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Published: Saturday, Sept. 22 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Out With Cloward!

Coach Cloward is not good for this Cowboy football team! He was no good as a player in high school, and should be replaced if the team ever wants to acheive credibility.

cowboy fan

Impressive game although another hard loss for the Cowboys. Logan's coach showed alot of class when they could have doubled their score by pulling out his starting QB the whole second half. Hang in there Cowboys. You CAN beat Bear River next week.

Cloward is Horrible!

How long will Grantsville continue to put up with a second rate coach? He is obviously not a competent coach, and needs to be replaced. He was second rate in high school as a player, and is still a chump!

3A Fan

A lot of class huh? Logan, get back in 4A where you belong. You are embarrassing yourself.

A lot of class Huh

3A fan, you're embarassing yourself with lack of classification knowledge. Wasn't Logan's choice. It's the enrollment numbers. Duh! Just Like Tooele got too big for 3A and had to move to 4A. Logan has become too small with no sign of growth. As far as an embarassment. Give me a break. They add a little class to the region and classification. I haven't read any complaints about Union, Park City, or Judge being in 3A and they are raising the bar in their region.


Sorry pal, but it is you that is embarrassing yourself. When Tooele, Pine View, Snow Canyon, and Dixie went up to 4A last year, Logan(don't ask me why) was given the choice by the UHSAA to stay 3A or move up. They chose to stay. And if you will check the enrollment numbers you will find Logan has 1253 students in grades 10-12. Well above the 1200 cut-off. Union, Park City, and Judge are all well below 1200.

The Raven

I am a little perplexed as to the idea behind the retarded offence we are running. Toe to toe line splits are for PATs not every play. And to run a 5-2 defence you need a stud nose and two stud line backers we have none looks to me as a former coach and player when Grantsville had their act together I would say a 4-4 or 4-3 might be easier to pull off with the players. my buddy sitting here wants our glory days back. Tony find some of the old tradion and bring it back please.

Hey Numbers!

If you understand the movement, Logan isn't able to go back up until 2009-2010 so they couldn't have gone up with Tooele, PV, SC or Dixie this year.

Numbers Again

What kind of a movement are you talking about? Call Evan Excel at the UHSAA or any of the administrators at Logan High and they will give you the accurate story. Logan High was given the choice last year and they chose to stay 3A.


This is a joke. Giving people in our community the right to bash HUMAN BEINGS! Who cares if they arent the best coach and dont call the right plays or play the right people. They're still humans. These caoches have families at home that suffer from all this garbage. Wer'e a community right? We want to be successful right? So quit complaining about everything. It is what it is there is nothing YOU can do about it but support the team and coaches. Oh and all you glory days people.... That was then this is now, remember you were the logan, dixie, pine view of 3A.


After reading these, it is a sad day to be a Cowboy fan! I attended the Logan game, and sadly Logan really is down this year, they are no where near what they were the last few seasons. I just don't understand the offense, it looks like we are going to take a knee every play, we are so packed in. Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball...this will help open up the run game. It is just too predictable right now, and ineffective. Has there been ONE play over 20 yards this year? I think not!

To Wow

Logan is really down this year?????


I don't see why Logan should move up to 4A... You say they're embarrassing themselves, yet they would get killed in 4A... I don't see the embarrassment in that...

To Numbers

No way Logan has 1253 students grades 10-12. I'm sure you meant to say grades 9-12.

Correct Numbers

Nope, 1253 is correct. Look it up at the UHSAA web site. Unless my calculator is broken, adding 10th, 11th and 12th grade together equels 1253.

Football Fan

I attended the Logan/Grantsville game. It was painful to watch. Grantsville needs to quit complaining about school 3A/4A issues and work on playing football. The offense they run is the most boring and predictible I have ever seen. Not even fun to play them. There are other schemes out there that just might give them a chance to compete. Perhaps it's time to try something new and see if you can get a better result.


I agree with Football Fan, this offense needs vast changes, it simply is ineffective. Time to open it up to something else.


If numbers is right about Logan being asked to move up to 4A instead of staying at 3A, Why didnt they? cause i play for the MC football team and all we have been hearing is why dont the two teams play? and i guess logan is just scared to get there butt kicked!!

To C_Check

what are you talking about logan is scared to play mc? logan has asked every year to play. but always get turned down by your coaches. LOGAN would smash mc. dont say anything about logan being scared i think your coaches are SCARED to play. how could you not want to play in a rivalry game that has been going on for Years and years. i think you and your team are scared to play logan.


It is a joke that Logan is in 3A, please drive through the city of Logan and tell me how that is a 3A city? Mall, University, stop lights...this is not your typical 3A town. Have you ever had the chance to visit the campus of Logan High School University? Sorry, once again those are not 3A facilities. They ARE over the 3A numbers, and they enjoy beating up on these smaller schools, more power to you! The UHSAA needs to get a clue and redo the classifications the right way!!!

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