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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Watch the games

If you can't watch it on TV, watch it online. There are options, use them. Online viewers are a great way to show what other providers are missing by not carrying the Mtn.

Ha Ha!

That 6-6 season comment was really funny! I think you got the team wrong, though...

@3rd Gen Cougar Fan

Your facts are plain wrong.

USU being absent on this year's football schedule has nothing to do with a disagreement. Their absence on the basketball schedule does. And, BYU and USU have not played every year for decades. There were LaVell years and Crowton years where USU and BYU didn't play.

I am a Ute fan and am totally against the recent additions of DI-AA opponents to both of our schedules. After next year, each team will have scheduled two such games in the previous four seasons. Prior to that, Utah hadn't scheduled one for 12 years or so and BYU hadn't scheduled one for about 8 years. Now, we see them regularly.

It is a sad trend for both of our schools.


When the coaches finally decide to feature Unga and give Hall more quick pass plays, the turnovers will drop dramatically. The UNLV game is perfect evidence of the need to feature the run. It's amazing that our experienced O-line keeps allowing blind-sided sacks. Very bewildering, that.


Idle speculation. When we get to 5-2, the odds will be fairly good that we can get to 6-2, etc.

Realistically speaking Air Force's 4-1 is looking very good.

When Utah loses to TCU it will come down to BYU, New Mexico, and Air Force.

Cougar fan in Wisconsin

To the "watch better football" commenter, I live in Madison, Wisconsin where football is a big deal (usually). But, not only do I not get the MTN, but I can't even get the Big Ten network on our local cable. These independent conference stations are ridiculous and are only hurting the universities themselves because if the fans can't watch the games, why will they donate?

a little something

KBYU is showing the UNLV game tonight at 9:00 MDT.

Re:3rd Gen Cougar Fan

Yo, you posted the same comments yesterday like "Did you know Utah plays Weber next year?" You got anything new to say? You sound like a parrot to me.

To everyone else..Let us pay close attention (for those of us who have the MTN) to the advertising done for the Utah and Y game this week and call those sponsors and threaten to boycott and then actually boycott until the MWC expands their coverage. Take the power back! I will post as many sponsors as I can next week with the phone numbers. Spread the word! Go Utes and Cougars!

How can we watch online?

I haven't seen online broadcasts being made available - did I miss something?


Just like last year, BYU arrogance (inablility of leaving it all on the field), and lack of good coaching, (penilties and turnovers), the cougars will again have two losses in games they should have won. This will replay over and over every year till BYU players get over themselves and PLAY TO FINISH.
Boise State recuits 1 and 2 star athletes every year, but still PLAY'S with heart from beginning to end, no excuses. Until BYU reaches that level plan on a 2 loss BYU for the next 10 years.

AZ Coug

What are the online options? Can I find them if I google BYU Football?

Thanks "a little"

If some enterprising Fan would "copy to disc" for a few bucks, sounds like in a couple of months they could buy the MTN (not a serious suggestion to REAL BYU fans, but I am sure there are some "out riders" on the post).

A week later is better than not at all. Back in the 80's I'd get VHS tapes sent down to FLA just to keep up!!!

d. mickel

For those of you who are wishing there were some way you could see the Cougar games this year but are outside the pathetic confines of the MTV, you can have all of their games sent live to your computer screen with a Slingbox setup. Seems like it's around $150-$200/yr. I don't have their contact # here in front of me but don't mind passing it on to anyone who would like it. You can reach me at . I get it on the Mtn...lousy coverage, but at least I can see it.

Good luck! It's been an interesting year so far. And oh, yeah--- that price includes the BYU Basketball games also. Seems like a good deal.


I think that BYU will have tough matchups against Wyoming, TCU, and Utah. I think they can probably win every game for the rest of the season, and then to keep up with tradition, lose in the bowl game.

Living in CA, I also cannot get the MTN. Unfortunately, KSL still uses that annoying Greg Rubell (spelling?) guy to "announce" their games, so I can't listen to the games online. Listening to him pander to BYU zealots (I graduated from BYU with two degrees, by the way, but I'm no zealot) without actually calling the game drives me up the wall. His referring to the players by first name only also rubs me the wrong way.

Looks like the occasional game on Versus or CSTV is all I can hope for. I've had to start following the Cal Bears to keep some sort of football sanity. Talk about irony. Going from watching the most conservative school around to the most liberal.


BYU plays both TCU and Utah at home so that should help them however both TCU and Utah are both outstanding road teams as they have proven this year. Wyoming might be the toughest game remaining for BYU since they will be playing a good Wyoming team in a snow storm up in the forsaken plains of Laramie. I actually think BYU will win or lose the conference crown on the ground. If they can continue to run the ball with the two good backs they have they will be champs. Hall is too careless with the ball (unlike Beck last year) to win with big passing yards.

BYU Rules!!!

Dick Harmon Rules!!!
Cosmo Rules!!!
Greg Wrubel Rules!!!
BYU coeds Rule!!!
Broncos firesides Rule!!!
BYU should be undefeated...But they had turnovers!!!
Matter of fact BYU should never lose a game again because they are a band of brothers that are fully invested!!!
BYU football is TRUE!!!


I beleive there is a way to watch BYU on the internet, but at a price, $14.95/game.
Go to cstv.com
Look for Live Games
Drop down menu - click on gametracker
Fill in applicable search:
View by School - BYU
Sport - football
Date - This week, today etc
This will take you to gametracker screen
Look at the bottom of scrren, Click to continue.
On Saturday options will pop up to pay for the game. You also have to estabalish a log in user ID and password before you can pay for the game. It does work, but the picture is small, but you can see what is happening. I still hate the mtn. and have called Comcast and complained that they need to provide this as an option for pay for view. All I get is "never heard of the mtn." Oh well, Go BYU!


Boycott sounds good. I get the mtn. already, but I think recruiting out of state and out of the mountain west region is going to get more difficult for BYU and the rest of the conference without national exposure. BYU pulls a fair number of recruits nationally, particularly from the west coast. Re:3rd Gen Cougar Fan posted the idea of noting the sponsors for the mtn. this weekend. Good call. If everyone will do so, then post next week, we can notify those companies that we are boycotting, and put the pressure on the mtn.


How have Utah and TCU proven they are good road teams this year?

TCU has lost at AFA and Wyoming and barely beat Stanford.

Utah has lost at Oregon State and UNLV (both badly) and hung on to win at Louisville (a good win, no doubt).

During the Whittingham era, Utah has been a miserable road team. Other than the victory over 6-6 BYU in 2005 and Louisville this year, there is nothing else.

Claiming TCU and Utah have shown to be good road teams is curious.

Boston Ute

BYU will win every game before the Utah game, then lose to Utah in a thriller and lose their bowl game badly. Utah will probably suffer one more loss to New Mexico, beat BYU, and win their bowl game. The PAC-10 is stacked this year, so the fifth team will beat BYU.

Although I don't see most of the teams in the MWC beating BYU, there is no comparing this team to last year's. BYU squeaked by New Mexico, hardly the domination we saw from the Y in every conference game last year.

Utah is all over the place, but nobody can deny that they get up for big games. I'm not the type of Ute fan that only wants to beat BYU, but there's no doubting the Utes will get up for that game. They're strengths also perfectly counter BYU's weaknesses, and they'll win in Provo, so I Utah wins.

It looks like we're back to having a BYU team that always wins in conference and never wins against BCS teams, while Utah is perennial conference underachiever who always represents well against the big boys.

Bronco's record vs. BCS = 2-6.

Whit's record vs. BCS = 4-2.

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