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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Seattle Jazz Fan

To "the LA Jazz fan" and "the other LA Jazz fan". You guys are studs! My two favorite teams are the Utah Jazz and any team that beats LA.

As a side note, I'm sure that it would never fly in the NBA but if it were up to me I would dispense with the outragiously high guaranteed contracts and offer moderate guaranteed money with a good share of he money performance based. That might be the answer to guys failing ot stay motivated when they get the big deal. Like I said, the players union would never allow contracts like this but it would solve these types of problems.

As for Kirilenko, I just keep hoping that he will come around and decide that he has as much of a chance of winning a title here as anywhere else and if he is willing to play the role it just might happen. With him at full speed, we are a pretty good team.

Cooling down

I have decided that it is pointless to comment any more about this subject, because nothing is going to change. Let me paint a picture: Next season, AK will stay in Utah, Sloan will still be coaching. No blockbuster trades will happen, and Miller's not going to cut AK loose out of his contract.

Big surprise.


Who sets players salaries anyway? Does the player? Who determined Kirilenko should get the maximum allowable? Was it our capable, visionary Jazz management? Surely in their wisdom they had criteria for the decision.

Where does the money to pay Kirilenko's salary come from? Does all that money really come from the pockets of Utah people who write so wonderfully?

What an impressive group? Profoundly capable; amazing wisdom,insight and understanding! I guess there is no doubt as to the reasons AK wants out; no wonder Sloan is still here. Do what you can Jazz. Here's hoping you don't lose anymore starters. Here's hoping you find away to help the youngsters develop.


Previous "Coach(es) of the Year" - Sam Mitchell, Mike D'Antoni, Rick Carlisle, Doc Rivers, Mike Schuler. Any "better" than Sloan? Nope. Not even close.

Frank Layden and Tom Nissalke won "Coach of the Year" honors. Either one of them "better" than Sloan? Nope.

Winning NBA "Coach of the Year" is like being elected cheerleader in junior high: part luck, part being "cute." It's a popularity contest, plain and simple.

Apparently Jerry Sloan is not lucky or cute and, with some "Weiner Boys," not particularly popular, but, Jerry Sloan is one heckuva coach and a good man.

To date, Coach Sloan has not won "Coach of the Year." John Stockton and Karl Malone never won an NBA championship. Yet, when AK and the rest of the "Weiner Boys" are long forgotten Sloan, Stockton, and Malone will be remembered as three of the best ever to be associated with the game.


Slone will be here.
AK will be here.
JAZZ will win a lot of games.


Let Kirelenko go back to Russia. It's embarassing that he's the highest paid player on the Jazz considering the Jazz have Williams, Boozer, and Memo. All he really wants to do is play Xbox 360 all night long with his cronies. Max money player averaging 8 points a game?

Free Pass

As a Jazz fan,new truck owner,and American.I feel MASHED.

Free Pass

As a Jazz Fan, new truck owner,and Utahn,I feel Mashed.I will choose D Will.and Co.

AK better get a good lawyer

He will not be playing ball in Russia until he satisfies (some way) his contract with the Jazz. That will not be easy or cheap for him. The Jazz have no choice but to make it very difficult--otherwise prima donnas around the league would take note and hold their teams hostage more than they already do. The Jazz are living up to their end of the deal by paying AK and if AK has any integrity at all he should live up to his end. He should come back, play hard, and wait for a trade. All he has done at this point is make himself look like a whining Euro pansie who can not play in the sandbox so he is gone home to pout. What a puss.

Get ready to play hardball (if you won't play basketball) AK--the Jazz lawyers will be contacting you if you do not show up at camp. Your first contact will probably/should be a huge fine for breech of contract!!!


Will never win title. No doubt about it.

Darl McBride

I say let him go. I found him very fishy ever since I found out he was friendly with Amaechi.

We dont need no stinking guys who can read, we need Sloan guys.

Between staying in Utah of some place like Barcelona or Milan for about 4-5million tax free per year, and way less games, its not even a choice.

True JazzFan

AK, so you won a big one for Russia and was MVP. Great job! That is something to be proud about. However, the big show is here in the NBA, where the talent is abundant. There is no I in team and if you cannot work together with your mates it's all about you. I respect coach Slone for his dedication and desire to win. Remember, all those that left before you because they felt they could not play in the Utah system are no where to be found. AK, if you do not fit than, Hasta la vista...baby!


Maybe this is working!! Sloan played lots of bench players tonight and they scored a total of over 30 combined points. They'll leave when their ready. Go Jazz!

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