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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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AK: Ultimate Selfish Baby


"I don't care about winning"

"All I care about is leading the team in scoring"

"Screw the team that helped make reach financial independence"

"If I say it publicly, then I can get out of this the easy way instead of being a man and dealing with this internally"

AK is immature and selfish. I hope the Jazz do everything possible to hurt his career. Make it impossible for him to play in Russia or anywhere.


Serious PR Issues

The Jazz are in a world of hurt.

The long list of players that don't want to play in Utah is longer.

First D-Fish.

Now AK47.

It's so bad that players will give up the chance to win and big money.


Memo to LHM: "Do something about this because it's only going to get worse."


I'll throw another thought into this little brew of opinions. I think that when AK was named to the All-star team, he thought it was for forever, all hail AK the All-star. I also think that, for the most part, the enormous salries that these guys get give them an inflated view of their own worth. They are people who can play a GAME well. None of them are rocket scientists, I doubt that any of them will leave behind any discovery that will change the world; they are playing a game. All of them signed a contract wherein they promised to give their all for the team paying them. My Master Sergeant dad would have said, "Soldier, shut up and soldier." Good advice for all pro players, I think. They made their deal; now deliver.


If Urban Meyer was the coach the Jazz would win back-to-back and AK would be an all-star. In addition, my fine virtual friends, Miller would become a General Authority and O'Connor the Ambassador to Russia.

So, while Sloan is a fantastic coach, let's face the music and realize that he will never be Urban Meyer--no one else can reach those lofty heights.

Jazz Man

Sloan does a great job and will be in the Hall of Fame someday. It is sad that people criticize the best coach in the NBA, and he is one of the last coaches that is still in charge of the team. Sloan has only one losing season what other coaches can say that?

Big Baby

AK is a selfish brat. I can't think of the last time that I ever heard a player who just went to the Conference Finals complain about his role on the team. What a whiner. Even Kobe, or Karl when they were complaining about things with their team, its because the team wasn't competing and making it deep into the playoffs.

AK's team just went to the playoffs for the first time in many years, and why is that? Because there are better offensive players on the Jazz now, and AK is not the #1 go to guy anymore. Great! Now they are a playoff contender, and the fans are loving it, and everybody is happy except who????? AK!!! YOU BIG BABY, shut up and think about the team instead of your own selfish ego!!!


From the time he came into the league Andrei has been an exciting player. His energy and enthusiasm has been a pleasure to observe. But can anyone deny cringing a bit everytime AK touched the ball on offense? Each time I worried about the results. He might make a fantastic play but he also might shoot a wild shot or drive the lane completely out of control. If you weere the coach would you call more plays for such an unpredicatable performer? I wouldn't. I think Andrei is in the position he is in because of himself. He has done nothing to improve his offense and he seems to have failed to realize that his greatest skill is on defense. Great defenseive players become all-stars also. Andrei seems to be indicating that this is not what brings him satisfaction but it's what the Jazz need from him. IF the two sides cannot agree on this then he needs to move on. Sometimes the best people have relationships that don't work.

What PR Issues?

Since when is 2 names a long list of players who don't want to play in Utah. In comparison, every one of the Jazz draft picks this year told their agents Utah was their first choice. Deron struggled under Sloan his first year and what did his Illinois coach tell him???? Learn from Sloan. He stuck with it and look at him now. AK is just mad that the team doesn't revolve around him anymore. Funny story, 3 years ago the Jazz practically begged him to be the team leader and he wouldn't do it. Now he's mad because Boozer and Williams are the team leaders. Grow up Andrei!


I live in Norway and had a chance to watch the European Final live on TV. Pretty high drama and pretty satisfying to see AK in the middle of it. If he wants to go home and play for something more than just money (e.g. people who love him...), who is anyone to argue? This guy does not take breaks in the offseason. When he's not with the Jazz, he's playing in Europe. That's asking for burnout, something 63 million dollars won't fix. Better for him to play for less money and less pressure in front a much more friendly crowd. As a Jazz fan I'd be sad to lose him, but happy for him anyway. I also happen to think he's overpriced, so the cap space wouldn't hurt. I say best of luck!

You Only Live Once

I don't blame AK for wanting to play to the best of his abilities in a system that will allow that. I do fault him for the way he's going about it. Was he so anti-Sloan when he signed that huge contract?

The truth is that he's frustrated because he can't play to his strengths here. If he stays here he is bound to fade into nothingness, nobody wants that.

We as fans have to face the fact that, stay or go, Andre will never play like AK47 again here in Utah.

The best thing that could happen for everyone would be for Andre to be released from his contract and go to Russia. It would free up time and money for other players who can fit in Utah's game.


Go Andrei. To those who continue to argue that Jerry only had one losing season then explain why he could not win at least one championship with two hall of famer. Sloan is so predictable and it showed when Jordan stool the ball from Malone in the last minute in the play off game. Poor argument. By the way the jazz got to the western conference final because Andrei shut down GS offense. Plus, stop worrying about D-Will. He will not be in the jazz uniform when the time come. Do you think he likes Sloan more than Andrei like Sloan?

Put yourself in his position. How would you feel about running up and down the court for 30-40 minutes and not being involve in the game. Pretty lame, he is already doing that in practice. The money is nice but you also got to enjoy what you do or else find something else and that is what he exactly doing.

Swing kids

Yeah, that makes sense. AK wants out, so instantly Sloan is to blame. If players don't feel motivated by Sloan's coaching, then they need to look within themselves and get their own motivation. Sloan isn't paid to be a counselor, he's paid to be a coach. MAN UP.

As a side note, AK WOULDN'T BE WHERE HE IS WITHOUT THE JAZZ. Remember when he had an all-star season? I didn't hear people giving Sloan any credit for getting AK there. But Sloan gets blamed when AK whining his way through the offseason. THE COACH ALWAYS TAKES THE HEAT, and rarely gets credit.

AK doesn't deserve to be called AK 47 any more. Perhaps he should be called AK 22, or AK pellet gun. Or we could just call him AK Adam Keefe.

Waffle man

I want to do what I enjoy doing, and I think the emotions that I experienced with the national side are worth going back to Russia and playing there for Russian supporters.

I spoke to Utah general manager Kevin OConnor ahead of European Championships kick-off so Russias victory has not influenced my decision in any way.

Sound a little contradictory?

Novel Idea

I'm not a contact genius but it seems to me that if AK really wants out then the Jazz should find someone to trade for (ignore contract amounts)and then restructure AK's contract to be within 10% of that persons contract and make the trade. If AK wants out, forcing him to stay will be poison for the team's attitude. Farwell AK, best of luck elsewhere.

Re: JF

How many championships has Don Nelson won? Lenny Wilkens? People think they're pretty great. But I guess Sloan is a lousy coach who coached two hall-of-famers and got to two NBA finals - losing to the record-breaking Bulls.

As far as putting myself in AK's position, I would take a look into myself and live up to my contractual obligations instead of thinking of how the grass is greener everywhere else. Perhaps the love of the game and an appreciation for winning would be enough to motivate me.


Urban Meyer???!!! He's a self-serving, egomaniac!!!
He took an extremely talented team he didn't recruit and raised himself to national aclaim. Then he jumped ship! He took a better deal for his own ego and bank account and said, "To heck with the UofU! He goes to another talent laden team, again that he didn't recruit, and heightens his own stature once more. UM doesn't have the decency to live up to his word. He'll jump from Florida as soon as an other school (or probably the NFL) makes him a bigger offer! Worhip UM???!!! Give me a break!!!


LA also has cancer specailist to treat Derek Fisher daughter's condition, not just NY. He also considered Cleveland, and a few other cities as well as LA, so get your facts correct before speaking. Also, neither Fisher or AK were starters. You do know you Utah Jazz, don't you?

You're fired

I'm tired of reading in the headlines about AK's pouting. Stop trying to use the media to satisfy your demands. You've alienated your team, your coach, and the fans with your grievances. Stop while you have a shred of dignity.

No way are the Jazz going to just let AK walk away. That'd be a public relations nightmare: two starters opting out of their contracts in the same season. Never mind the reasons. It's just bad press. They won't do it.



One more thing about Urban Meyer. You think the football equivalent of AK would play a single minute for Urban?! You've got another think coming! UM would throw the sorry, cry-baby out on his skinny behind the first day of practice!!!

I don't envy Sloan

No kidding, Re: JF. Sloan isn't a shrink, he's a coach! Why should he have to worry day in and day out about how to make people happy and feel warm and tingley? Does he need to put on a puppet show before every game to make people feel happy? Invite Barney to come in the locker room during halftime and give the players a baloon?

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