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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 17 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Clearly BYU and the other MWC schools do not care about their fans or they would have actually paid attention when signing this deal.

By the way, what kind of a company pays as much for a product as CSTV has paid yet refuses to make that product available to customers? If they really wanted to make The Mtn available to the satellite companies, they would make it free. The largest revenue stream is from advertising anyway.


The best way to get things moving with the Mtn is to find out who the advertisers are on the Mtn and everyone boycott them until they negotiate reasonably with Direct TV and Dish Network. Once the advertisers saw a cut in their sales, they would tell the Mtn either get the thing done or they are cancelling their advertising. That's the only way the Mtn will get reasonable in their demands with the satellite companies


I am certain it would get the attention of whichever school you affiliate with if you stop donating to their booster club and tell them its because of The Mtn.

Wyoming BYU Fan

I have the Mtn. and am able to watch the games. The only benifit that I get is that I see the games instead of just hearing them. The commentary on the Mtn. is bad. They claim to be a t.v. station devoted to MWC teams but they sure give very little thought to the current leader BYU. I turn the T.V. on and then listen to KSL radio do a much better job.

Typical Y fans

Notice the difference here. Everyone in the MWC dislikes the Mtn. and the tv deal, but it is Y fans that sit around and talk about it, while the other schools' fans try and get something done..

Cedar CIty Fan

Have a vavation home near Cedar City and became a fan watching games on TV on KSL. Now, I can't see or hear BYU game broadcast in Cedar City (except night games when KSL radio range is larger). So I stay home in California - still can't see the game but at least I can tune in KSL online. The mtn is a joke. If was a Notre Dame fan, I could see the game on free TV in Los Angeles.

John In Alberta Now

Out of sight - out of mind could become what happens in the future. I have been an avid Cougar fan since well before I lost my voice at the Miracle Bowl against SMU. I have paid whatever costs I had to to get the games televised in my area including ESPN game plan even this year (in case by fluke I got a chance to see them play). But, if you can't watch something and be a part of it, you can tend to lose interest. Will that happen to BYU supporters. This Baloney of a conference network is crazy as the Big Ten has 2 or 3 channels dedicated to the Big Ten besides always being on network and Espn coverage. The Pac 10 is getting their games broadcast on the fox sports networks as well as other conferences are getting their games broadcast. Comcast isn't doing the conference any favors. Out of sight, out of mind


BYU needs to leave the MWC. This TV deal is bad and will be a part of the MWC for another eight years. The Mtn broadcast is awful and nobody can see it. Plus it hurts the play on the field (you can only use the TV broadcast to review calls and with Vs./Mtn camera men that isn't much help.) key plays didn't go BYU's way against UCLA because the camera work couldn't over rule poor PAC-10 officiating on the field. BYU needs to threaten to leave the MWC unless the TV deal gets done and now. BYU is the MWC as the red seats at rice "echoes" can testify.


to cougar pretender

i may be wrong but i know im not when i say you UTAH fans have very short memories. I do believe tha Norther Arizona should ring a bell to you if not try looking at you steller schedule last year and that will remind you how great you really are.

BYU fan in VA

So why doesn't BYU-TV rebroadcast recient BYU football games? They've rebroadcast the BYU vs SMU Holiday Bowl several times.

re: Typical Y fans

What have the other schools done? If it has been successful I will gladly add it to my regiment of calling DirecTV and Dish every day and writing to my congressman to ignore the war and focus on more important matters, like football. Just want to know, what have the U fans done except for stop going to games because their team is bipolar and can't beat a high school team?

Mo BYU fan

Living in SW Mo I had the opportunity to join the THOUISANDS of BYU fans for the Tulsa game! Opps! Worth the trip anyway. BYU has dedicated fans EVERYWHERE and we ALL to recieve access to BYU football on TV. The Big Ten is accessible, the Pac 10; ND; CBS caters to SEC. If the MWC wants to be a "big boy" they have the power. Seems they don'e have the nerve. Let's get back to ESPN; they treated the Y football program with respect- they put them on-air!


All BYU football fans that can't watch the games-I feel your pain. Let's not make ESPN out to be the good guys. They were going to force Tuesday and possibly Sunday games on our teams. They showed no respect for the Mountain small market teams. They're probably laughing at us now, but they gave our conference little choice but to look elsewhere. Enter Craig Thompson who convinced all athletic directors we would have a great tv package including cable and satellite. The whole thing is a mess. I don't blame you for losing interest and for being frustrated. The contract has been signed and there appears to be few loop holes allowing for better coverage. The frustration is mounting and I can't help but think something is going to break. Hang in there. We know Utah (the state) is not the center of the universe.

This just in ....

BYU is on pace for another 6-6 season.

Let's not count our eggs before they are hatched Mr. Harmon. We still have a few tough games out there especially traveling to Wyoming.

Boise Blue BYU

I have the MTN and prefer it over CSTV and VS any day. The comentators on CSTV and VS hate the MWC anyway. Trev Alberts has never liked the MWC and BYU. KSL on-line is great to listen to. In Boise you can only get MTN on cable, CSTV and VS are on dish. You pay a price for both but I love my Cougars!


most of these comments are about how lame the tv deal is and how lame the conference is... BYU should leavethemwc (dot com)

like "typical Y fans" said, do something about it. got ideas? join the discussion

Watch some good football

Complaints from Houston, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Washington, etc about not being able to see BYU?!?!?! Come on people - you are sitting in football havens, watch the Big12, the Pac10, etc. You will see better games than the ones you are missing. Why not root for the home team? That's the American thing to do!

It's like out here there are the Auburn fans and the Bama fans, and then there's that wierdo who pulls for Notre Dame cuz he's Irish. Make the switch to your home team, and be a real football fan.

3rd Gen Cougar Fan

RE: cougar pretenders

Did you forget how your team "made a statement" against N. Arizona last year? Did you know your team is scheduled to play Weber State next year? I hope you make a statement for the conference too against your 1-AA opponents. BYU only scheduled E. Washington because of a disagreement with USU (did you notice they are not on the Cougar's schedule this year for the first in decades?). BYU had to schedule someone on short notice to come to LES without a 1-and-1 road game the next year. Nobody else would take that offer. BYU and USU have come to an agreement and will resume the traditional series next year. Get your facts before you post that kind of smack. You just made yourself look stupid.


to this just in....

I believe in being a realist also but 6-6, what are you thinking????
E. Washington, San Diego and CSU all should be wins, and I'm sure we can get at least one of the three games against TCU, Wyoming and Utah. If I'm not mistaken that would be at least 8-4. I'm not ready to say BYU will be 10-2, but 6-6 is not realistic.

3rd Gen Cougar Fan

Actually, I guess we didnt play USU a couple times during the Crowton years also, but you get my point. Both Utah and BYU have scheduled 1-AA opponents in recent years, as have most other teams in the nation. Ever heard of a little school called Appalachian State? I bet you have after this college football season! Funny thing too, E. Washington will probably be a tougher opponent than the poor Aggies would be.

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