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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bruce B.

DNA Science is being bashed and dismissed by a number of Mormon apologists in these comments.

But if DNA science wasn't valid and reliable, there would have been no need for the Church leaders to have changed the introduction wording from "principal" to "among"!

So, apparently the Mormon Church leaders believe more in science than their uninformed followers.

Good thing the followers have some smart people to do their thinking for them!


If the book is true as some contend, why couldn't he have said, "Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr." instead of "By Joseph Smith, Jr."????

As someone said it was to get it published. Come on. He paid (borrowed money) to have it published. Get your facts straight!

You're really reaching. I think his acknowledgement is the only truth to the book. In other words folks: IT'S FICTION.


To me it makes no difference what changes are made in the Book Of Mormon. I have recived my own personal wittness that the book is true. Why others waste so much of there time trying to find fault with it is unknown to me. All you have to do is read it with an open mind and pray about and you'll known it's true. It's the only book on earth with such a promise. Quit wasting your time trying to find fault with it and get buzy reading it and then pray about it and the Holy Ghost will testify to your spirit and you to will know it's true.Put God to the test and find out for youorself. God loves all of us. I love you to. kent


God loves you and hears all prayers. Please pick up the book and read it and you'll know for yourself it's true. Then what else matters? love kent

A Mormon

I drifted away from the LDS church years ago due simply to imagined slights and offenses from other members. Never because of its doctrine or practices. During that time I attended many different churches. None of them provided the satisfaction that the LDS church does. While on vacation in Utah, I spend many days at Temple Square and was moved by the Spirit to reconnect to the Mormon faith and am joyful that I did. It only undersccores the power of this true church that it has a handful of bitter, vengeful detractors who could, if they wished, simply ignore the church.


It is interesting how many people that are antagonistic towards the LDS Church rush to attack the Church when a "scientific" study comes out that purports to invalidate the Scriptures considered as Holy by the members.

But they fail to even mention the even more numerous attacks that "scientits" have made about the mere exsitence of Our Lord And Savior. Why only mention some studies and not compare them to others? And even though there is more archeological evidence about the things related in the Old and New Testaments, most of the converts to the Christian faith (Whether Catholics, Baptists, etc), do so based on their "feeling" and a burning in the Boosom, rather than by based on a scientific study.

Like many have mentioned here, if you REALLY want to know the truth, do what many wise people have done in the past and follow the admonition of James:
James 1: 5
"5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him".


Which book shall we pick up and read? The 1830 version, or any number of other versions that have changed over the years?

Yes, I know God does love me and hears all prayers. I read the BofM. I prayed about it. God told me it is a work of fiction.

But for that you will accuse me of being a sinner and a bad person.

Mormons should be embarassed by such an attitude.


I've read a bunch of these comments given here about the change in the "word" in the Book of Mormon. I will re-affirm one last time that this change had absolutely nothing to do with doctrine of the church.

However, it has helped clarify the historical value of the book. Right or wrong, there are many mistakes still to be made in that history, same as has happened with the Biblical histories too. I'm not worried about that.

What I do worry about is why so many "agrue and contend" like a bunch of little children who feel they are right and the other is wrong. Is it not peace and God's blessings we all seek? What are we doing to be peace makers? Must we content to the point we are like extremest groups, and feel compelled to kill others to prove our points?

Even though I feel that the greatest spiritual blessings here on earth come from being LDS, I still respect others for what they beleive, as long as they are honest and peaceful people. May we all learn respect and love for all and live in peace.


To: You have already left reality | 12:05 p.m.
You said, "Perhaps the Mormons should take your advice and get out of their elitist meetings and go out in the world and do something to benefit mankind instead of either trying to convert everyone, or attacking, ostracizing, and discriminating against all those who don't believe the same way they do!"
I feel sad that your bitterness is getting in the way of reality and fact. If you were to take a moment and separate yourself from your close-mindedness, you would see, along with millions of Mormons and NON Mormons, the huge amounts of humanitarian/philanthropic/charitable work the church does for millions around the world. You would also see the amazing friendships, LDS president, Gordon B. Hinkley, has formed with people outside of his faith. He is given a tremendous amount of respect from those who know him. Maybe you would benefit from reading material that would broaden your perspective, rather than choosing to only see what backs up your narrow view.

Help You Understand

Anonymous | 10:36 a.m.

The beam of "close-mindedness" in your own eye obscures your ability to see You have already left reality | 12:05 p.m.'s point.

The LDS Corporation giving blankets to evacuated Californians is not the issue. It is the neighbors and coworkers who, in the name of "sharin the gospel," cram this absurd challenge in everyone's face: "Read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and you will have the superior spiritual knowledge like I do."

But then when we do just that and feel spiritually that the book is NOT true, then you all condemn us as sinners! We must not have been truly sincere; we must have been dishonest about something in our past; we must be unworthy - always it is OUR FAULT that we don't believe in the Book of Mormon, and always it is WE who are CONDEMNED.

That has all the elements of a classic con-game. Can't you open your eyes enough to see that?

Bottom line: Stop condemning us out of one side of your mouths because we don't agree with you, and then pretending to love and care for us out of the other!


I have read all the responses, and have come to a very simple solution in most cases.

I believe most have not got on there knees and prayed,and prayed,and prayed,and prayed some more,
for enlightment,The Lord has the answers you have to ask, and that may mean your knee will get sore.

I'm here for you . . .God is too

Simply ponder on this thought: Did you ask God if this LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) church really is true? Read this Book of Mormon (we also believe the Bible) and ASK God yourself in prayer. You don't have to believe me - Believe Him. He is trying to tell you right now . . . are you listening? I asked Him once and He told me it is true and why we are here. Now I could never live without it.
"Life is not easy, but it will always be worth it." If you need my help, my # is 801-798-5437. We are all a family here on earth. We should all care for everyone.


Just giving a "testimony" that this word change is "trivial" does not make it so.

Amazing how many comments by believers ignore what others are posting. Repeatedly, believers are telling others to "read the book" and stop criticizing what you have not read!

But I can count scores of comments by people (like me) who are saying they HAVE read the Book of Mormon!


Get over yourselves, Mormons, and quit persecuting and patronizing those who don't believe as you do. You are not morally superior to us. We do not need you to save our souls!

why the hostility?

I don't understand what the big deal is. If you don't believe the Book of Mormon then that is your right to do so, if you do believe then that is your right also. That is what having free agency is about. See the 11th article of faith "We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how where or what they may. We should love and respect others regardless of religious or any differences, we are all God's children and he loves us all.


For Brooke

Yes,someone needs to save you, Please Listen,HE loves us all.

johnny cobert

We live in a telestial world and all science is limited to telestial laws (DNA included). There are higher laws (terrestial and celestial) that we simply do not know about. In my simple mind I believe that a lot of people who think they know will someday be surprized to find out that they did not know. In the meantime, I will endeavor to live by faith and not put question marks where periods belong.


Where is the evidence of the Creation? Where is the evidence of the Resurrection? Where is the evidence of the Flood? Where is the evidence of the burning bush? How can you explain by science that Man has been on the earth for a mear 7 or 8 thousand years? Why are there dinasaur bones? Where did they come from. Why are there unexplained healings? Why do people have near death experiences where they speak with loved ones who have died? Why did we have "Dark Ages" and now we are in a period of rapid advancement and enlightenment? What is happening? Where is God?

Without the answers to all these questions we might as well assume that there is not God. That there are only "crazies" and no true path to follow.

Man is getting too full of himself. Becoming too cocky. Science is fascinating but does not conclusively answer Man's greatest questions. It never will. What would world do if all of a sudden science proved that everything the LDS church teaches is true? What would you do then? Well, that is not going to happen. Science is only definative one day at a time.. until disproven. Amen

Simply Put

You do realize that there is a war going on because people do not want any of us to have a choice in our religion. We have a choice. Being LDS I would be embarassed to see people, LDS or other belittle anybody because they didn't believe what you do. Please, don't make our world or yours or anybodies more complicated then it all ready is. Follow the Bible and Jesus' teaching sometimes called the golden rule. War is not the answer and neither is being unkind because we believe differently then you and vice vera. I would never belittle what you believe. I will defend my right to my beliefs. But would be kind in doing it. No need for hateful words or threats.

Seeker of the truth

I have read all these comments and I am saddened by the fact that the Body Of Christ cannot get along with itself. The core issue here is not the Book of Mormon. Even if it were fiction it would not change the fact that it points people to Christ. I just wish that people would stop fighting about our differences and start working for the common goal of leading a lost and dying world to Christ, no matter what Christian faith they decide to embrace. There is no perfect denomination, all have the opinions of imperfect men influencing their doctrine. We have all said and done things we felt were led by God only to find out later we misunderstood and need to clarify what was really meant. So what if a word changes or spelling or punctuation? Even the Bible has had clarifications made as scholars reexamine the original texts. The fact that Joseph Smith translated in King James English reflects only on the time he lived in. Come on people! Lets focus on Christ and His sacrifice and quit getting hung up on the issues that make no eternal difference.


To: Help You Understand | 11:17 a.m. It is the bitter tone in your response that saddens me, not your point of view. Im sorry if you have had a poor experience with a Mormon as you say trying to "cram this absurd challenge in everyone's face". But I feel it is irresponsible to generalize that Mormons who are coworkers and neighbors are ALL the same in the way they approach sharing their beliefs. MANY of my dearest friends are not Mormon. There is no con game in tolerance and love. There is mutual respect between us(Catholic, Methodist, Hindu). We stand on the common ground of love and decency. How can that be classified as condemnation? When You have already left reality | 12:05 p.m. said we "attack, ostracize, and discriminate against those who don't believe the way we do", that's exactly where the discrimination began. Again, it is irresponsible to generalize an attack on anyone for religious beliefs, race, gender, etc. I believe that was more the motive behind his point. Let's reap change by focusing on good rather than continuing the hostility.

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