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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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This whole thing is not about BYU VS UTAH it is about a coach doing something stupid period. I have been a high school coach for 18 years what Coach Whit did was simply wrong and to defend it makes you that are look stupid. Leave your red eyes at the door and just say it was stupid and move on.

thanks kyle

for giving us something to fuss about this week. The byu and utah game isnt until next week and we dont want to waste all the smack talk this week. Now that we have something for everyone to talk about we can save all the good stuff for the big show.

Tarheel Ute

50 to 0. Perhaps it was a good thing I was unable to watch the game. A game were good sportsmanship was not exhibited by the hosts, albeit following some poorly timed remarks guaranteeing victory by Wyoming's coach prior to the game. The otherwise decisive win by the Utes was overshadowed by the Utes aggressive play once the early lead would have normally required a little civility. Granted it is difficult to tell even your second and third stringers to hold back, as the Utes attempted in most part in the second half. However the damage was done, and now a good win is tarnished and what little good graces gained after turning around their season has vanished. Wyoming may have deserved to be beaten on the field, but did not deserve to be humiliated, regardless of the their couches comments.


Coach Whitt only apologized after his wife got on hit tale. Good thing coach married a good woman.


OK. We've beat this horse dead. Now let's just leave it to all those cougar fans with their fake outrage and their self-congratulatory hubris while the rest of us turn our attention to what is REALLY important...the 7-3 (4-2) New Mexico Lobos will be visiting us this weekend. We're still jockeying for position in the MWC, and these guys aren't going to roll over for us like the Cowboys did. They're playing some good football.



I personally love all the "class" comments coming from BYU fans and how Bronco would have never done this. How about throwing an 18 yard TD pass with your starting QB (ok, ok it was Jason Beck not John Beck and I am not sure there was a back up to the back up) with 2 minutes left in the GAME to your STARTING tight end Johnny Harline to make the score 38-0? By the way, that school was another in-state institution, Utah State. Running up the score? Classless? Thanks for the example Bronco and BYU. All class. The flagship of the conference.....LOL.


Whittingham should have spent some time in parochial school like Urbin Meyers did.

It might have given him some degree of class and dignity.


I want to see a coach go for the jugular and attack at every opportunity, every game, every play.

Fact of the matter...Utah won another game and will win the next three (counting the bowl game).

I want Whittingham, Andersen and Ludwig to go for the jugular all the time the Utes are playing. Never quit until the whistle blows at the end of the game regardless of the score.


Uh, GRider,
A lot of us don't exactly see an on-side kick as "going for the jugular."

Sort of a wimpy thing to do, actually.

Horsebutt Mendenhall

Please have mercy on us, the holier-than-thou people of the school down south. Don't kick our hineys like you did Wyoming's. We promise to lose in San Diego after the Holy War to let your share the title if your don't pull out the onside when you're killing us 73-3.

Horsetush Mendanhall

My dear Kyle,
Please have mercy on us, the holier-than-thou people of the school down south. Don't kick our hineys like you did Wyoming's. We promise to lose in San Diego after the Holy War to let your share the title if your don't pull out the onside when you're killing us 73-3.


False Pride?

An on-side kick when the game is clearly won, is the same as a sucker punch.

Nothing go be proud of Utahns.

Big 10 fan

"Whittingham regrets the onside kick."
I wonder how many Ute fans regret having him as coach. If you want a class act as a coach - you might think about looking in the Midwest for a good coach.


Was it the correct thing to do? That is debateable. I wouldn't have done it. I am glad the Wyoming coach was punished for his gesture. My question is why Utah struggles to fill or even get close to filling their stadium for home games? Come on ute fans, if you are so die hard GO TO THE GAMES!!
I dislike Wyoming almost as much as I dislike the U, and I am predicting that the Cougs will win out and finish in the top 25.

BYU 31 Wyoming 10

BYU 24 Utah 17

BYU 38 San Diego 10


re: onside kick, etc.

PLEASE! Had Coach Whit took it easy on WY, and had WY made a comeback, then everybody would've been asking for his head saying that a good coach would've made certain that the game was in hand before letting up! This was the same team that badly beat VA who is leading the ACC. If you don't think that they could've made a comeback in the 3rd quarter, then you are the one that is disrespecting WY!

An onside kick is a low percentage play that courts extreme risk in that the opposing team ends up with excellent field position. It is only used when a coach is desperate or very sure that he can make the play. Auburn's coach used it against SC last year while beating SC. Spurrier was very impressed, and gave a nod of approval to the Auburn coach for having burned him. It did not work for the Utes, and gave WY one of their best shots at scoring the whole game.

This was no different than any of the other trick plays used against WY. I think the offense should've shown no let up until the 4th when it was impossible to comeback!


Onside kicks are a typical maneuver in Utah football.

They rely on plastic rather than substance.

Get some class

Typical cheap-shot Utah football tactic.

Kiss my class

It was as classy and incredible as anything. Why should trick plays be limited to the weak teams that aren't good enough to execute them anyways? They shouldn't be a last chance haven't-got-a-prayer kind of a thing. Let's practice them against real teams, and they'll be effective when we need them.

Pathetic Cougars

You guys are the worst, seriously. You as a sports culture and self rightoeus people are more competitive than anyone but you try to pull out the red flags and say what should have been done. It was one stupid onsides kick, stop making such a big deal about it. Everyone laughs at you all over the country cause this stuff is normal. It's football folks! The Utes are playing hard and pulling out what they can to do well and have fun. I think the classless thing is the star wars milking the cow cheer and gesture you do when you're on defense. That's aweful!


"Trick Play?"

Situations don't make the man - they reveal him.

And what has been revealed is another reason why people view Utahns as plastic.

I'm surprised he didn't grab the ball and go home.

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