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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I say get rid of both of them! AK is whiner and doesn't deserve to play in the NBA! Sloan is way too old school to be coaching in the NBA these days! I pick and roll ended about 20 years ago! Find a new play!! Find a new coach!! Find a new SF!!

Can't Create His Own Shot

Kirilenko can't create his own shot and he can't put the ball on the floor. That makes it difficult for ANY team to put the ball in his hands and expect him to create offense. He scores most when he lets the ball come to him in a good offensive system (IE Utah's). Let him and his obscene contract walk!


I've always been a fan of AK, and I don't put 100% of the blame on him for this situation, I think Sloan needed to put a bit more effort into appeasing AK. However, I'm sliding with Sloan on this one. Look at his track record! He is stubborn, he is mean, but at the same time, he is fair, he tells his players what he expects of them, and he does what he thinks is best for the TEAM. Trade AK to the Leastern conference. Milsap is ready for the minutes, did you see him in the RMR. The kid is gonna rip it up with more playing time. Truth is, when AK is on his game, he is killer, but last year we all know he was pouting and turning in a half hearted effort the entire year, cut his salary, trade him east, get a decent player and an expiring contract. See ya AK.


Didn't some players perform stronger after Majerus left? Is there a principle here?

Moto X

The majority of these pro-AK and anti-Sloan posts are from the same person. He trolls the message boards and campaigns for those two things constantly.

If AK wants out then he should shut his mouth. All potential suitors now know he really does not want to work hard because that is what Sloan demands. They also now know he would rather play against weaker talent in Russia to make himself look better. He thinks the offense should run through him--this a guy who can not make a jump shot and does not have the body to play/hold up in the NBA at the PF position. If you created a recipe to make yourself have to show up to Jazz camp--AK just wrote it. No other team will pay even close to his contract value so now he essentially just forced himself to come back and have to play (sit) here. What genius. His stats of 8 points and 5 rebounds are insignificant--we have players that are sitting on the bench that can easily replace that--not only that they will be happy to play and help their team--unlike AK.

Re: JF

JF: "Did Nelson and Wilkens have Malone or Stockton. If Sloan was so great why couldn't find a way to another NBA final."

Response: How many finals does Sloan have to reach in order to get JF's stamp of approval? Nelson and Wilkins combined NBA Finals' appearances: one!

JF: "By the way lets have you run up and down the court and later call you slacker and let see how you would react."

No one called AK a slacker. His work ethic isn't in question: his acceptance of the team concept is. Even if he was called a slacker and he was fazed by it - how mentally weak is that?


Does it reallly matter? the NBA is rigged. just ask the refs. forgettabout it. Stick with the NHL. the goalie can keep you in a game regardless of how many penalties a ref calls. the NHL is the last sport not to be tainted by referee or umpire blown calls and fake credentials. even gambling can't really take over the sport. a goalie would have to be involved and it is too obvious.

let kirilenko go....make him play in russia for 10 seasons or another team has to pay you the difference. the Jazz can let him go as long as they don't have to pay him and he doesn't play for another NBA team for 10 years. then the Jazz can go after a true shooting guard.


A comment about Sloan. Who are you going to get to replace him? The recycled coach roulette wheel goes on every year in the NBA. A coach that was supposedly great in one city becomes a loser in the next and a supposed loser becomes great in the next city and on and on and on and on. Alot of it is getting the right combination of players in the right city at the right time and place. Then the good coach all of the sudden becomes great.

Other than the four letter tirades he rips off at the refs, I have seen nothing out of Sloan that does not say he is a very good coach in the league, and with the right NBA refs on his side at the right time on one or 2 calls in the finals, they would have a ring.

Oh, I'm sure I didn't mean that last comment; the Referees are honest and would never gamble or anything like that would they. They are much better than the refs at the St. George rec league aren't they? But of course I digress and that is a topic for another day.
Chau for now

Sloan Bashers

Anyone bashing Jerry Sloan is here is clueless about basketball. There will be a day and it won't be far off when Sloan retires and everyone will see how valuable of a coach he was for the Jazz.

JAZZ FAN is the biggest troll ever to post in here. I don't recall Sloan ever telling anyone he was the "greatest player". AK on the other hand has had the Russian media feeding his ego the past month. Money doesn't make you a man nor does it make you a better player, as we have witnessed with AK.

The NBA is collective bunch overpaid, hypersensitive egos and AK is one of them. He is part of a generation of players who consider being part of a team only because rules dictate it. Add to the equation owners like Mark Cuban throwing down $10 million on horrible bench players and fans supporting the cause by buying tickets and merchandise by the ton this is what you getthe gilded age of sports.


Does AK really care about playing for the Jazz or the N.B.A. .He is just married to a Russian actress,the exchange rate usd $1.00 Russian ruble$25.051.I think the two of them will live life fit for a ???


Russia isn't even equivalent to Triple A baseball. It's more like high school

What a ludicrous statement. Where have you been during the past 15 years or so. Do OUR NBA stars go out and humiliate the rest of the world? Not so anyone's noticed. You are living in a fantasy world. Years ago this was true. Some college players (not even the best ones) and a guy from the army used to win, win, win. Now its just a hope that the U.S.A. can win any tournament. Don't think so. Keep watching, it wont be easy!!!


Hey AK, I liked watching you play when you worked hard. Don't blame Coach Sloan for your problems. The Jazz will be better off without having to pay 13.5 million dollars to a player who turns the ball over everytime he puts it on the floor. We may have a tough time getting someone in the free agent market right away but given time the Jazz will be better off if AK does walk away from his contract. Thanks for the good times and good luck in Russia, I think that we'll both be better off with a divorce.

Ty has zero knowledge

To that Ty guy who posted at 1:45...the pick and roll doesn't work anymore? Have you seen Deron Williams run that with Carlos Boozer? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, so stay away from commenting Ty. You have zero knowledge you weasel

re: Grandpa Jazz

I hope the US team plays Russia. 30+ blowout coming.

The problem in 2004 Olympics was too many players like AK that wanted to "The Man". If you get a true team, like this year's FIBA USA team, they'll crush any other team out there. In 2008, we'll have a true team that plays for the good of the team.

Russia league IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO Triple A ball.

It's like a WNBA Developmental League.

Jazz Fan

Bye Commrade!

Need Some Toughness

Ak is weak. Skinny, fragile, touchy & selfish.

He can't handle the pressure of being a winner in the NBA. He needs to go home and dominate against inferior competition.

Unbelievably selfish. These guys don't have a clue how good they have it. Life just isn't fair.

urban or majerus

so, who would have won more championships for the Jazz over the last 12 years? Urban? Or the king of coaches--rick majerus?


hey i just want to throw this little bit out there and let you think about it. how many championships have authoritarian coaches won? sure they do well, furious george, larry brown for example but it took larry how long before he won a title? i love sloans coachings style and his system. it means if you play ball the right way, there are no needs for superstar ball hogs. but i know this too, sloan underutilized andrei last year and it showed. andrei blew it by missing those outside jumpers but he single handedly destroyed GS style of playing. i dont know if any of your guys played ball but imagine being good enough to go pro, then getting your shot blocked 3 times in one possession. ak destroys running teams.

mark my words, next year when we play teams that run and gun, phoenix, gs, toronto, mavs, we are definately gonna be in trouble. no way booz or memo keeps up with those forwards. call him a crybaby, tell the guy to leave, but without him we dont stop running teams period.


The jazz will never win a championship as long as they have Sloan. Pick and Roll, it has worked out so well. The jazz has won so many games with it but not the most important one.

The Jazz will begin their rebuilding process in a couple of years after D-Will leaves.


People should stop lumping Fish into the same category as AK. AK clearly doesnt want to play here. Fish even had his reservations before coming here, but after he got here he loved it. He has never had anything bad to say about this organization or coach after he arrived. He even said he sees a championship here in a few years. If Fish really didnt want to play in Utah, then why would he show up during the 3rd quarter of a game? Dont you think he would have just stayed in New York, or just went home? Lay off of fish, he is one of the only classy players left in the NBA.

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