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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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No Heat!

All the fans of the little brother in red can defend Kryle all they want but he defended his actions as heat of the situation. Come on, what heat?? Wyo was beat like an ugly step child and the game was over. There was no "heat" in the game when he called for the onside kick. Don't try to compare it to running your offense and scoring a touchdown either. This was a blantant attempt to embarrass the pokes!
Anyone who keeps scoring and says, if you don't like it stop us - I have no problem with that. Though the classy thing is to hold the score down. In this situation, this is not running the offense. It was childish 5 year old behavior and Glenn's gesture was as bad or worse. Kryle's behavior is being criticized nationwide. His behavior is an embarrassment to good sportsmanship -which is what he should be teaching his players and we should all be teaching our youth. I am troubled by any fan of the little brother in red who is also not embarrassed by his actions. Please, stand for something! Is this really a lesson you want you child to learn?


The end result is that Utah and Willingham has lost some respect from fans and coaches in the conference. Now, he has his players all jacked up to play New Mexico and especially BYU. That is exactly what he wants.

BYU better watch out in two weeks. Utah has been the underdog several times vs BYU yet they still seem to rise up and beat them.

If BYU has the conference championship basically locked up in 2 weeks do you think they will be as motivated as Utah to dominate the game? I doubt it.

Better be careful.

Go Witt

Wyoming is already the worst place in the conference to play. Now the Utes can look forward to next year at Wyoming. Talk about bulletin board material the Cowboys will be hungry. I predict now Witt's little hissy fit costs the Utes a game. Maybe not to Wyoming but maybe to a key injury by an angry cowboy with a late hit.


Gene -- you are an alumnus, not an alumni. But they probably didn't teach you that @ the U...

Btw, would be interested to know in what emotion Coach K.W. was caught up to persuade him to make the onside-kick call... I think he deserved the finger, er gesture.


I don't get all the cougar ire over the trick plays in the Utah game.

Please some "fully invested" cougar help me understand why scoring via a gadget play is less respectful than scoring via a standard running or passing play?

It's not as if the fumbleruski or the reverse or the flea-flicker or the hook and ladder comes with some kind of guarantee.

If they did, everyone would be using them. Even the unimaginitive (but as we're constantly being told) 'classy' Bronco Mendenhall.

kewg fans....

you guys feel threatened. utah is playing better football than byu. there is less than 2 weeks until the big game. deny it allllll you want. but in your heart of hearts, everyone single one of you kewg heads are scared about the 24th. you will talk big up until kickoff. thats what you guys do best. talk big. but your big time talking, your fasting, and your praying will NOT help you this year. good luck passing against the best secondary in the MWC. good luck trying to stop the leading RB in the conference. good luck trying to stop the U receivers, when you have one of the worst secondaries in the conference. and last, but not least, i wish max hall good luck with the likes of stevenson sylvester, steve tate, sean smith, robert johnson, joe jianoni, GABE LONG, and nai fotu coming at him all day long ;) good luck players and fans alike. lets see if good 'ol bronco can keep his finger down when utah is doing onside kicks in the 3rd quarter while pitching another blowout shutout

new to football

Please be patient with me (I am new to American football).

According to football etiquette, what is an acceptable margin of victory?

If a team is ahead by 3 points would it be good etiquette to punt or fall on a knee when it was your teams turn to run or play catch with the ball?

Like in boxing, is it possible for the losing team to throw in the towel so that the team that is ahead wont try to score any more points? Was the towel thrown onto the field so no come back would be possible?

Please clarifyI thought it was a good idea to make goals? The great American pastime is so confusing.

Damaged goods

from Hey BYU Fans: "Isn't Coach Whitt an ALUM of your school? Isn't he alum of the BYU football program? Isn't he member of your church??"

Uh, yeah you're right on all those points. He used to be a pretty good guy. WHAT IN THE WORLD DID U GUYS DO TO HIM??! Now it's going to take years for us to reform him after he joins Bronco's staff as the D coordinator, thanks a bunch.

Arizona Ute

Went to Byu, graduated from UofU, read all these posts. I root for both teams unless they play each other. The "classless" ones, the ones that I have lost respect for are all the BYU fans on this post who have ridiculed and denigrated and made the incredibly childish, tasteless and totally stupid remarks. It's just a football game and somehow I had higher expectations of BYU fans- particularly given your religious affiliation. To say I am disappointed doesn't begin to cover it. I enjoy a good football game- but that's just it- it's ONLY a game!!! The fate of the free world doesn't rest on it's outcome!

re:re:Be afraid

Actually 20 yard line 5 row season ticket holder for 20 years baby. Love it, I'm jacked for the game on the 24th. Best rivalry in the country.

East Coast Ute

I am amazed at how many BYU fanatics are commenting on a Utah-Wyoming game and attacking the character of the Utah coach. Sounds like fear, with maybe some hatred thrown in. Not even close to what BYU represents itself to be. Maybe BYU is not what it represents itself to be. A BYU friend recently told me he thinks everyone hates BYU because once upon a time they had some really good teams. Not true. Many teams have dominated and been respected. Just read the comments above for a hint at the real reason.

chester blue

Coach Kyle made a poor mistake and he admitted it. Was he put up to the apology? That we don't know for sure. He is a good coach and he's definitely proved it this year. I thought the Utes wouldn't win more than 5-6 games after all of their injuries. But Kyle has done a tremendous job up there. The on-sides kick was ridiculous though. Being up 43-0 and going for it there? I would've given him the double bird. It really was classless and he knows it. He still is an excellent coach by ripping off six in a row like they have. They do have real good talent and despite the record in '06 you knew that Utah's A-team would compete against BYU. I see another great game in LES and I'm curious as to how Vegas will pick this one. Right now, they may give Utah a 3.5 advantage but BYU will end up being picked to win by 3 1/2 points. Can't wait for the game. GO COUGS!!!

Re; Laugable

You wanna talk about crying...John Beck two years ago. Now that's weak! haha. He's a baby. Not even tough enough to start on a team that's 0-8. Go Utes. I hate BYU and always will. And not to mention crying let's talk about criminals...now that's not very classy on BYU's part. Honor code doesn't even exist for football players.

think about it...

Hey byu guys (and other self righteous posters), better check out your own closets before chucking too many more rocks... Remember, what would Jesus do?

RE: Trick-Schmick

Please excuse my football ignorance maybe someone can help me out...when a hand-off is faked, isn't that a form of a trick play? When the offense huddles and calls a play, are they not trying to figure out how best to move the ball down the field without letting the opposing defense know what they are going to do? Is that not a form of trickery? If BUY fans pride themselves in not having trick plays, why doesn't their offense announce to the defense what they are going to do and then see if they are good enough to execute successfully?

A flea-flicker or hook and ladder are very entertaining plays to watch and demonstrate confidence and a willingness to take a risk. Let's face it, folks, if BYU had such plays in their play book, they would be talking like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread because that's what BYU fans do. BYU doesn't have them, they can't execute them, and therefore, their fans who espouse only what their institution says is ok, don't like them.

Ute shootin

Wow, BYU fans are just in here crying, trying to make Witt look bad so they can make themselves believe they have the better coach, well forget about it you are stuck with the second hand trash. Witt chose the classier program, and also the more successful program that has dominated BYU over the years.

Mike Gourley

I think most people are missing the point in my opinion. I don't think Whitt ran the score up. They only scored 10 points in the second half. What Whitt did was classes and embarassing. I think it is a lot worse than just running the score up.


Way to go Coach K.W!! The real side of you finally comes out !!


There is only one thing that I am getting by all of this controversy. BYU is afraid, very afraid (of the DARKSIDE). Let's have a repeat performance this week and get another W against New Mexico.


Chicago Cougar

I watched the Utah game, and I thought it was a classless act, but the most classless thing about it is that BYU fans and not Wyoming fans are unable to forgive and let go. It's not really classy to generalize an entire fan base and school based on the actions of a few. Let it go. KW apologized. What more do you expect? Go Cougs! Beat those Utes in 2 weeks!

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