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Published: Saturday, Oct. 6 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chelsey S.

Thank you so much for posting this fast! I am at work and am listening to conference via internet, but because of work I missed the announcement!


Very cool, he was a former pres of BYU-Idaho.


We're happy to see Elder Eyring.


My family and I were there at the Conference Center July 20 and saw President Faust in person. What an experience that was for us, having attended the conference center for the first time in our lives (we are from Alaska and England).

President Eyring ... it just sounds right, doesn't it?


YES !!!!!

Skyler J. Collins, Sr.

A great choice!


Wow, that was a quick report--this was just barely announced. Thanks DesNews!

Brian H.

I am grateful to the Lord for his perfect plan of leadership in his Church. President Eyring is a man of capacity, integrity and faith. I sustain him, and Elder Cook. Does it not give great comfort to see the consistent way the Lord allows for the continuation of his work in this Church? I welcome everyone to hold it up to the light, and see if it illuminates your life in a new way.


woo hoo! The Quorum is complete again!

Joe Wren

Wonderful men... very welcome choices. The Lord lives, and so does His Church ~ for the benefit of everyone in the world.


President Eyring is a very special man who has made a major difference in my life.

Junior F.

YES!! Way to go!!

Pericles A. Justiniani

I know that he is called of God and foreordain in that calling.

Brother Juarez

The church is true and "the gospel continues to roll forth unto the ends of the earth, as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole earth."

Ralph Faneus

As in the days of old, the Lord speaketh and His Will be Done. I sustain these brethren as Servants of God in as much the Spirit does bear this Witness to Me. Hosanna Hosanna to God and the Lamb!!!

Eli Olive

Thank the Lord for the continuation of the revelation to a Living leaders on this earth. Any of them could fill in yet HE called Elder Eyring.


Wonderful choice and the Lord`s plan moves continues

David Edwards

The Lord lives and oversees the affairs of His Kingdom, calling his leaders through revelation. I join my voice with others here in sustaining those called to their new positions.

Harry Gephart 11:55 a.m. 10/06/0

My wife and I and our Family are pleased and honored to support and sustain Pres. Henry B. Eyring as the 2nd Couns. in the 1St Presidency. The Lord does not make mistakes..He is the Man prepared for this Great Calling. We send our Love and Support to all of the Great Leaders Guiding the Church at this Time..
The Gephart's


I would also like to thank you for posting this so fast. I don't get to hear a lot of church news because I'm always at work. I was so excited to hear the news!

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