory bad? A spit in the face? Athlete's look for anything they can to motivate them, to make them angry enough to fight hard. But for a coach or player to guarantee a victory is no big deal and does not justify childish behavior by the opposing coach.


So I guess that the game after Being up 40 points should be only a defensive game from that point so send the offense home !

There have been many teams up by allot of points only to have the other team come back and win!

No finger gestures in any game is sportsman like!

Just a bunch of winers!
Wake up don't be so narrow minded!

Ute fan in England

If Glenn is going to insult Kyle and the Utes, he should put his finger away and take whats coming to him. If you were playing a football video game and your friend guaranteed a victory, youd bet youd run up the score on him, and thats exactly what happened here. Kyle shouldnt have to apologize.

Idaho observer

It is hard for me to understand how a foolish remark of promising a win could be so offensive to a team and fans, and yet try to justify a classless act of the onside kick in the same category. My observation is that both the Utah team, the fans and the coaches have little class to let such a remark get under their skin and then pound it in their face the way they did.
Good luck on the rest of your season Utah because you may need it. Maybe New Mexico will pound it down you like you did to Wyoming. We can all hope.

What a display!

Utes always run on emotion. But this is insane. An opposing coach coming off a loss where the other team came from way behind on them, then guarantees to his student body that they are going to get a win, and the Utes flip out. Typical! Always want respect, and this is how you think you get it.

Trick plays, fake punts, onside kicks. Apparently Wyoming was a big enough threat to pull out all of this stuff. But I guess when U lose to Wyoming in the previous year, it kinda stings. Guarantee no matter how much U complain, U won't get that one back. U like that Ute fans? Your coach has been saving up all year for the wrong team. Unless U really think Wyoming is the team to beat.


Kyle, When coaches make guarantees, sometimes they pay...nicely executed onside kick! Keep up the grooming for being an assistant coach someday at BYU. You are a trader at heart, but we'll take you back.


Boy. the Zoobies just can't stay away from articles on us. Look at the amount of "concern" for our unsportsmanlike coach's actions and their choice of words used to express THEIR umbridge at our offense against a team that they'd love to be able to beat in similar fashion. Talk about who is unsportsmanlike. Starting to sound like fear to me.

Jimmy's right. Glenn and his 'Pokes got what they deserved. And as someone said yesterday, since when do you stop scoring runs in baseball or putting the puck in the net because your "embarrassing" the other team. Don't remember the esteemed LE doing it when he was trying to get the attention of the Eastern press in the 80's.


Everyone is acting surprised at what Whit did? Are ya'' serious? Come on, this is the yewts we're talking about, and classess is their way of thinking. Class simply is not in their vocabulary (probably because it's not vulgur, crude or obscene) and anyone who was surprised by Whit's classless act is living in lala land.

Plain and simple, Whit was piling it on and running up the score, which is nothing short of pathetic when you're up 43-0. It's one thing to continue scoring if the other team simply cannot stop you, but to keep on scoring through trick plays and onside kicks is a joke.

I used to like Whit and thought he was a good guy, but no more. He's as classless as any yewt.


"Whittingham noted that there where a lot of dynamics involved in the situation and running the score up wasn't one of them. He pointed out that the Utes ran the ball 18-of-19 plays in the fourth quarter and took their starters out."

Who is convinced by this (lie) statement? You had already done the damage before the fourth quarter! You ran more gadget plays than a flag football team, many after you were miles ahead. It looks like you just can't say I'm sorry and leave it at that.

a strategy

The reason why the utes did so many unusual thing after securing the win on saturday was for future games. It was a smart strategic move on the part of the coaches. Now UNM and BYU will have to spend extra practice time preparing for those things. I'm sure it was part of the gameplan to show those plays no matter what the score was. The onside kick was also part of the plan, now the kick return teams will not be as effective because they will have to stay and make sure the ball is kicked deep. Kyle probably should have called off the kick but I understand what was going on.

BYU Alum

I am one that was very disappointed when KW turned down BYU. Like thousands of others, over the last three seasons I have come to be more and more grateful that he did. He really taught his players some valuable life lessons on Saturday!! Not only did BYU get the better coach, they got the better man!


I watched a lot of the game and lost even more respect for Whittingham. Wyoming is hurting right now, if you remember San Diego State outscored Wyoming 27-3 and racked up over 250 yards in just a little over two quarters. Fake punts, flea flickers and on-side kicks equals classless. The excuse that Wyoming might come back, right, they haven't had much offense all year long.

Classless Ute

This really is funny,

I just realized, Edwards was never classless. Running the score up wasn't a problem for him. Because when he beat opponents soundly, his third and fourth strings were in. And he just asked his players to play hard and use those games to get better, so it would pay off when they faced a tough opponent. He didn't do it out of spite to settle a vendetta.

Never mind! We're justified! Call me classless Ute, if you want to. Everyone disrespects us. Oh well, we need a chip on our shoulders so we can ride this emotion against BYU.

face the facts

Great game coach!! I have always been a believer in taking it to um!! Never let up. This is not little league where we try to teach our kids respect and give everyone a chace to play. This is college ball and big wins make for big news. It worked!!! GO Utes

Get Over it

If you notice. Everyone leaving comments against the Utes.. are B Y boo fans. They need to get over it, and themselves? I think they're a little scared. And they should be. I agree on not doing the onside kick. But.. you say things like it was "classless and childish." Wasn't "guaranteeing" a win earlier in the week "childish and classes?" Point made.. it happened. He apologized publicly. Game is over, get over it and be ready!

Define class

Just because Utah only scored 10 points in the second have doesn't mean they didn't try to score more. Glenn was in the wrong and Whittingham was in the wrong. The actions of one doesn't excuse the other. I'm confused by anyone who thinks how Whittingham handled the situation was anything but classless. Teaching character to his players is obviously not very high on his list of priorities--certainly not high enough.

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