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But Tilton and Noel see no conflict of interest

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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David Schantz

Maybe I have a sick sense of humor. I read the head line, "Two state lawmakers tied to nuclear plant" and imagined two sleazy looking gents tied to a smoke stack. Lawmakers should not be allowed to vote on legislation that they will profit from.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

SJ Bobkins

I'm a conservative Republican. Following the company line has been pretty easy until it has become obvious that my party has been hijacked by those who haven't my interest or that of other people at heart.
To see that two representatives are owned by nuclear interests isn't a surprise. Nor would it be surprising that others are owned by leading banks, Qwest, coal powered interests either. It's difficult to admit to being a pawn under those who have taken my party away from it's roots. I suspect that many Utahans are facing the same issue. It could be the James Dobson's of the world who feel so power mad that they have the "right" to decide my parties presidential candidate based only upon their being evangelical, for school prayer and against all forms of abortion, or the oil, coal, and power companies who have written the Republican platform on environmental affairs, it's all bad. We need to take the party back, pay attention to people, the air they breathe, the dishonest companies they have to deal with, and the future of the planet along with the future of our children and their children.

Chuck L

I find it strange that our elected officials deny any conflict of interest when anyone with even a modicum of common sense would find otherwise. It begs the question, are these individuals really that blind, or are they are as devious as they appear? Kind of reminids me of the whole sordid Larry Craig mess. If a big enough lie is told long enough and loud enough, politicians seem to believe that we will believe it. The sad thing is that we usually do.


I am just amazed at the audacity of some of our state legislators. They serve on committees that deal with issues such as nuclear power and education and they are the same ones who stand to profit from power plants and charter schools. And, no one says anything because of????


Looks like the Fox is once again watching the Hen house !!
Where have ethics in Utah politics gone!
That is what happens when one party is totally in control!

Wake Up Utah!

Dixie Dan

Does anyone ever have a conflict of interest in the legislature for the state of Utah? Apparently not as it is business as usual.


It's called "conflict of interest." They should recuse themselves from any meetings or votes even remotely relating to nuclear plants in Utah. If they don't, they should be investigated for ethics violation.


"I really don't have a conflict of interest, because I'm not a regulated utility." He's got that right: not regulated (read he's out of control) and not a utility (read he's no use whatsoever). Corruption is corruption is corruption. Stop lining your pockets and serve the public good!


So what? multiple lawmakers are tied to Intermountain Health Scare...no difference. then you wonder why in Utah the rich get richer and the poor get the picture when their down so low...nothing really matters....etc etc
Midnight Oil


Conflicts of interest should not be allowed, all of our legislatures should come from pioneer park.


It's time to revisit the ethic rules followed by legislators. How these two can say with straight faces that they don't have conflict of interest is beyond me.

To Bobkins

You should realize this IS the republican party. The party line is big business. If you think this is wrong, you have been voting for the wrong people all the time.

Thomas J.

Folks we have what is called a citizen legislature, which generally means this is not their full-time job. Everyone up there can potentially be accused of a conflict. Is a teacher or staff employed by a school distrcit in conflict for sitting on the education committee? The list is never ending. It is only a conflict if the individual makes it one. I am not prepared to always assume there is a conflict simply because the media wishes to create one and pile on the legislature at every opportunity.


When will we say that enough is enough? First they made a killing with the banks, then IHC, then the charter schools. Now they will profit from making us all less safe. Good heavens, these guys have got to go!

MFM Ufah Countty Resident

Party politics my foot! Conflict of interest?! Jim Dobson??? Look, we need people in politics who do have ideas that are in the best interest of people. Nuclear power plants are what we need in the country. They are safe, clean for the environment. The Europeans use nuclear power with no problems. Come on! All you people who howl about wind power and all this other bunk need to wake-up. I'm hoping projects like this one go forward! Also we need to drill for more off-shore and An-war Alaska oil, and clean up the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and anywhere else fascist Muslim radicals who are causing the world-wide problems and threats to democracy. Go Bush, Dobson and all the people who have any backbone in this country!


MFM, whether or not we "need" nuclear power plants isn't the issue. It's legislators who's personal finances are tied to business interests their legislation (or lack thereof) effects.

These guys have as clear-cut a case of conflict of interest as you're likely to see. The claim that "Well, IHC does it, too" doesn't make me feel any better. Legislators with business ties to the businesses they're regulating should decide where they want to sit in life - the corporate board room or the the Capitol building. They shouldn't be able to do both. As for school teachers serving on the legislature, they should also recuse themselves from any vote involving decisions that may personally enrich them.


Typical political response when they caugt get with their hand in the cookie jar. First, there is no cookie jar. Second, Well ok there is a cookie jar but no cookies in it. Third, Well ok there are cookies but I did not take one. Forth, Well ok I did take one but they are small. Where does the justification end?


what is everybody so upset about
america has the best government money can buy.


So why bring up this subject just with nuclear power? Every politician takes contributions/bribes from some organization with the expectation that they will be repaid in some way. Transparency in election contributions would help. Especially in contributions from trial lawyers and unions. Politicians aren't monks from a monastery. They all have involvement with some business or industry. And speaking of conflict of interests, you wonder if the coal industry has some control over the media.


The Republican party stands for big business and money. Unfortunately, the party has been high jacked by the likes of Dr. Dobson, Tony Perkins, Will Perkins, and last but not least Ted Haggard.

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