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And Elder Quentin Cook fills vacancy in Quorum of Twelve

Published: Sunday, Oct. 7 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Terry Bjarnson

Thank you for explaning the "knighting" event. We heard the laughter over the satellite broadcast at the stake center but did not see what happened. The conference messages and music are uplifting and inspiring.

Toné Porath

I'm so glad the leadership commented on topics surrounding doubts about our faith. I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ, that The Book of Mormon is the word of God, Joseph Smith is the Prophet of this last dispensation, and that Gordon B. Hinckley is the Prophet of God today.


I was watching the Saturday session of Conference in our ward building and was delighted to see President Eyring called to the First Presidency. I know that he is called of God and will do all that is asked of him to help our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley to further the work of spreading the gospel to then ends of the earth.

Jacob Jacoby

Nice to see President Eyring in action finally. He has been well prepared for this new assignment.


I love president Hinckley's sense of humor! This is classic!


Love reading the conference report on the internet, but also thrill at the technology that allows us to watch it in Hawaii, on cable television, as conference happens. Thanks to cable television owners everywhere.

Just Joan

Aren't we blessed to hear and see the love of Heavenly Father bestowed upon all of us of His goodness and love through His servants. We are so fortunate to have the miracles of TV, newspapers, and the internet to see and witness all the teachings and understanding that can be given to us so easily and quickly. What a wonderful time to be alive and to learn so much! What wonderful leaders we have, especially President Hinckley, but all of the 1st Presidencey, the Quorum of the Twelve and the Quorum of the Seventy. Surely there has never been a most blessed time to live than being alive right now! What powerful and wonderful counsel we've been given to help us in our individual lives.

laura hasnolastname

it was cool.

Robert J.

Rock on Pres Eyring!


Elder Eyring...who woulda thunk it? The whole "knighting" thing was neat. Gotta luv President Hinckley!!

Church is true...the book is blue! :D


Just Joan Wrote: "Surely there has never been a most blessed time to live than being alive right now! What powerful and wonderful counsel we've been given to help us in our individual lives."

The advice seems pretty obvious and basic to me. Pay your tithing, avoid pornography, follow your church leaders, read your scriptures; it was like a greatest hits of conferences past. Nothing new.


I absolutely Elder Wirthlin's talks in the past. During his speech I was in tears as I saw him struggling, and began to pray for him. At that time Elder Nelson was at his side to support a friend and colleague. This was one of my most heart-felt moments in General Conference. I admire his great love and endurance.


KM wrote;
"The advice seems pretty obvious and basic to me. ....it was like a greatest hits of conference past. Nothing new."

That may be true, but there is a reason they keep saying the same things. Perhaps it is because many are not doing the things they are talking about. If we want to hear new things, follow the counsel they give.

Melva McKenzie

I love Elder Eyring. Great choice! President Hinckley is incredible. Conference was WONDERFUL.


President Eyring's talk on keeping a journal, with a twist, really motivated me to start being more consistent in keeping track of the blessed moments I enjoy.

Yes...I have heard talks on journal/record keeping before...but, today my heart, mind, and heart are different than before...and today I am motivated.

Thanks for the greatest hits!

India Enquiry

I am in India and I watch on BYU TV satellite. What is wrong with Mr. Wirthland?

Al R

Elder Wirthlin is just advanced in age. His mind is sharp and he adds a great deal of knowledge for the church, he is just advancing in years. It brought tears to my eyes to see Elder Nelson stand and support his brother when he needed it. When I worked at temple square it would always be the highlight of my day when I could see the brethren interact with each other, and see their deep love for one another. You often see them walking with each other supporting each other. They often looked so tired, but kept pushing forward because they love us.
Conference was not the same old thing, it was amazing. We had the opportunity to raise our hand and sustain our beloved prophet and the brethren. We had the opportunity to be instructed by those who are assigned to teach us the truth that we need at this very moment. If we listen and do, we will find that our lives will be richly blessed.


Upon hearing of Pres Eyring's name I googled his name. Of course I came up with his father's name and came up with some wonderful insites about religion and science.

India Enquiry

I watch from India on BYU TV what is wrong with Mr. Wirthland?

Conference enthusiast

Conference was once again great. I had the opportunity to attend the priesthood session in the conference center with my 13 year old son. To help him have a good experience I encouraged him to take notes. It was amazing to see how his summarization of each talk was similar to my experience. I.e. for Pres. Hinckleys talk he wrote Anger gets you in trouble if you dont control it, do not get angry over nothing. Which just showed it again to me that General Conference is as good as you make it.

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