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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 18 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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old timer

When I went to BYU it led the nation in kick off returns also but that is because The Y lost so often. think Tommy Hudspeth as coach. Bragging about kickoff return yards is like bragging about getting two black eyes in a fight.


...so losing teams don't qualify for MWC player of the week honors? Max Hall sets a MWC single game passing record, and the honor goes to a Ute who rushed for 100 yards? BYU had a 100 yard rusher too. And Collie had more receiving and return yardage than anyone in the league, and the honor goes to a Ute?

Don't get me wrong, Utah played great, looked great, and deserved some honors, I don't think Mack deserved the offensive honor, nothing special about 100 yards rushing--except Utah hasn't had one in awhile.

Lenny Gomes

bball, oh please....stop whining.

Lenny's right

Stop Whining. Hall will get his awards. It was the Utes' day - they provided the MWC with its biggest win since TCU/Oklahoma - let them have the awards.


A Brad Rock look a like article. Why doesn't your DesNews crew tell a few more hockey stories and such? You're not a true sportscasting group until you do so.


I hear Collie was on crutches yesterday. That doesn't bode well for the Cougar special teams that aren't so special after all. Still, he and Hall should have had some consideration for MWC offensive player. Maybe they split the support.
Nobody seems to be mourning the loss of Ben Olson these days either. Hmmmm.
Let's hope the penalty issue has been dealt with. We can live with the execution burps, but the personaql fouls have to go.

C'mon, bball

Max doesn't deserve because his team lost to a team that they were favored against. Max's numbers were amazing, but considering overall play, he must learn to feel the backside rush better. 21 points off of turnovers for Tulsa. To me that's a worse stat than the penalties.

Utah deserves the awards because they were ranked near 100 and expected to be blown out, but they destroyed UCLA.

Las Vegas Katbacker


Definitely a big win for Team Kyle but Cougs and Utes have important games this weekend. Right now the MWC standings are the real story. Hoping for a few more losses for TCU.


Bball, BYU has to hold an average offense to less than 55 points before anyone on that team is entitled to any type of award.


10-2, enough said.


One more beef with the Versus and CSTV broadcasts. No play clock. I never know how much time either team has to snap the ball.

"HOMER" Simpson

I'm surprised he didn't list BYU #1, Utah #2 and Weber State #3. Get out and watch some other games before you "rank" teams. Can you say HOMER?


And Harline is STILL OPEN!

Out of Town

You Utah and BYU fans are highly entertaining. I read your thoughts (and some words not well thought out) every day at lunch time for a break in the monotony of living. If laughter makes mankind live longer, I'm aiming at 120 right now. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for lunch time tomorrow.

Still open????

The entire Tulsa receiving corps is STILL WIIIDE OPEN!!!

RE:Out of Town

Your only going to hit 120?

I'm guessing aslong as it keeps up, I'll be atleast around 200!

Max Hall

We should give max some more credit, the guy actually threw 5 td's...granted one was to tulsa, but at least he was able to get right back on the field to pad those stats of his...

RE:Still open


River Coug

Harline may still be open, but so are all of Tulsa's receivers.

C'mon Cougs

After boasts of BYU's 'best' o-line ever, I'm pretty sure they are definitely extremely overrated, with perhaps the exception of Aulai. They have absolutely sucked the last few games, and the RBs blocking for Hall hasn't been to good either. However, Hall, Collie, and Unga deserve praise- they are all absolutely amazing. Bronco and Kehl need to do something about the defense- they looked like a high school team after playing fantastic against the first two teams.

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