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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 19 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good, I'll help pack his bags.

Mailing it in

Apparently the systems not focused enough on him!!
Typical of todays NBA players. That explains the lack of effort that could have helped his team in the playoffs. G O O D R I D D A N C E !!!!!!!!!

Jazz Fan

Really too bad for all..some may wonder now if Jerry's comments in the Houston series of an apparent philosophy that his job is just to coach (and impose a structure like a team curfew) and not to get inside his players heads (paraphrase) may have cost the Jazz yet another young player. At the level these players are at, many would argue that the most critical piece of coaching is getting well inside a players head and heart, regardless of who is at fault here, Jerry did not accomplish this with AK and he is paid to do so. With younger "new era" players Jerry has yet to demonstrate any ability connect with the heart and mind of his players to motivate them to higher levels. Remember, Deron has yet to sign an extension and made some interesting comments this summer about his rookie season negative experience here.

By the way, any one know if Derek Fisher really opted out to leave for medical reasons? Remember he also had some issues as well. Too bad for all.


DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ___ ON the WAY OUT! ! ! On second thought.

mixed blessing?

The good news is that Andrei did increase his trade value at EuroBasket. The bad news is that his value has become much less relevant now that he has definitely asked for a trade, because every other NBA team now knows that we have to unload him, and will low-ball their offers accordingly. Couple that with his massive contract, and we'll be lucky to get 30 cents on the dollar for him.

But at least we won't have to keep wondering about his inconsistency. If we can get a decent small forward out of the deal, we might be all right. Can't replace his defensive presence easily, though.


Look, everyone knows that AK and Sloan never got along. However nothing is going to be done going into training camp. AK should know this and if a trade is what he wanted, that should have been brought up prior to the draft to get something done in the summer. Now, after a good tournament, all we can hope for is he plays really hard and we can unload the crybaby in febuary. I doubt anything of substance is getting done in the meantime. It sucks that he makes so much. I'm willing to wait a year if portland wants to part ways with Oden. Wishful thinking, but that would be awesome!


I doubt this is a real story. Probably another mixup lost in translation. If not, then Andrei may be better off elsewhere, but the Jazz won't be better off without him.


Can we let Phil Johnson have a shot at "coaching" this team. Bring AK back, address the issues, get a new coach and win a title.

P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole team blows up under sloans direction starting with AK, next is D Will opting out (he's clearly pissed about his rookie year) and Memo and Booz won't be far behind.

As For fisher wanting to be closer to NYC, he moved farther west. Does this answer your question FYI hi daughter is still being treated in NY not LA


I just wonder if Andrei would be willing to renogotiate his contract, take less and then let the Jazz trade him?

It would make it a lot easier to make a deal work. Of course it would be a great test to see how badly he wants to leave.

Too bad he can't work out his problems with Sloan. The Jazz have the core players to become a great team, if they can keep them together.


K-bomb, I agree with you. I don't believe that Sloan coaching D-Will and Booz will get us any closer to the championship than the Stockton to Malone days. Back then, we needed an X-Factor, Shot blocker, type and we didn't have that. Kirilenko can be that player, and in the European Championship he was the star and his team won it all. We have the players we need already. A winner coach who isn't afraid of San Antonio is the key and trading AK-47 should not be an option. Jazz fans have experienced enough heartache and I don't want more of the status quo. I want a championship!!!


With the play of Paul Milsap, AK has become expendable. We have to make room for D-Wills contract and resigning Paul Milsap next year.

I've got friends in Phoenix who say the Suns want AK for Matrix, I'd take that deal in a heart beat. Marion is a three point threat, plays decent defense and knows how to pass the ball. He would make a better role player to Booze and D-Will than AK is willing. PULL THE TRIGGER KEVIN !!!

Brad Peterson

Kirilenko is an emotional softie. A very, very nice guy, but still a softie. He needs to grow up and be a man.

How many NBA coaches out there fit Kirilenko's nit-picky emotionally soft system? Not many...and those that do win just 20-30 games a season. If Kirilenko wants, we can ship him off to one of those teams, he'll be the star player, and the team will continue to win 30 games a season. Or if he wants to be on a team that competes, he needs to understand coaches will be tough, fellow players will have strong personalities, and he can't be the #1 go to guy every time.

Kirilenko, simply needs to grow up and be a man. He decides *now* that he doesn't want to stay with the Jazz? After a full trading summer? What a childish act. If Kirilenko doesn't change soon, he'll be crying the rest of his career.

Dmitry from moscow

Now the silence of Jazz office and Trib regarding AK's MVP and Euro Champ makes sense.

Unfortunatelly it is best time for him to demand trade. He was highly discounted after 07 Jazz season. But Eurochamp MVP title actually brings him in line with Dirk (MVP Euro 05 and MVP NBA 07) or Tony Parker (NBA finals MVP 07). And no need to explain what that means to Jazz: they can trade him in one week to any team that runs uptempo and smart basketball regardless of $63 mn. contract, but it kills Jazz championship ambitions for next 3 years. Unless you get Kobe in return. But I doubt Kobe to play with Sloan and vise versa.

Yet I keep my fingers crossed and hope Jazz office and AK resolves this situation and keeps him. All you need to do is to change the game plan.

Who would take him?

Demand a trade all you want, AK. There isn't a team on this planet that would take on your salary. The Jazz aren't going to part ways with you if they're not getting anything in return.

Sure, you played great in Europe. Now you think you have the right to make demands? You really are an overgrown, spoiled child.

Utah isn't big enough to hold your ego. Good riddance.


Yeah, let's bring in the zen master, for sure. This guy can only win with 4 superstars on his team. He's done a phenom job the last two years with Ko-ball-hoge.

The players today want to be on Sportscenter, rather than work. How long have we waited through all of the booze's "injuries". Players have to want to work hard.

D-will's rookie year?

We're past Williams's rookie year. He's past his rookie year. This is a non-issue. Let's not overreact here and cry out "the sky is falling" just because AK is crying again.

AK has a lot of nerve to spout off about his displeasure. Sure, he has a right to say whatever he wants, but his comments have consequences (burning bridges, not mending fences). He won't have the nerve to sit out like AI did. Not even he is that greedy. And if he does sit out, who needs him? But I'd say he's just overconfident after playing well in Europe and he's being impulsively impish.

Prediction: AK plays next year because 1) the Jazz aren't gutsy enough to make a move and trade him (even if they could) and 2) AK isn't gutsy enough to sit out. Not exactly a prophecy.


AK 47 will make the Jazz look really stupid if he ends up with a team like Phoenix. He is by far the most athletic player on the team, and he will be greatly missed. Boozer complained when people questioned his heart, Williams complained when he didn't get playing time as a rookie--and we all seem to have forgotten about their "attitude problems." AK complains about not getting touches, and we instantly label him a "crybaby." This looks like a case of reverse discrimination (and no, I'm not white). If this team implodes, at least we'll be able to watch Kirilenko rise to all-star status again--only with another team. Good luck AK--you were quiet long enough. You were really your best with Stockton and Malone--now that they are gone, there is no need to hang around with the selfish remnants.


AK is a good player. But HE IS NOT a franchise player. He is now only the 4th or 5th most consistent player on the JAZZ team. I've seen many JAZZ games and I've seen how shaky his shooting was last season. And yet, when he plays with passion, within the team's system, he was good, and sometimes, spectacular. As for the Jazz's offensive options, it's definitely Boozer, Williams and Okur ahead of AK. I hope AK would take his conceived "mishandling" by Jerry Sloan as a motivation to play better. Maybe later in the season his trade value would be higher. If a trade happens then, I'm sure it would be beneficial to both AK and the JAZZ.


I think K-bomb has a point. How is LA closer to NYC then Utah is?? I think Phil needs a crack at coaching this team. Sloan should take a season off a re-think his tactics and coaching methods. Obviously they're not helping the Utah Jazz. AK has been one of my fav players since Stockton left.

the rawns

U guys are crazy. You were prob singing Sloan praises after the 2003-04 season. Remember that season? yeah best coachign job I have ever seen. How many losing records has he had in Utah? Oh yeah just 1 losing record in Utah. He came in 2nd last year in coach of the year voting. And get y'alls facts right. First Dwill cannot sign an extention till next year. SO dont think that this is Sloan its a freaking rule he cant sign an extentionl. Next how can he opt out after this season when next year is a team option? Kind of hard to opt out of a contract when its a team option (unless im missing something in the rules).

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