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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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computer screen? just for now!

Watching games on the internet is fine, I guess, & may be a temporary solution, however, I did not buy a big screen TV so that I can hunch over my computer screen to watch sports!!! It would be logical and stand to reason that eventually the MTN will die...I mean what company wants to advertise on a channel that has a limited market? Unfortunately, it sounds like reason and logic was left out of this TV deal.

Utah wins in Provo

Utah's record in Provo over the last TEN YEARS: 4-1.

There's no home field advantage in this rivalry, certainly not for BYU.


What's with all the complaining about not getting the mountain channel? Heck, I get it, but with the cameraman getting fooled more often than the 5 year olds in the stands, I didn't see much more of the game than those of you that don't get the channel did!


When my friend and I heard that the BYU-UNLV game was going to be on the Mtn. channel I called a local sports bar since none of the homes in southeastern Idaho have the Mtn. channel (it is all DirecTV and DISH). I got by the manager of the sports bar that "yes, we have the Mtn. Channel". We showed up 30 minutes early and the manager looked all through his cable channels. No Mtn. Channel. He said, "I guess Cable One doesn't have that Channel". I think he had mistaken the Mtn. channel for one of the satellite channels. (And I was told that the cable company in this area is not Comcast, but Cable One, who doesn't carry the Mtn.) So, we left and drove back home where we listened to the game "1940's style" on the radio while sitting in the living room.
Something must be done about the travesty that is Comcast and the Mtn. channel. I am well aware that ESPN's weird days and times of games were insulting. However, as as a native of Ohio said to me at last years Las Vegas bowl, "That's too bad, we always used to see BYU games".

Grasping the obvious

These comments have been recycled for a good 2 months now, just with little tweaks.

Also, I can' get the mtn.

Can Craig Thompson Hear Us????????????

MFM Utah County Resident

Remember Harmon, and BYU fans...this years schedule in no way approximates last years. Last years team would be undefeated this year. So what if the Cougars win out? Back to the Las Vegas bowl! Wow!! The MWC as I've said ad nausium is a joke. We don't even see the games anyway...so what is all the noise about football anyway. I don't care about football with the decision about the TV provider. I'm waiting for the NBA. Harmon....why don't you go after the goofy people to made this idiotic terrible decision? And while you are at it, why don't you punch their hot button about getting rid of the commissioner or get serious about starting another conference....which could include Hawaii, Boise State and Nevada Reno (we have the wrong Nevada school in our conference).

Make the change

almuna in So Cal - start watching USC. It's more fun.


Jorgensen calls BYU "a hard-working, blue-collar team." The hard-working part I believe, but blue-collar? Hardly, guys. BYU is about as blue-collared as Stanford, unless we're talking jersey color.

Alabama, Miami, Arkansas, Oklahoma--these are blue-collar teams.

Quit talking tough, and just play the game. Legitimacy will be born of action, not talk.

MFM Not SoHappyValleyResident

Whaats up? Somebody whacked my smack comment about the Great Mountain West Conference/No BYU Football. Dick Harmon/Disharmony....why don't you do so good old fashion investigative reporting and do a job on the why, who, and what can be don't about the travesty of no BYU/Utah football games? Good job....!!!!!!

Big Al

Hey "Make the Change" -- I took your advice and watched USC last week against Arizona. Boy, what a blast that was . . . as you said, "more fun." I think next week I will really lose my head and try to tune into Ball State vs. Akron.


Does anybody know who is behind the constant adds encouraging us to call DirecTV and request the mtn? I'm suspicious enough to wonder if it's not Comcast pushing their own agenda on us to try to convince DirecTV to pick up their nasty little station.


comcast will not give rights to the mtn to dish or directtv, because they want the nfl ticket owned by direct tv. directtv will not give the rights to comcast, so they are playing hardball with each other, it is all about politics and money. BYU is the most influential school in the MWC, they need to take a stand and leave the contract if necessary and pay the money it would take to get out. they will make more money broadcasting on BYU tv and charge for advertising.


As a DTV subscriber, I currently pay about $15/month for Setanta sports in order to watch rugby. I'd pay for a dedicated BYU station.

RE: complaining byu fans

What is your record at the Vegas bowl in the past two years? 1-1....so as soon as the MWC can consistently beat the Pac-10 #5 team then you byu fans can complain! 1-1 try consistently winning bowl games and then complain.

Once again what is your record at the Vegas bowl? 1-1
What is your record at bowl games in the past 10 years? 1-5.....1-5? Get real, instead of complaining just worring about winning a bowl game.

One other question? Doesn't some website predict UCLA to go to the Vegas bowl? How did your team fair against them this year?

That is right blame the refs.

Just be greatful that you do not have to play on Christmas day like Utah did when they beat Carson Palmers USC team in 2001!

RE:RE: complaining byu fans


Did that comment make you feel better?

Worried about TCU so get your smack in now?

Your post means... what?

Do you have a frat contest going on who can post the most idiotic post on a BYU blog the night before the game.

TCU literally "IS" your biggest game of the season next to BYU (and it's on the road. I forget, are you guys a good road team?). You better hope your boys have better things to do than read your embarrassing blog and wonder if it is worth getting "invested" (I know, Urban copyed it before Bronco) for fans with your mental magnitude.

I think there is a blog about Utah going on somewhere where they are posting about the UCLA game, and the mythical BCS Busting Trophy.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya...

Evening Ewe Ewet

RE: complaining byu fans

I think most people on the blog are upset (I being one) that we cannot see either BYU or Utah play. I enjoy both teams.

Take your negative attitude and turn it into something positive like folding your Red Sweatshirts or thinking up new lyrics for BYU's fight song.

BYU Fans....

Can you say, "The Special Olympics"? I can hear it now, " You can do it, come on!!!!" Oh yea, I forgot, you are going to win the BCS Nat. Ch. next year. Dang it, I spoke too soon. LOL!!!!!!!!

BYU alumna in So Cal

Hey, "Make The Change"-

I'm assuming you must have read my post since you replied, but it's not here now.

Did my comment get zapped because I mentioned that unhappy viewers could sign a petition about adding The MTN to satellite?? And I alluded to the web address?? That one can easily find by Googling???

Just curious, as I have never posted here before.

P.S. I appreciate your encouragement to support local teams that I CAN watch, rather than moan about not being able to see BYU: HOWEVER, I am faithfully, sincerely, and monogamously devoted to BYU and I REFUSE to "play the field" or spread my football affections around indiscriminately. SO THERE.

Cougar Hater

alright to save everyone alot of time and re-reading, here is about every comment a byu fan is gonna make on this post lol:

"We have higher attendance numbers than Utah"
"We won a national championship in 1984"
"We get a better education at byu"
"When Utah students graduate they'll be serving us byu graduates hamburgers"
"We beat team A, who beat team B, who beat team C who is ranked #2. Therefore we should be #1
"We lost but at least it was to a ranked team"
"Utah graduates will be washing us byu graduate's cars"
"We are 10-15 plays away from an undefeated season this year"
"We would have beaten (insert team name here) if we didn't come out flat"
"The refs cost us that game"
"Even though the other team scored more points than us, we won that game"
"Utah fans are all drunks"

Eweyt Troller

I get it.

You... dont have a drinking problem.

You drink
You blog
You fall down
You blog some more

No problem

I just made that up myself, but your past three blogs inspired me... and I added one more... I know... LOL you funny eweyt LBUN.

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