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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I dont get all of these Sloan bashers. First off, the Jazz have been the most consistent team in the past 20 years. The Spurs werent all that great 15 years ago. Theyre really only been consistent since for the past 10 years, after they picked up Duncan. But I think the Spurs was an interesting choice to try to bash Sloan. Pop and Sloan have almost identical styles of coaching. Pop even patterned his coaching after Sloans, so how does that help the Sloan bashers? Then saying its a bad thing that Sloan has control of his team. I sure wouldnt want to play for a coach who DIDNT have control of his team.


Even all of these players who may not like Sloan still respect him, AK even said that. Where do you think that respect comes from? It sure isnt the fact that his not a nice guy. Its because of his accomplishments. So, saying that hes a bad coach because he hasnt won a championship or coach of the year isnt a good argument either. Sloan doesnt even care about the COY award. I guess by those standards, Stockton was a bad player because he doesnt have a championship or and MVP award either...


As for this AK situation, AK has every right to upset with his role on the team. That doesnt make him greedy or selfish. Most of us would be upset, too, if we felt like we were not involved with the team. But he has gone about this in the completely wrong way. Now he is stuck on the Jazz roster next year. Its highly unlikely there will be a trade. Its too late in the off season for a blockbuster trade, those wont happen again until maybe February. Now that everyone knows that he wants out, he has destroyed all of his trade value.(The little he did have came for the EuroCup MVP) And you better believe that there is no way that the Jazz will just release him form his contract like they did with Fish. He will either suck it up and play(hopefully hard, but probably not) and try to increase his trade value, or he will sit on the bench on the inactive list like AI did until the organization can find a beneficial trade for the team. The only way it will be any different if he doesnt show up to training camp...


Man how does such a guy go from such a stud to such a dud in the course of only one year....

Fernando Arias

I'm amazed how anyone in their right mind could even think of blaming Coach Sloan (who's one of, if not the, best coaches in the game) and Jazz Management (which is also top-notch) for AK's mental breakdown.

After the Jazz signed Boozed and Memo on the Free Market, you guys still pretend players just don't want to be in Utah because of the coaching...

The truth: the only problem Utah has as a destination is that it's not a major ad market and players won't get huge endorsements in Utah (at least not as huge as if they played in L.A. or N.Y.) That's it. End of sentence. It's got nothing to do with Mormons or coaching or the organization. To pretend otherwise is, at best, disingenuous.

The only players who don't want to play for Coach Sloan are players that are lazy or ego-maniacal. Do you really want those types of players on your team? I don't!


I believe we should all love one another despite the existence of the Soviet Union.


The facts:

AK is a terrible shooter (bottom 10%), fantastic defender, and a very good forward. When he is traded, he will do much damage to the Jazz defensively and inside the perimeter.

Sloan is the worst coach in the NBA for young guys. I hope he doesn't turn Morris Almond into DeShawn Stevenson. The Jazz will be better off with another coach.

Larry Miller must stop crying on TV.

Mario Vancouver WA

Thank God AK'S wife Starches his shirts Becuse its painfully obvious the kid has no SPINE to hold himself up i will bet you he has a heart about the size of a pee! I would rather the Jazz let him go

Mike In Cali

I will be willing to bet anything, that when all is said and done, AK will be back in Utah. Mark my words, I think will tweak the system to help him get more involved, but he will be back. Just watch.

AK = Baby

When Sloan is done coaching and gone, that is when fans will understand how good of a coach he realy is. But hopefully Miller can find a good baby sitter to take his place for all the whinners that play nowdays.

Marky Mark

Except for Miller and his big mouth, I have little complaint about the Jazz. If AK can't fit in (he did have some outstanding playoff cames - especially when the guards were hurt) then he deserves to try elsewhere. NOBODY wants to play in Utah? Sloan drives players away? Really? Your friends cousins friend who was recently outed? Fine. Anyone else? Let them go. Now if Miller would stop his fanboy crying and moaning and act like an adult things would be much better. His comments about AK just before playoffs were an embarrassment. He does it all the time. It's like a any business owner blasting an employee to the media. How stupid do you have to be to not see that? Yeah, we know this guy. unfortunately.


to Lamonte - The jazz made the playoffs for 17 years straight. The only team with a longer record of consecutive playoff appearances was Portland. Not Chicago, not the Lakers, and especially not the Spurs even come close to that record of consistancy. I already acknowledged that the Jazz have not won a champiuonship. What did the Spurs do before Tim Duncan? What will they do after Tim Duncan?

And stop using my name for your handle!

Sparks 24

Mike don't kid yourself Fish wanted out of Utah and he lied and found a way out. He took advantage of Larry Millers kindness. I have lost all respect for Derek Fisher. Teh Jazz need AK47 and he is what he is today because fot eh Utah Jazz period.


Though Kirilenko wants out of Utah, that should not cause you to lose your common sense. When Andre said he had a disappointing season, he thought of himself, not of the team. The Jazz had a great season and an outstanding playoffs. Even if Andre had played to his full potential, I think the Spurs would have prevailed. Parker and Ginobili are too breaking down the defense, and Duncan is one of the top five or six post players of all time. The Jazz have been so consistently excellent for years because Sloan has had the power to do what is right, whether that means benching a highly paid prima donna who takes too many bad shots or makes too many turnovers. Sloan has great respect as one of the top coaches the NBA has ever had. Could any other coach have done any better with the Jazz roster? Do you think Phil Jackson would have won the championship if he had been the Jazz coach and Sloan had been the Bulls coach back in '96 and '97? No way.

James Dixon

All I can say Is ! Sloan please go back to
the Farm. AK please do not leave us...
I have tired of hearing the negative Jerry Sloan..
and I love watching AK..he is the most important
man on this team....


Sloan critics: You conveniently ignore records, statistics, history, facts and reality. Just look at the players the Jazz have lost to other teams -- most couldn't did nothing. The best of them didn't seem to improve under other coaches. I'm thinking of Keefe, Russell, Shandon Anderson, Eisley, Les, Rudd and others. The best players we lost were in expansion drafts: Curry and Pavlovic. The Jazz were too good for their own good. They never had a lottery pick until Deron Williams, and O'Connor, Sloan and Miller took grief for picking him over C Paul. Remember, the fans booed when Utah picked Stockton.

AK is fun to watch when he hustles, but it's painful to see him try to create off the dribble because shoots poorly and makes many turnovers. Unless he improves his attitude and gives 100% in trying for steals, blocks and rebounds, we don't need him. Andre would shoot no better if he got more shots; he didn't shoot better when he was our main guy. Take away his dunks, and he's a 30-35% shooter.

Jazz Gazer

Serious PR Issues, Your long list is awfully long -- two names. One is at the twilight of his career and probably would have stayed if it weren't for his daughter's illness. The other is a selfish prima donna who wants more shots even though he can't shoot. Sloan would like more players like Fisher. He could use AK if he hustles and does what he does best -- rebounding, quick inside dishes, blocks and steals. But the exact opposite of Sloan's ideal Jazz player is a selfish prima donna who complains more than he performs. We could use somebody like Magic Johnson, who gave up salary in order to get another good player on the Lakers' roster. That's because he wanted to win, not score more points.

Jazz Boy

Sloan took the Jazz to the playoffs every single year until his main go-to guy was Andrei Kirilenko.

All over

Stop it. period. It's gone too far. Sloan AK all need to go for good to save Jazz. Period.

Replace Sloan?

I haven't heard anybody name a Sloan replacement. That's because decent coaches a few and far between.

Here's what would happen if Sloan were fired: immediately everyone would go into a panic. Because who are you going to hire to replace Sloan?

Let me hear just one name. One guy who could come in and do the job Sloan has done.

Organizations who fire guys like Sloan fall apart. Most teams are coaching carousels because A) they are idiots and won't leave a team/staff together long enough to see if they can play and B) there aren't any coaches like Jerry Sloan around and these teams keep looking for one.

Firing sloan would be the beginning of the end. There are only so many legends to go around fellas.

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