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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Loved it!

What is ever one whining about. These teams are geared up to play 60 minutes of football and anything less is a disappointment to us fans that go to watch that 60 minutes of football and those players that dedicate COUNTLESS hours to play their 60 minutes a week. I thought the on -sides kick was truly sportsmanlike. It gave Wyoming the best field position they had all game!!!! Thank you Utah for the funnest game I have watched all year! Go Utah and keep pounding them!!!


Was it also classy when BYU basketball Coach Reed told Chris Burgess that he'd be letting down the Mormon population if he didnt come play at BYU? Is it classy that BYU ran the score up on the Utes for years? Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house people. Is it classy for a coach to give the finger to a crowd, team and STATE. Challenge: BYU run up the score on the Cowboys and finish it, you certainly are capable. Why you ask? Well any Utah or BYU fan whos ever met a Cowboy fan knows how classy they are. I got spit on one year by a Cowboy fan, but then again I had soda and popcorn dumped on my head 2 years ago when the Utes beat the Cougs in Provo at LES. What is class Cougars?


If the utes were that upset over the guarantee just think what they would be saying if they were on the other side of this. Just remember Witt, it is like you said, you are held accountable. Remember that when you get fired.

Anybody take a look?

The invitation to add a comment says:
"Comments are monitored. Any comments found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, more than 200 word or containing URLs will not be posted."
Well, this site is guilty of four of the five no-no's!
But I'll bet you this; This post won't make it!


Just a couple of points. You can always excuse a player for making inappropriate remarks but for a seasoned couch to garantee a victory - what a mistake!

I seem to remember several years ago BYU winning games by 50+ to zero - BYU fans didn't seem to think that was running up the score even though they kept passing the ball. I think BYU fans are just jealous!!!

However, the biggest ones lacking class are BYU fans posting on a University of Utah story. Coug fans post on your own stories!!!



I can't believe what I am reading! All of this touchy feely garbage makes me sick. Why is it that we are so afraid of winning anymore? We have been brow beaten for so long by a generation of "picked last" kids grown into adults that we think winning is a bad thing. Bag that!
Win! How do you get points in the BCS if you are not the select few? You win by HUGE margins and your rank goes up. I say win big or let someone else play that wants to win.
Those people who are afraid of competition should form book clubs, shut up, and let the rest of us have a good drag out knock down on the gridiron!

I Second That

Right on point, to: All BYU Posters. Team character is a reflection of leadership. The arrests and suspensions are a black eye to everything BYU stands for and are very telling of the underlying integrity of their program. As is so typical of BYU and its goofy fans, as long as they win a football game, they will thump their chest and tell you how great they are.

BYU fan

I find it laughable all the Ute fans who questioned BYU and their high scoring wins. And now they are defending their own win which took many trick plays including a late onside kick. Why would we be "jealous", we're in sole possession of 1st place in the MWC?


A posting from this morning is the pits. Read this:

Classless | 6:49 a.m. Nov. 12, 2007
Whittingham - classless? Yewts - classless? I never knew. And by the way, why does it take a guarantee from the other team to motivate the yewts?

This posting is classless; disrespectful; insensitive; and a racial slur. There is no honorable reason to refer to Utes as YEWTS. Even in this case, when not directly referring to the aboriginal group, but to a school's sports' nickname it is highly offensive and disrespectful.

Maybe that's what you intended. I am disappointed this newspaper continues to post this person's work.

Kyles a Stud

Coming from a big Cougar fan...

If I spend a ton of money on tickets, parking, gas, and Caffeine Free Diet Coke, and Utah is up 60-0 for the BYU Bowl, and I stay, knowing that the traffic is going to suck, and Kyle or Bronco just let the air out of the ball, I'm gonna flip them both off.

It's a game, and if either team quits, that will be classless.

Be afraid

Attention all BYU fans...
Wyoming 6th ranked defense in the country gets beaten 50-0!!!
Utah vs #11 UCLA 44-6 UTES victory
BYU your strength of schedule fails in comparison to the UTES.
We're hot baby, and were hungry for some religion. Realize that if the Utes play like they did agaisnt Wyoming and UCLA, you have NO CHANCE!!! and you know it...youre scared. I cant wait to win at LaVell Edwards Stadium, and then your fans can dump popcorn and soda all over us classless Ute fans like you usually do!!!


Who cares! Utah is now tied for 4th natinally -defense(pts. allowed/game) and 8th passing defense. Way to go Whit!!!

RE:Be Afraid

Like that's ever happend to you...

I've been to 10+ BYU Utah games at LES, never seen a Ute Fan walk out with Popcorn and Soda Dumped on them.

You must be thinking of RES.

But if you will post your seat number and wear your red sweatshirt...

(serious, I'll bet "be afraid" has never ponied up for anything but the cheap student section tickets).


Get off it.

Racial slur. Then all of the posts from the Ute fans are Speciesist Slurs...

Over the top or what?

Virginia fan

We can lose two games, one of them to Wyoming, and still be in the top 25 BCS rankings and be talking about a national championship and a real bowl game with a real payout. Utah can beat Wyoming by 50 points and all you can talk about is an onside kick and the Poinsetta bowl. Pathetic! Go Hoos (UVa for those of you in the West who don't follow real football teams)!!

Running Up The Score

I have no problem with running up the score, or teams that win by 50 points. However I don't recall a blowout that included an onside kick with the score 43-0. It was a bad call they should have punted the ball and won the game 43-0.


The only thing I seem to remember about BYU and the yewts is Beck to Harline, no time left. I loved watching twittingham cry like a little girl. Prediction: Cougs - 56 yewts - 0

Great job coach!

Kyle Whittingham is a stand-up coach and individual; I am proud to have him on our side.

It's clear all you Zoobsters posting are freakin' out about the 24th (nothing personal, but I would be too if I were you.) Just some friendly advice regarding your posts: Quit. You look pretty silly condemning Coach Whit after he apologized. The holier-than-thou line is getting pretty tired.

Keep it up Coach. Go UTES!


I would have done as Wyoming's coach did. It looks like the team most hated in the MWC is Utah, not because they the best, but because they are jerks.


All the who-tah fans telling the "zoobies" to get off this "board" are laughable! Get off THEIR board? This is a NEWSPAPER not a membership board. Hahahahaha! How absolutely hilarious!!

I don't think Kyle's apology was sincere at all. And all the who-tah fans justifying his actions are a joke. So coach Kyle was just "practicing" an on-side kick? I guess that means Coach Glenn was only telling coach Kyle that he missed it by 1 yard.

So now all the yoots think that BYU is doomed against the little brothers up north (BUNs) come Nov 24? You mean like you thought we were doomed against TCU after they beat UNM 37-0? Uh-huh...

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