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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We are BYU

BYU will win easily the MWC and play in the Vegas Bowl. We shoulda coulda beat UCLA and we were a few plays away from beating TULSA and the refs cost us both those games. Who are we going to play in the PAC? Which over-rated PAC team are we going to dismantle again like last year - I'm hoping we end up playing CAL or USC - all others are an inferior match up. Keep griping Utes - you know BYU will rock your world next month!


Premature Ejubulation

Shouldn't you wait until after the TCU game?

I got things to do

Can someone come over and throw the ball for this eweyt fan to chase for awhile.

That, or someone's gonna call unwanted animal control.

i hate byu

haha whats up the the LBUN? thats byu talk for "little brother up north" right? lol how are the utes the little brother when we own the overall head to head series and have won 4 of the last 5 games in a row lol. and have represented against teams such as ucla-which byu couldnt handle-... and scoring 41 on louisville lol. you guys lost to tulsa right???? haha just checking. if someone could now explain how utah is the younger brother of these 2 teams please enlighten me lol.


I live in Brazil and I can't seem to find BYU games on television. Can you tell my provider to get me some games. C'mon you crying babies!

The MTN needs to go

The mountain needs to freakin go..I live in Utah and can't even get most the BYU games. I feel bad for the out of state people that don't get to watch the cougs unless they get to a Bowl game. What the...

Get to bed coogals

coogals fans, get to bed and rest up for the powerhouse you are facing on Saturday... no time to post comments with the mighty Eastern Washington High coming to town. Save your energy so you can Wise and Pout for the little bro. forever coogals.

Go Eastern Washington High!!


What great team is left on BYU's schedule? If we lose another game it will be an upset.

BYU online streaming

The cstv.com online thing is about as bad as the MTN. Last year I streamed the BYU @ Utah game and this year decided to get a year subscription for $100.00 instead of the $15.00 per game. The game selection started out pretty good at the beginning of the year and I was able to see games all over the country as well as BYU games but for the past month or so it seems the only games they have on video are I-AA and Sun Belt games. They do have the BYU games vs TCU and Utah scheduled to be streamed online though but that doesn't really mean a whole lot. There is no way I'm doing a year subscription again. They advertise that they have live games as well as the ability to watch a recorded game but half of the BYU games are never archived. Right now they only have the Arizona, Tulsa, and New Mexico games archived and never recorded the UCLA, Air Force, or UNLV games even though they had both the UCLA and Air Force games scheduled to be streamed live. its redicuous the service we get!

Out of State observation

Just a question. I give credit to Utah for getting up for their games against teams from BCS conferences, and I agree they have been the better consistent MWC representation in the conference against the BCS conferences but I think it has a something to do with the fact that those teams definitely don't get up for Utah. Utah doesn't inspire those teams. They are more worried about their own conference or other more notable non conference foes. BYU was the same way in the 80's and 90's and alot of big conference teams got caught off guard. Now, BYU doesn't get over looked. Teams like Tulsa, PAC 10 teams, etcetera get up for BYU. Those coaches remember those classic games of over looking the Y and getting burned. Within the conference (MWC/old WAC), BYU was/is the measuring stick. From ex players from CSU, New Mex, AF, Wy, they all say beating BYU was the best measuring stick on average of how well their program was doing. Utah has had good years in recent history but they said they didn't have the mystique of beating BYU....



Who really cares that Whittingham is 4-2 against BCS teams when he can't even win the simplest conference games. That only shows inconsistency which is reflective upon BAD coaching. How can you get blanked by UNLV? And lose to AF at your home? Whittingham is a bad head coach, end of story!!

Utah Cougar

To all the Utah fans reading this blog...what are you doing? Is there nothing of note out there for Utah fans to read, you have to come and read a blog about our school. I am a BYU fan and I never even bother reading an article about Utah. They're not my team. And as for the so called Cougar fans who live out of state and now root for bigger conference schools, good riddance you bandwagon fan. I have family in New York, Virginia and all over the US and they still root for the Y. They deal with the crappy TV deal and listen to their team on the internet. They are truly invested. And Utah fans, at least Tulsa and UCLA were formidable opponents (unlike UNLV, Air Force and Oregon State). Urban has left the state and doesn't care about you anymore. Coach Whit is this close to getting canned because Utah has some sort of Bipolar disease and can't win against my high school JV squad.

@Utah Cougar

Not only do come off as arrogant WRONG are you are WRONG to bid good riddance to out of state cougar fans that use this post to express outrage at the crappy TV deal. Easy for the you to sit there in the valley where you have the OPTION to pay the piper and watch the game! Have you tried the internet gig? I think not. Some of us out of state fans take pride in BYU football, and genuinely
miss the opportunity to SEE the games and discuss the team with other college football fans. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT IT IS ONLY THE COUGAR FANS THAT HAVE NOTICED BYU IS OFF THE NATIONAL SPOTS NETWORKS?


We live in Utah and have DISH. We don't get Mtn either. It's all about MONEY!

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