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Published: Friday, Sept. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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So Linx just wants to go back to Russia eh? Well I guess we will get nothing for him. Just cap space to spend on the free agent players willing to play under Sloan and in Utah (which aren't many)

I guess AK opted not to use this years free pass on one of Russia's finest. Instead he used his allowance on Miller, the Jazz and ultimately on us. No thanks AK, your not my type.

Hi Reeshard

Walking away from Millions

It must be pretty bad being one of Jerry's kids

right after going to the western conference finals Derek Fisher wanted to be closer to a hospital which could care for his daughter. That hospital is in NYC. So Fish walked away from millions to get where? L.A.?? Wrong direction.

Now Linx wants to throw away 63 million dollars to play anywhere. Portland, Charolott, Poland, Siberia anywhere but with Jerry's kids.

Way to go Kevin Larry and Jerry. You have managed to loose 2 of your starting five from last year for nothing. And who did we add? Jason Fart???

LARRY JERRY and MO'connor

You guys better get your act together. Players are leaving millions on the table to escape. We are signing guys named Jason when we had Dee. We sent our best big man to Russia and now our highest paid player is going to go join him. And what do we get in return?

Humiliation. No one will ever want to come play for sloan again. He's being exposed. Just wait for man in the middle part two to come out with guest authors AK-47(little russian) D-fish and Memo.

One eyed conniving Ivan

Sloan is good coach

Sloan is poor motivator

Sloan is good tractor mechanic

Sloan is poor game time coach, substitues by clock not by situation

Sloan sends players to D-league for mistake that instruction would correct

Thank you for sending Andre home. Please send Fessenko home soon. My guess is two years.


Walking away, Fisher said he wanted to go to a city where he could have better care for his daughter. Not specifically NYC. I'm not saying he didn't want to leave the Jazz, but I'm personally not willing to accuse him of exploiting his daughter's life threatening illness as a means to leave Utah.

Kirilenko never said anything about throwing away 63 million to play anywhere. If he went to an NBA team he would be getting the 63 million still unless there was a special provision. Of course if he went to another country (he only said Russia, by the way-and I believe that would be the only country he would go to) he would be getting less, but that's understandable seeing as how his wife is a major star over there and he's already made more money than most people in the US, let alone Russia, will ever imagine making. It's understandable that he would want to go back to Russia, as it is his home. I want him to honorably play as his contract requires and if he did what Sloan says I think he'd greatly improve. I'm just saying don't put words in his mouth.


To continue since I was out of words, Kevin, Larry and Jerry brought the premier young point guard in the NBA to the Jazz. They brought Carlos Boozer, who most people thought got too big of a contract (now he is one of the best PFs in the game). They brought Memo and had the foresight to know the Pistons' backup center had a lot more in him than he was able to show. They kept Harpring. They drafted Almond, as almost every fan wanted. Kevin O'Connor was voted as the 2nd best Executive, or whatever his position is, in the country by the AP voters. Jerry Sloan is recognized as one of the greatest coaches ever. Larry Miller is a passionate owner who actually cares about his teams and wants them to win, unlike several other owners. There are too few passionate owners left out there. IMO, Miller is one of them, and that's a good thing. I'd rather have a passionate owner who might make a stupid remark here or there or do something stupid every now and then than an owner who buys a team and lets it rake in the money without caring.

lost in DC

If AK47 is discontented, let him go before he poisons Fesenko. I enjoy AK, and he appears to be a personable guy and a good man, but we need the cap space for D-will.

As for the anti-Sloans. He's had one losing season, marred by extensive injuries, otherwise he's got the most out of the least, as long as they have been willing to give it. I'm glad Miller has his back and the Jazz aren't an out-of-control franchise where multi-millionaire babies and their corrupt agents are in charge. I think Sloan said it best - if he did everything the fans wanted him to, he'd soon be sitting with them instead of in the head coach's chair.

wow ak.."LARRY JERRY MOconnor"

wow...you guys who are blaming this on sloan miller and oconnor are rediculous. Apparently you don't know much about basketball or you'd know that we wouldn't be anywhere without them. It doesn't take a genious to know that AK's pathetic and needs to get out of here if he can't accept his role with our team.


Kirilenko just wants OUT! So, let him go. Hardly anyone wants to play for Utah and Sloan as it is. Coach Sloan has few people skills, he's never made coach of the year and if he has such great skills why not? He doesn't seem to be very popular. Larry MIller thinks nothing of squawking about team play. Although he should be happy where the team finally wound up last season. The only constant in Utah are the numerous die hard fans like me.

Happy Fan

Good deal. I really hope AK walks away. That leaves more minutes for Brewer and Millsap at the 3, which clears the logjam at the 2 a little, allowing Almond to play. All 3 are going to be good players who need minutes--most especially Millsap. That kid deserves 30 mins a game, which he won't get if AK is here. And now cap space has been cleared to get a shot blocker next year and to re-sign DWill and Sap. Jazz are going to be very good for a very long time.


Can we still pull a AK trade for Marion?? That would be the only way to break even on this one.

Me in your house

So Andrei, if you aren't coming back, can I have your house? Please call me at (801) I-WANT-IT. Thanks bro. By the way, my wife might be looking to get an upscale clothing store. Any ideas?


Sloan is recognized as one of the greatest coaches ever, you say? When was Sloan voted the Coach of the Year?


Sloan is no motivator,no young players coach. He has said himself, he is paid to coach, players are paid well to play and should motivate themselves. His motivational skills involve opening his mouth to the press in the wrong ways too much, bringing up huge salaries, etc. He doesn't help to install confidence in his players by high praise, I think because he feels if he does the player may take it for granted and let down. A great coach is a great motivator. Maybe the Jazz's requirements in a coach does not require a motivator in their coaching position here. Sloan a great coach, hmmmm, what is his record without Malone and Stockton. hmmmm. I talked to a cousin of a Jazz player who left here, he is still playing, but I will not mention his name. I asked how he liked coach Sloan, I was told he hated him, and that it took him a year to get his confidence back. IF MORRIS ALMOND, a pure shooter, doesn't shoot well this year, you might give Sloan some credit for it and also some credit for other NBA players not wanting to play here, not just Utah itself.

Jazz Fan

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jerry, Larry, or Kevin. The problem lies with the players. Kevin O'Connor has done a great job at bringing in the kind of players we need to win a championship; ie Boozer and Williams. Jerry is still the same Jerry who took the Jazz to 2 straight NBA Finals where who lost the ring for us? The players. The players are the ones who choke when the games is on the line. I understand that Jordan was a great player, but how do you let a flu-worn player score 45 points on you? The majority of the players in the league are overpaid crybabies. We even have some here in Utah. They need to quit crying about minutes, touches or whatever, and just go out and play the game. Jerry's system works if people just play in the system. They are all getting paid really good money to play a GAME. The least they could do is go out and play their best game every night and give us what they are getting paid for. To go out and win games.


The Jazz stink and will NEVER win it all. I am happy they are in this situation. Thanks Sloan. Cry some more, please. I love it!!!!

Unhappy Season Ticket Holder

I'm a season ticket holder.

I originally renewed tickets after Stock/Mail left purely to watch AK47 play. He was exciting and had a refreshing attitude- a pure love of the game really showed through.

Then his demands for max money killed everything.

Sloan's stubborn attitude didn't help.

AK's actions show that he has ZERO loyalty to the Jazz and doesn't care what happens to them. It is unbelievably selfish. His public comments have made it impossible for the Jazz to do anything and save any shred of dignity.

AK was once the bright, shining hope for the Jazz and even the NBA. No he is a Jazz killer.

SLoan, AK and the Jazz are all partly to blame.

As a season ticket holder, I believe the Jazz owe us more than "no comment" or "this is purely an internal matter". We're sick of that.

Jimmy's Sneakers

AK is right you know, he doesn't really fit in here anymore, Jimmy can't really hate on him for that. He is a 4 forced to play the 3. We should have traded him to GS for Jason Richardson while we had the chance.

Jimmy thinks we should still try to trade him and however many #1 picks to the Nets for Richard Jefferson. RJeff is the type of 3 that we need to compliment DWill and Boozer and AK would be a great 4 playing with Kidd and Vinsanity.

If that doesn't work maybe we can convince The Bobcats to take AK for the recently re-sigend Gerald Wallace.


For the guys posting in favor of AK, I doubt you have ever played sports.
Fisher was a hasbeen, and you will see it in lakerland. Fisher didn't want to be in SLC. Let see SOC in the winter or SLC? Easy.
AK was whining about his money threes ago, now he wants to walk, so start walking.
Paul was going to take his minutes anyway.
It's a job folks, and you can be replaced anytime.
Some of you may want to try working for a living instead of living off your parents, and you'll know what I mean.


Of course A.K. did well in Russia against inferior talent. Don't get me wrong, I like him when he's contributing to the team by rebounding, playing defense, and showing some hussle.
His game started suffering when he decided to become a scorer instead of just letting the points come to him. His jump/set shot was among the ugliest in the civilized world last year. Why can'y he just gain satisfaction in being a key member of a good team?
Sloan is not going to baby an of these grown men. He expects them to work hard every night as part of a team effort. If their feelings get hurt once in a while, they need to bounce back, and realized that life (regardless of your income) is full of frustrations that we need to work through, not cry about. Too many athletes are constantly told how great they are by people around them, so when they don't get their way it's really a shock to their system. I don't think Sloan is perfect, but I slao don't think he's asking for more than your boss or my boss is asking from us when we go to work.

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