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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If Kirilenko wants out of his contract, let him go. Can't a person go work / play where he is content, even if that means giving up something like leaving money behind. Isn't Utah keeping the 60+ mill enough of a return. If he is overpaid shouldn't we be ok with that? If he isn't doing his best here shouldn't we be OK letting him go. It seems likely present coaching isn't going to increase his performance. I don't understand the dynamics I guess! Why make him stay, why call him names, why say he just has to accept his role. His game doesn't fit with the role others seem to expect. Even some of his mates have ragged, suggesting he couldn't wait for vacation. I couldn't continuously make myself productive in an environment where I didn't feel wanted and couldn't produce at my fullest potential.

Sloan's style in the locker room has been here to long. Loosing him would mean recovery time - but then I think we are far better off without Brother Majerus on the hill.

Jazz fan!

It is too bad that AK-47 wants to leave. It is too bad that the Jazz don't want to trade him, because they are afraid that they will not get anything in return. If you keep AK-47 you will not be getting anything in return anyways, except cap space. See ya AK, go find another shoulder to cry on.


Get rid of Sloan, save AK47. Sloan has been with the JAZZ too long. We never did like him because he has no sensitivity to his players. How can he get his players to do the best for him and the team when he runs them down & yells at them all the time. He breaks their spirit. He thinks he is the greatest but has never received the player of the year award. The only reason that we watch all the games is because we like AK47 and the other players, not Sloan. Have you ever read Jerry Sloan's lips at a JAZZ game, very disgusting language!


I'm surprised by all the Jerry bashing I've read over the past 2 days. Why is it Jerry's fault AK wants to leave? Because he "criticized" him when he wasn't playing well? Give me a break. AK is being paid millions upon millions to play a game. In my mind, if you aren't meeting your expectations in any job, then the supervisor or coach in this case absolutely has the right to call that person out. Sloan is a hard nosed type of coach, but he never crossed the line with AK. Being paid 60+ million you would think AK would be able to take some of it. This is a perfect example of whats wrong with professional sports. Players get paid millions to play a game and as soon as they do, they turn into self serving jerks. Good riddance AK.

Go Russia

If I could play in College I would, If I could play in High School I would..but if AK needs to be the go to guy he needs to step down a level and go to Russia or Europe. Does he not understand that the American Game is so much quicker and he never will be a Stockton, or Malone, a D-will or Booz...he is a player with great talent and in the NBA he is exposed because people jump quicker and higher and all five guys jump not just the big guys...sorry AK..suck it up and lace it up and prove yourself


Let him go if he doesn't want to be with the Jazz. He is a big cry baby and I'm really disappointed in him. It isn't Sloan's fault that he fell apart last year. Obviously he was never meant to be an NBA star.

Don't Bash SLOAN!

Get off the bashing Sloan bandwagon. Would the Jazz have been in the Western Conference Finals without Sloan? I doubt it. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Jazz roster isn't that great. He gets the best out of what he has and it has shown. What coach do y'all want?

AK needs the majority of the blame. I am sick of hearing how hard Sloan is on players. Let them come play for my ol' high school coach and they will be begging for Sloan. Guaranteed!

Here is one phrase AK needs to know the translation for "BREECH OF CONTRACT!"

Good luck fighting that one AK.

Just sit on the bench, play your Warcraft game all night and collect your check for the next 4 years because you are not getting out of this contract. Sorry.

Urban Meyer?

Urban was every bit as obnoxious the players and support staff as Jerry is accused of being. He is the Larry Brown of college football and wears out his welcome relatively quickly because of his ego.
We should let AK do whatever -- unless it improves any Western Conference team. He needs to go to a loser team so he can be the star. Since reaching the WC finals didn't please him. We'd never have done that without Jerry.


Trade AK to the Heat for Jason Williams, Dorell Wright, and 3 1st Rd picks... At least he won't be playing in the West, and Miami is the farthest possible place to ship him from Salt Lake

to much about nothing

ak is being human. he is like every other person out there. When kobe wanted to be the man he sent shaq packing and shaq got another title. but kobe was on a so so team and wanted out. the grass is always greener no mater what we make, where we live or who we are. some people take breaths and keep going, others quit their job and take goverment support. ak is acting on his feelings and emotions and he may be right for him. we are fans who care more about his stat sheet then his happiness. the jazz and ak will work it out or not. but someone will fill the void and we will have someone else to grip about. Stockton was right to keep his life and basketball apart. I'm sure he had his moments. he just didnt dump them on us. as long as players are told they're worth millions, and fans take this money personally, we'll have to much about nothing to talk about.

Jimmy is down

Jimmy's Sneakers sure is a genius in thinking that we SHOULD HAVE traded for J-Rich last year.
Gosh, if only we could have traveled through time and known that AK was going to throw a tantrum.

All of these hindsight comments are completely pointless.


this is ridiculous, how many of your guys remember when deron was complaining of minutes and not playing...just cause hes playing good now you forget that? i think you need to support the players and the team and advocate working it out then bashing the coach, the system, the players.


@JAZZ FAN: Are u kidding me?? Sloan is an NBA coach, not a Junior Jazz coach. If the players can't meet his expectations then THEY need to do some work or they can go home crying like AK. If he were to let the players or fans run the team (like some coaches do) then he would not be doing his job. SLOAN IS DA MAN!

Re: JF

You clearly don't understand a coach's role.

"If Sloan was so great why couldn't find a way to another NBA final." What do you want him to do, coach himself to 14 NBA finals in order to get the JF stamp of approval? I think you are a swayed Sloan hater that doesn't even know what he/she is talking about.

"By the way lets have you run up and down the court and later call you slacker and let see how you would react." Unfortunately for me, I'm not paid millions upon millions to "run up and down the court". And who called him a slacker? I'm calling him a baby. Besides, what a lack of mental toughness! Someone calls you a slacker? So you start to cry? You're in the wrong sport!

Send them Back to the ASAP

Hey there's alot of hidden talent around the America'scity street everywhere who can play way better than this people. I don't know why are paying this large sum of cash when all they do is whine and expect to baby sit them. If they don't want to play get rid of them it's not good for the organization! Even Michael Jordan who is the best player ever played it the history had never acted the way this ungrateful people let alone who cannot deliver. If they want to play somewhere let them leave our country and don't give them any opportunity to comeback.We don't want Eastern Promises here in America. Let 'em enjoy their
country b-ball. By the way, what's so special about european b-ball?
just a kid who knows how to play b-ball but don't know how to type


Enough Sloan bashing people! This is an AK problem, not a coaching problem. Let AK go. Either get a decent player, or figure out a way to get rid of the contract for the cap room. The Shawn Marion deal would work really well if the Suns would just pick up the phone. We are one piece of the puzzle from a championship. That piece is axing AK. Flex some muscle as an organization. There's ways to do it. He wants to play hardball. Play hardball back.

Jazz Fan

I don't care what Andrei says, this IS about the win, about the fact that he just realized how amazing he can be among the russians and wants to be the star of the league. It's too bad, we really liked him.


IF Ak wants to leave trade hm of Jefferson or 3-4 players from THe t-wolves to inslude gereld green or ratliff and his expiring contract and maybe get foy

Who needs him

You know what who cares that Fisher left and that Kirelenko wants out also. We don't want them anyway. Fisher was decent and a good leader, but he didn't do all that much anyway. And has AK done...NOTHING. He won't do anything this year either because Williams, Boozer, and Okur will get the points we just need AK for his defense which he's not willing to just play defense he wants the ball. I don't know about you guys by I get scared everytime AK touches the ball!!! Go ahead and go back to Russia so we can pay Williams the money he deserves because he deserves it more than you AK!!!

who cares

Jerry is the coach.Overpaid players are not the coach.If you can not follow your leader,you are the loser.If you can not play as a team you are a loser.Its been fun ,Its been real.It just has not been real fun.I say good bye and so long to those that can not be a team player or can not be coached

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