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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: GoJazz (What up with cap?)

I like the conditions GoJazz listed.

Let him go. Make sure he can never play in the NBA again.

Does anyone know the true situation regarding the salary cap? If he bolts, will his salary still count against the cap- similar to a player retiring. (Allan Houston retired from NYK, but his contract still counted against the NYK cap)

Jimmy's friend

Jimmy Sneaker's friend thinks that Jimmy is right. Jimmy's friend thinks the Jazz should have traded Kirilenko for Richardson or for any one of a number of lesser paid players. Jimmy's friend thinks that Sloan can take marginal players, plug them into his sytem and win enough to make the play-offs. Jimmy's friend thinks the Jazz fans wil be happy with that and then maybe they can learn the difference between lose and loose as well as your and you're. Jimmy and Jimmy's friend would like that.


All of you crybaby Jazz haters need to do a little reading. Utah is the most consistantly successful team in the NBA over the last 20 years (Sloan's tenure.) No, they haven't won it all but they've done a lot with just a little. What other teams have never made it to the top? Dallas? Phoenix? New Orleans? Charlotte? Atlanta? LA Clippers? Denver? Minnesota? Cleveland? It seems like they've got a lot of company in that winless club.

Jerry Sloan has never been Coach of the Year - but Doc Rivers has!? That must be some selection process. The Jazz were in the Conference Finals last year. And your complaining? Grow up!

Sloan is the Man

If players don't want to play for Sloan it is the players problem. Sloan wants 3 things 1- Hard Work 2- Dedication 3-Play Sound Fundamental Basketball.

If no players want to play this way, I don't want to watch or be a fan anymore.


this is ridiculous, lets just wait and see what happens with this, kiri or not this team is still a playoff team. and if sloan were to leave who would take over? what other good coach would come here?!


hey Sloan has chased away AK for complaining to much when will he chase away Larry, he complained way more last season than AK and He shed a lot more tears. Its true He cant coach AK and AK wont get any better with sloan. Simple solution find a new coach who can whine and cry with AK and Miller.


As long as he is in a Jazz uniform; I will cheer for him. As long as he plays sollid d in utah; i will cheer for him. As long as he takes 15 foot jumoers in utah; i will have a vomit taste in my mouth but I will continue to cheer for him. I just hope this doesnt set us back a few years. He says that we can take his money and buy new players? The off season is come and gone? What players can be buy?

Wake Up AK!!!

Wake up AK, who do you think you're dealing with?

The Jazz are not going to smile and say good-bye to AK. Larry, Kevin, and Jerry will NEVER allow players to dictate how their club is managed. If the Jazz can pay AK the ridiculous millions he makes, they own him as a player. If he's going to be paid for playing basketball anywhere, he will do it through the organized channels, not by whinning to the media. How childish!

Look at D Will, he could have shrugged under Sloan's pressure but instead he used that pressure to become a champion. He grew-up, he became mentally tough. If AK is ever going to become a champion he will find that toughness, that mean streak, just like Williams did. The best thing the Jazz could do for AK is expect/require him to report to training and hope he will FINALLY learn to play Jazz basketball...not his version of it.

The Jazz will never allow this kind of presidence to be set by a player, ask Karl.

Thank you for your time.

to" Lamonte

Actually I would have to say that the Spurs have been the most consistently successful team in the NBA over the last 20 years. How many championships have the Spurs won compared to the Jazz?

Nobody wants to play for the Jazz. Boozer and Williams will be gone after their contracts finish. The money doesn't matter. Look at D-Fish, Kirilenko...

Steve W

I'd be willing to wager than in a few weeks this will all blow over. AK is highly emotional with a propensity for speaking his mind while still in the thick of his emotions. He had a great run in the European Championships this summer and it has left him yearning for that kind of attention and praise. Whst he forgetting is that he EARNED that praise in Spain this summer. He didn't earn it here in SLC.

AK, O'Connor and Sloan will sit down while in Boise and make peace. Scoring #s aside, he's an amazing player. AK will be in a Jazz uniform on Oct 30. How he'll play this season is another issue all together.

the other LA Jazz fan

I have heard a few great comments (LA jazz fan, chevere) and some really ignorant ones(Urban Meyer hahaha). Having rarely missed watching a game over the past decade I can say with assurance that AK is a baby and IT IS NOT SLOAN'S FAULT. Lack of playing time, PLEASE! His selfishness and immaturity is an issue worth noting. Sloan needing to motivate more? Maybe he seems too hard core for the masses but for the real ballers, they love playing for sloan because he is a die hard competitor (last year talking smack to jerk Stackhouse after a flagrant foul was classic). I remember Kobe and Barkley lauding Sloan in interviews and even saying they would like to play for him for ALL he gets out of players. Most players that don't want to play in Utah are usually the type that a self-respecting ball club would stay away from anyway. Please leave Andrei, the leaders of the team want you out to (Boozer and Williams last year after the playoffs)! It is a tough job to educate the ignorant masses. Love the Jazz, HATE the Lakers. Andrei makes 600% of what most make, and still needs motivation to play???


I really don't think this sets the Jazz back at all. We lose a guy who averaged 8 points, a handful of rebounds if that, and we get either all of his money to sign someone else or we can trade him for someone else. We do lose a tremendous shot blocker, but we also lose his whiny attitude and teary eyes. The Jazz front office consists of highly intelligent people who will make the best of this situation. What do you expect? Your highest paid player decides he wants to leave. Just wait and see. The Jazz will come out of this just fine, if not better. The team is Deron, Boozer, and Memo really anyway. Hopefully they can pull of a trade for an all star.


Think of John Stockton, I really don't think he necessarily liked being in Utah either, but he kept quiet and played with dignity and put everything into his play, with and for the team. AK should call him and get some sound advise from Stock. As for giving AK some slack for wanting to play for fans in Russia that love him, Utah fans loved him as much as any fans could, until he started with his antics. AK gave up on us, not the other way around.


Jazz--Why don't you just let this kid go. He dosen't want to be here and to pay him for not wanting to play just seems crazy. Bite the bullet.


Anybody remember the great player Bobby Jones for the old Philadelphia 76ers back in the 70s - 80s? Thats who Andrei has always reminded me of.
Except Jones never, ever complained.
Jones was a great 6th man - all defense and little offense. wasn't worried about scoring.
And the 76ers won the NBA championship , 1983 I think.
Coach Sloan and crew should should show as much old video of Jones to Andrei as they can find because Utah could do the same as the 76ers did in 83, if they can repair the current emergency (maybe show old Karl Malone stuff there).

I was very happy Andrei palyed so well n Russia and won the championship and was hoping it would carry over to the upcoming NBA season.

Come on Andrei -- say it ain't so !!!

Don't walk out.


As a basketball fan I am sorry that it has come to this impasse with AK, but as a human being who thinks that money controls way too many things that it should not control, I can't help but feel some joy in AK's willingness to reject millions of dollars in favor of the sheer joy of playing a game he loves. True, in a strict business sense, in the world of contracts, in the sense of honoring commitments, there are problems with AK's position about not wanting to continue playing in Utah, but viewed just for the pure human element, it is refreshing to see an athlete willing to forgo the money in exchange for the joy of playing the game, even if it is admittedly his own selfish definition of how that game should be played. It may not be a lot of consolation to take out of what is increasingly a negative situation for the team, but at least it is something, if we can accept the fact that sports is not everything.


Sloan is the Man: If you want those kind of players, go look for them at church ball. Well except #3.


Okay, really. Sometimes I wonder why people are so dang ignorant. I am not a father yet, but its pretty easy to understand why Derek Fisher would leave to ensure the best health of his daughter. FYI, medical help for his daughter wasn't very good in SLC compared to somewhere like Los Angeles. He was a hard worker, always has, ask his teammates. He is a Sloan kind of player. Plus the NBA had to approve releasing his contract. Second, AK-47 is simply a baby. He is no longer a scorer and has more allegiance to World of Warcraft. Ask his wife about his gaming habits. So now we have a baby, with a horrible jump shot, that expects to be the scoring leader when he is lousy offensively. Anyone who thinks this is Sloan's fault is a fool. Sloan and company took a complete rebuild of a team in 3-4 years. The Trailblazers dropped the same time. Where are they in the rebuilding process. Wait they can't even make the playoffs, and won't for at least a couple years. Look at Sloan's numbers before you make stupid and highly ignorant comments.

It will be funny

It will be funny to read comments from all you Sloan haters a year or two after he is gone and we have someone else here. Time will tell what kind of a coach he is. It makes me wonder about the intelligence of some of our "Jazz" fans. Thanks "lamonte" and "sloan is the man" for some realistic comments. The NBA has some real problems stemming, I believe, from some highly overpaid athletes. I'm grateful that Utah has tried to keep some sanity while putting a great product on the floor. I appreciate the type of players the Jazz have on the team, and I think we should let the AK thing play out before we decide to burn him at the stake.


AK needs to go. I have never seen more selfishness in all my life. Just like everyone else, I loved Andre when he was playing to his strengths. It will be sad to lose him to another team, but the Jazz will be better off now without him!

As much as I love Sloan as a coach, I think it may be time for a change. If only for a guy who more players have a desire to play for. Utah as a place is not the reason guys don't want to come here...it is because guys don't want to be led by someone who has control of his team. Larry Miller needs to consider a change at coach as hard as that may be.

I heard a radio interview with Deron Williams yesterday and he commented that he is like "32 years old" in "Jerry Sloan years". (Like Dog Years) Meaning he feels like playing for Sloan makes him older than he really is. That is not a good sign. We cannot afford to lose DWill.

I say, make a coaching change, keep Andre and see what happens this year!

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