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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Fine

I think anyone who is writing off the Jazz over D-Fish and AK are insane. Sure, the guy is disappointed that his role has diminished, but he's right, he doesn't fit into a system that requires a jump shot every now and then. Harpring completely outplayed him last year and Millsap is happy playing defense and rebounding. I'd take that combination over AK all day (even though I did love the guy).

To blame management is also crazy. I'm amazed they have re-built (don't be quick to forget the Western Conference Finals)this quickly in a place no one wants to play. Besides, I'm 6'2" but play much bigger, I could fill the void at the 4!

Sam Hill

Anybody who thinks Jerry's tough on players ought to take a look at Bobby Knight. There's no crying on his basketball team. He's miles and miles ahead of Jerry when it comes to motivating with criticism.


You all have no clue. Do you watch the Jazz? Do you watch the NBA? The season is too long at 82 to games and most nba teams coast through portions of it. One thing you always hear about the Jazz, fromt he media, other teams players and coaches, is that the Jazz bring it every game from buzzer to buzzer. You always hear that you can't sleep on the Jazz. The Jazz are tough minded and bring it every game because of Jerry. You say he's not a motivated than why do his players play harder than any other team in the NBA? He is a great motivater. The Jazz were critized for years for their lack of talent and Jerry was able to get the most from what he had. Look at what players have done when they leave the Jazz and look at the players he has devoloped, yes even young players. Even Mo Williams was devoloped here and wanted to stay the Jazz didn't match the offer from the Bucks for financial reasons. You say that Sloan hasn't won the coach of the year, true, but he is always in the top 3 in votes.

Sick of AK

The worst thing about this whole situation is that he will end up back in a Jazz uni and will be like a cancer to the team. His teammates have to be disheartened by what AK has said. Their chemistry will never be what it once was as long as AK is in a Jazz uniform. As a life long Jazz fan I feel betrayed by AK and worry how it will affect the rest of the team.

Re: Anonymous

Hey Einstien,
yes I know my Jazz. Fisher and AK started nearly every game of the season that they were not injured. Your bad


If AK wants to walk away and play for "his country" why not let him do so under the following conditions: the Jazz retain all NBA rights to him. This gets rid of a cancer, frees up salary cap, allows more playing time for Millsap, etc and insures Ak doesn't come back to haunt them.

Jazz are Going to Wilt Away

The NBA doesn't have any CHARACTER players. So, as long as Sloan is in charge of the Jazz, you might as well get used to being good and never great. Sloan is a great coach, but sooooo many thugs in the NBA make for very little talent actually willing to work.

I mean, you have a guy like Steven A. Smith (ESPN - QUITE FRANKLY) commentating on the NBA - enough said about the problems the league has. ITS A JOKE!!!


AK is weak. He wants to run to Russia where the competition is far inferior, where he doesn't have to work as hard to put up nice stats, where the fans fawn over him no matter what. I'm not sure he has what it takes to succeed here now that he has shown that after one bad year he curls up in a ball and sucks him thumb.

Rafa Schield

I don't know how Kirilenko can go from dominating the best European players, and players like Pau Gasol, and come back to America and get a lack of playing time. Kirilenko played great for 3 or 4 years and now Sloan has moved on to something better. We could have 4 great players instead of 3 and Sloan can't figure that out.

jazz fan

The best thing Jazz can do is get rid of Sloan, all he does is take up space. When you had two of the greatest players to ever play the game, and alls you can do is make two finals appearances, its time for him to move on. He scares off anything good that can happen to the jazz, his routine is to set, and he refuses to give rookies well earned minutes.


Did Nelson and Wilkens have Malone or Stockton. If Sloan was so great why couldn't find a way to another NBA final. Sloan is a good regular season coach but during crunch time he chokes just like Malone.

By the way lets have you run up and down the court and later call you slacker and let see how you would react.

Another thing, if Sloan was to coach Kobe, LeBron, or any of the other young superstar do you think they would be as good as they are. Would Sloan have let Kobe airball in the playoff. I think not, he would have bench Kobe for his entire career and Kobe would have been just another NBA player.


Its good that he wants to play in Russia, but I think he should still stay here in Utah.

LA Jazz Fan

AK just killed his trade value with his statement that he wants to play in Russia. I understand not wanting to work for a boss you don't like, but AK has really screwed the jazz over (lowered trade value, plus waited too long for the Jazz to use his money if there is a buyout). AK has lost all of my respect for him as a human being. The Jazz have done so much to help him launch his career and cause he has one bad season where he isn't the "Man" he stabs the Jazz in the back. The Jazz need to do damage control, but it is in their best interest to wait and see if AK shows, cause if he doesn't he won't get paid and he will be paying the league (and maybe team) some money. Even if he does come back, he is sittin on the bench. Now I am gonna have to burn my AK uni, thanks alot AK!! This season is definitely going to be interesting! PS, being in LA, I've seen hart play, much better than Dee.


Does no one remember the rantings and ravings during the regular season and then the crying fits during the playoffs.? AK is a sad homesick little depressed puppy. He thinks that if he goes back home he will be the hero and his depression will go away.

He needs some Prozac and Xanax and alot of counseling to help what he has. When he leaves Utah, he will be happy for a few months, then will realize he left the only good thing he had; he won't be able to go back to his divorced "wife" and realize it wasn't "her" ( the team ) that was the problem, but him.
The Jazz were held back by AK last year.

Fisher was only hired for a year to help out while younger players were developing. We lose nothing with him leaving. Williams is now a confident starting guard and does not need the FFF ( father figure Fisher ) out there anymore. The Jazz are better off without AK and DF.

chase SL

Ive defended coach sloan in dinner time conversations in the past but.. despite being a great coach that produces from sher effort, his reputaion is over taking his abilty to draw players. I knew it would be hard to bring players looking for a party in Utah but now it will be hard to bring in any player who wants to play basketball with a smile.


Sick of AK said the team chemistry will falter if AK-Cancer is in the locker room. I agree that he can't be bringing the locker room up...but what chemistry? That was the whole problem last year - there was chemistry between D-Will and Memo for half the year, chemistry between D-Will and Booze for the second half of the year and NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL with AK. If Sloan is not going to be a psychologist, maybe he could try and be a chemist. He has to accept some responsibility for his players' state of mind. NBA Coach in 2007 is more than just X's and O's. He needs to get with it. If he drives D-Will out of Utah, that will be unforgivable.

jazz fan

that could be the best way i've ever heard it... Sloan subs by clock and not by performance. Its time for him to go. He's had two of the greatest players ever to play the game, and the best he could do was two finals appearances. Not many players wanna come here, D-Will will probably be sportin someone elses uni after this season due to Sloan. And by the way..Who cares about that long play off streak.. All the years the Jazz were 8th seed and got dominated in the first round shouldnt even count.


I agree with "GO-JAZZ" the Jazz do not want an unhappy player on the team, we saw how well T.O. worked in Philly. Also the Jazz must get something from LINKO, lots of money is a start, and i would like to see Millsap get more time, also maybe Fasaynko could emerge too, i have only herd good things about him.

TOO Quick to conclude

I would not neceserrily like to see LINKO leave, you might not realize how valuble he is untill he is gone. I don't mind him leaving as long as we get value for him. Shawn Marion maybe could be a good fit.

WNBA Developmental League=Russia

Anyone can go back to the minors and be a star.

Russia isn't even equivalent to Triple A baseball. It's more like high school.

It's the WNBA Developmental League. Of course AK will go there and flourish and "Be the man". That's all he cares about is "being the man"- not "being the best of the best".


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