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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 25 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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don't you mean inexplicable win?

wake up!!!

Hey coach, if you aren't feeling any pressure, you should be. It's called inexplicable losses, which leads to explicable pink slip.

Welcome to Oz

The Utes remind me of the Wizard of Oz movie. They have no Heart, no Guts, and NO Brains. But, they do have their drunken fans who wont even notice these three fine qualities...


Inexplicable win is right, this year the utes do not have answers, they are just not that good.


I think the reason they did so well against UCLA, cause their whole week was based on beating a team BYU could not beat. That is what is funny about the UTES, they focus way to much on what BYU is doing, and not what they can do to improve.

Like two sundays ago, one of the UTES LBs, said, "We are focus on winning, and oh ya, beating BYU." hmm, that is a ways a way my friend.


Wow, Witt your doing a little soul searching for those excuses/thoughts to the media. Try doing the same for your football team. Wait, a minute try using the one that is true!! "Your Team is all Busted Up" plain and simple. " if you use it they will understand" Don't be so hard on your self Witt, make it easy FIRE LUDWIG!!! then you will see the light come on!!! please before you start searching the sciptures for sayings.



Utah fans are pathetic...Quit complaining, all teams have bad years.. Either be a Ute, or get off the bandwagon when they do well. We don't want whiners on our side!

kyle ???

Pressure is like being trapped in a mine......is that an appropriate comment.

As for Utah always thinking about BYU - I doubt they gauge their success anymore on beating a team that can't win a bowl game to save their life.


Thats kind of funny that you say that...If I remember right Byu whooped up on the favored Oregon Ducks last year in the Las Vegas bowl. Before you go blurting things out-Get your facts straight


Kyle says some funny things sometimes. Magic fairies anyone?


I don't know why this season is so difficult for the Ute fans. I mean, except for one year, you guys have always been used to having bad teams. Relax and enjoy the great sucking sound of another football season that again is going down the tubes...


Are we going to have to go through this every season? Get rid of Ludwig, keep coach Whit, and get an OC that knows how to get a first down.

Come on now

Yes, yes - we know you are morally superior to us since you don't drink. Thank you for pointing it out...again.

Do you really think that all Utah players and fans can think about it what is happening in Provo? Do you really think that your happy city is at the center of the universe? Look around, mr, it's a big world out there.

Missed something

Yes, I too thought the score of the 2006 Las Vegas bowl favored the Cougars by quite a margain.
Utah's bowl record is impressive, I grant you, but I feel sorry for Kyle. Not only is his team plagued with injuries and some mental issues, but everyone wants his scalp, or at the very least Ludwig's. May Bronco is keeping the top D job in Provo so he can hire Kyle when the Ute fans get their way, because Kyle was one heckuva D coordinator. Get off his back.

Gimme a break Zoobs

Why is it Coog fans always have to submit themselves to the tired "drunk Ute fans" statement? Get original, get better smack, and give me a break.

Kyle Winningham

I'm pulling for Kyle. He seems like a good guy. He has proven his defensive chops and it sounds like he's a good recruiter. He's been hit very hard by injuries this year and with the roster in so much flux, it makes some sense that this team is struggling to find an identity. Hopefully, Johnson will stay healthy and the team will be able to find some consistency. It's hard to be consistent when there's is a new quarterback every game.

Let's go Kyle! Rally the troops and finish the year strong.


A team that lacks cohesiveness lacks leadership. For some reason the players have little to no sense of urgency or pride. That goes to leadership as well. It appears when they are out there a lot of scrambling is taking place. Confusion reigns, is it who is calling the plays?
Is it lack of appreciation and respect between coaches and players off the field and on? Have the young men been trained mentally to appreciate the opportunity at hand as well as each other? Does coaching staff foster confidence and fairmindedness? Becoming a mature educated productive individual is the hidden purpose of college ball. I say go UTES, go find your center, embrace your positive accomplishments, move forward with dignity and pride. Thats winning on and of the field! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! Oh and players that do not protect each other should not be allowed on the field. Seriously, what is with all the injuries? Do they care enough to protect each other or are they being competitive with in the team itself, which equates to every man for himself, "cause I am getting mine first! I wonder, do they care one for another as a team?

Looking Ahead

Forget the past.. Utah will beat up on USU this weekend and all will be well in the Capital City. Thank goodness we have a minor league team to practice against this week as we prepare for the only game that matters.. against BYU in November!


I'd think Ute fans would be used to this by now. Throw the first part of the season in the toilet, make a run after nothing matters, then beat a .500 team in a low tier bowl. Good to be a Ute fan.

No bowl

If utah even struggles against USU, they won't go bowling this year. Even if they get 6 wins, other conference teams will have more, so they won't get invited to a bowl.

If it's the same football team as last year, I'm not sure they'll have that passion to really want to beat utah. I mean they have a one-way rivalry with BYU, and would have loved to beaten them, but instead, they got shutout. Unless their desire to want to beat a utah team has changed from last year, utah should win this easily...

Wait, what am I saying? Even USU gave UNLV a great game, which is NOT what utah did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Ags!

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