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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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I just get more and more happy Whittingham didn't accept BYU's offer.


I'm glad that Coach Whittingham is sorry, but he has been involved in football for his whole life. Emotion is a lame excuse, and it was a low-class thing to do. This is how bad blood is created. Anyone remember Crowton's feud with Air Force?

Coach C

Whit said. "You have to be accountable. You can't just wash it by the way side. "

Sooooo, Whit. While you will be named the coach of the year in the MWC and will most likely beat BYU AND have the backing of the Utah media. The ons-sides kick while up 43-0 was Bush-league at best.

I appreciate the apology, however, I think this action spoke volumes about you. I have a few former players on your team. I recommend you live up to the committment they made to you. I expect you to be a role model, not a jerk, regardless of the comments and actions the other coach and team made. I look to your actions, not his.

Good luck for the rest of the season and beyond, but I refuse to recommend your program in the future. As you stated, "You have to be accountable."

No Respect

Even though I'm not a Utes fan I had more respect than that for Wittingham. That was clearly a lack of class.


Sorry Whittinham don't believe your excuse for a minute. The excitement of the game - PLEEESE. Don't want to be you when you travel to Laramie next year. The Cowboys have a history of giving as good as they get. Instead of calling you Coach Whittingham, let's just call you "No-class" Whittngham. Absolutely no excuse. You are such a role model for your players. NOT Glad you are not at BYU. Standards are a little higher there.


This whole thing is about respect? Whittingham wasn't teaching his team respect Saturday. His regrets come a little too late.

Wow Whittingham

Great game for the Utes! It looks like they have it going at just the right time (the end of the season) where they have a chance to win out and grab a share of the title. You have to wonder about Whittingham saying his judgement was clouded in the heat of the moment. Decision making is most important when emotions are high. Isn't that why you have coaches? Wow Whittingham!

3rd Gen Cougar Fan

Glad to see Whittingham take some responsibility for his poor decision to attempt the onside kick after going up 43-0. It was definitely not a very classy move, and tainted an otherwise amazing performance from Utah. The CSTV commentators were speechless and could come to no other conclusion other than that it was "classless" and that it tainted the victory quite a bit. Glenn's response with the single finger salute was even more juvenile. I hope he gets reprimanded by the league. I think that way too much was made of the guarantee though. Glenn was not speaking to the media, or to the Utes, he was speaking to boosters and it was blown WAY out of proportion. Obviously Whittingham and staff used the statement to motivate his players and I don't blame him for doing so, but I don't think it was justification for the "in your face" onside kick, and to hear Whittingham use it as an excuse for in the post game press conference was disgusting. I am glad to see he is backing away from that now.

Kyle is Kobra Kai Sensai

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy sir!


Hmmm....Classless is letting the bird fly in a situation like that. I know the disrespect goes both ways but a gesture like that has no place anywhere in the game and I have yet to read that Glenn apologized for that.


The Wyoming coach ate his words, for sure. But when it became obvious that the outcome was never in doubt, Whittingham should have taken the "higher road" and not used it as an excuse to run up the score.
Now, next year the Cowboys will have every reason to be extra motivated when Utah visits their field. Things like this tend to even out in life, so, if not next year, then sometime soon the Utes will reap what they've sown. I know that I'll be watching...

Brilliant Move

Kyle knows what he is doing. He knows the schedule and he knows the standings. Wyoming is mad. Wyoming is spitting nails right now while preparing for BYU.

After this weekend we will control our own destiny as far as the conference championship goes.

The late apology was to appease the media.


No more sportsmanship in college football. Everyone talks a big game, and there is much sportmanship AFTER the deeds are done. The conference has a sportsmanship policy, but never enforces it....blah, blah, blah. No wonder our high school kids and coaches do what they do.

non story

The Utes scored 40 points in the first half and only 10 in the second. There is no story here.


I do not consider by only adding 10 points thru an entire half of football running up the score!

Certainly if Utah could score 40 in the first half it was also possible for Wyoming to do the same!

You act like no team has over comeback from a half time Lead!! Second guessing after a game is always easy! Try it during the game I bet your result will be much different!

running up score

I appreciate the argument for running up the score. I can see why some people would be for it. But keep this in mind: When you do something like what the utes did, you risk injury. Wyoming sees something like that and suddenly they are out to get the ute players. They take low hits on them. They try and twist arms and legs when tackling. If you want to run up the score, go for it. But if you do, be prepared for possible injuries. If a key player gets injured while you are running up the score, be prepared to accept the responsibility and look really really bad as a coach...that just shows immaturity and wont score Kyle any brownie points with is AD....

Classy Utes?!?

What a baby! Fussy! Whiney! Everything Utes say they don't want to be.

That was a pathetic show of emotion. Whittingham wasn't even over it after the game, clearly put out and upset in post game interviews. Over what? Nothing warranted that poor display.


This is not the nature of sports, it's what's wrong with sports. This was a classless act by a coach who let his emotions dominate him. I don't blame Glen for giving him the bird though it was a shame to see him stoop to Wittingham's level.


Ifyour emotions get away from you in the second half of a game while leading by 42 points, you have a problem. Add me to the lsit of folks who are happy Whit turned down the Y. Two nights before, Bronco had his guys take a knee four yards from a score that would have made a five point win look better -- perhaps learning from the incident that started Gary Crowton 's downfall -- or perhaps because he just has a little more class.


Are we forgetting the gesture that Wyoming coach made !
Is that acceptable behavior! I think not !

Regardless whether the onside kick was right or wrong,
The gesture was obviously wrong!

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