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Published: Monday, Oct. 15 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If Imus returns to WABC Radio, who will he displace? WABC has a pretty strong lineup now.


Political correctness: 0 Freedom of speech:1

Media Doesntmatter

It seems NOW and NABJ are very selective in their outrage. More likely what offends them is Imus' accurate criticisms of Mrs Clinton which will now be continuing through the election cycle. Let's not allow the left to censor their opposition. The ratings prove the educated marketplace understands the difference between a joke and "serious and offensive racial remarks."

Steve F

The people who are all in a furor over his return are people who have never listened to his show for any length of time to know anything about the man.
Just shut-up already and look at yourself in the mirror.

Southren girl

I'm glad Imus is returning, I quit listening to him a couple of years ago because I knew that the CIA leak came from the office of Colin Powell and the leaker was Richard Armitage. I think Imus as well as all of the Poltical Pundits who appeared weekly also knew it. Hillary Clinton had Al Sharpten do her dirty work ofr her as far as getting Imus off the air. I'm glad he won and she lost!


Everyone is so quick to be the judge and jury regarding Imus. He should stay away how long to suit everyone? Please get over it, move on with your lives. I am happy that he will be back on the airwaves.


Yay for free speech and anti-political correctness. The day is fast approaching when accusations of racism and sexism will cause swing voters to simply yawn. Conservatives already yawn, and NeoComms (lefties) never will because it runs counter to their already diminishing power hold over minorities' independent thought.


Curtis & Kuby are a great show. It is dynamic and intelligent, and entertaining at the same time. It's too bad Imus' "comeback" had to setp all over this great show that beat him in the ratings (in NYC) in spades.

pat indiviglio

I'm so glad Imus is returning- It is the best morning show for anyone interested in intellegent conversation- they went over the line sometimes with the humor- but that's all it was- If you listened everyday as I did you would know no one on that show is a racist, least of all Don Imus

Nick in Virginia

I'll say the same thing to the Imus-haters as the libs said to the conservatives who complained about excessive sex and perversion on prime-time TV: If you don't like the show, change the channel.

"But this is different! I am black/ female/ gay/ Muslim/ a lawyer/ a Redskins' fan/ etc. {choose one or more}, and I deserve special treatment because of past inequities".

Bull. If you don't like it, tough. There are people out there who just don't like you. Grow up and deal with it.


Too bad for the critics. Shut up and get a life.

WH Creek

Imus can be as liberal as any pundit out there, he also runs conservative. His outrageous comments are univerally targeted at everyone. If you or your cause gets barbed on the new show, well, get over it. No where in the constitution does it guarentee your right not to be offended.


I only listened to Imus a couple of times (before all heck broke loose about him) and thought he was disgusting. But he has just as much right to speak on air to those who want to listen to him as anyone who goes on air, or writes to the newspaper to bash Bush, Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton, or "neocons" or "neoComms, Mormons or non-Mormons in general. And yes if he wants to be foul-mouthed and racist in his speech, he should suffer the consequences by the FCC or his listeners, even boycotts by advertisers. But to insist that he never work again is carrying it too far.

It's called free speech (and free enterprise) and no one likes it all the time, yet they demand it for themselves. And no one seems to remember the off switch exists when they try to get someone pulled off the air.


I am so happy that Don Imus is coming back. People pass judgments for 1 comment that he made, and all the while the pc patrol i.e sharpton can use slurs against jews lie about a rape and we are supposed to look at him as some moral compass? I f you don't want to listen turn the station....This is still America!!!!


Good to see Imus is coming back. The whole situation was blown way out of proportion!


I miss the Imus show my mornings are not the same without him and his crew. I for one will be happy to have him back on the air.

Rick L

Poetic justice. Imus is a flaming liberal, but ya gotta love it! Paybacks are a beee-yotch ladies & gentlemen. Now will you professional whiners & crybabies please learn your lesson? The lesson is: ignore ignoramuses like Imus - don't give them an audience - or you will get more of the same. Learn to not take offense so quickly. You control your emotions - not Imus, not Sharpton. Don't give anyone the power to control you - or you will be controlled, I guarantee. Don't be herded into outrage by the professional mob-starters like Rev Al & Rev Jessie. Think for yourself.


Dom Imus made a mistake and got whacked by a number of special interest groups (including the NBJA) who all got their pound of flesh and 15 min of fame as a result. He should be treated with the same compassion as Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who also have stepped on their non politically correct tongues a number of times -- but didn't lose their jobs or a day of pay. I guess that's called a double standard?
NOTE TO NBJA: Why not do something positive and promote Bill Cosby's new book (as seen on yesterday's Meet the Press) which offes a game plan for improving the plight of poor African-American families.

matt f

its about time he came back. his off the cuff comments were taken way out of context. tell the screaming mobs of whiners/thought police to get off their high horses and find a real cause to be angry about.


Can't wait. I have felt a profound vacuum in my mornings that "Morning Joe" just hasn't filled. I hope he brings back Bernie and Lou. You know Charles will be there. Probably a regular of color will make their debut as well.

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