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Junior QB provides heroics with late Logan TD strike

Published: Saturday, Sept. 1 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You were right, it was a great game between rivals! But, what was Sky View thinking? Not using McKade Brady at QB, and Kyle Allen, and John Hortin getting only a couple of touches on offense? Come on, what is going on up there?


Go Logan!!!

Cats Football

Anonymous, you hit the nail on the head!! They had better get if figured out before the season comes apart. And how in the world do you run the ball up the middle from the half yard line out of the shotgun no less???????? Get up under center and pound it home.


hey now maybe logan can go enjoy beating up in all the 3a competition, they needto step up and play one of these days are they going to go to 2a, they seem to always be talked about but step up and play some real football! then it will show how tough the growl really is!

reality check

quit disrespecting what the kids on both side of the ball fought for out there last night. These are 2 quality teams that this valley should be proud of. Also, Logan does not show a high level of sucess in any other sport except for football, so give credit where it is due, maybe it is a result of an exceptional coaching staff who put in a lot of work to prepare these kids and a group of kids that are doing all thay they can to over achieve. Those kids played their butts off out there, appreciate it, and quit whining. I hope both team make it to state and make this valley proud.


Here we go again! My hat is off to Sky View for continuing the rivalry. MC is a 0-3 team of whiners who have now no chance to claim who the best team in the valley is. Logan has shown they will play anybody, Skyline and Alta, anythime. There is a reason they have to go to California or bring in a team from Wyoming. Gillete is ranked #2 in 5A and will be #1 as last weeks #1 lost.

Maybe they should let schools be in different classifications for some of the sports. There is NO reason for Logan to be 4A when football was the only sport they were competitive in. Logan's other sports are much more comopetitive in 3A than they were in 4A.

Kudos to Reality Check

Good comment Reality Check. Both teams are good and I hope they both continue to see success. I wish people would get off of this 3A thing. Thomas makes a good point and school student body size is what determines classification, so it's not really in their hands anyway.

The Truth is... Logan beat a very good Sky View team (it doesn't really matter what classification because it's a valley rivalry). The week before that they beat one of the best teams in the state of Wyoming. Next up is Highland, Idaho which just beat Davis (the 4th ranked 5A team) this last week. Highland was also the State runner up in Idaho the last 2 years. After that they will play undefeated Judge who is ranked #3 in 3A currently. My point is that Coach Favero puts together great pre-season schedules year after year. It's good for the fans and good for the kids. Anyone that follows HS football even a little bit can't argue and put down a program that does what Logan does on a consistent basis.

P.S. The only thing that could build on the preseason schedule would be a game with the other valley rival - Mountain Crest - but they refuse to play Logan. Why???? Is there a BCS bid or something that I'm not aware of on the line? This is High School. Put the desire of the kids, the fans, and the boosters (kids parents) feelings first and play the game!!!

Now excuse me while I jump down from my soapbox.

To Reality Check

Before you say logan does not show any success in any sports other than football you need to be careful, recently logan has been state champs in swiming and lacrosse, not to mention an always impressive girls swim team, and the wrestling team took 5th at state

To Reality check

also they have been runner up in soccer for the past two years

reality check

I agree, my point is that they did not go down to 3A and become this dominant powerhouse. They have shown some success, but you don't see them competing at all levels as the team to beat. Also, this is about the kids competing. If you look at SV, you wonder why with all of the talent they have shown over the last four years, why are they not winning consistantly, becasue they need the coaching staff to help those kids get to where they are able to be. They are definitely going in the right direction and I would say that when SV plays MC they will crush them and it has nothing to do with who is 3A or 4A but kids, talent, and coaching.


being a 1980 grad of Logan, this has to be the best head coach I've ever seen for Logan.
Hat's off to a very good Sky View team, won't be surprised to see them win 4A this year.
Poor MC, you can run but you can't hide the real reason you won't play Logan.
You guys need to cowboy up out there.

SV Alumni

Reality Check- You hit the nail on the head! That was a great game! Both teams played great. But, you are right. The difference is coaching! SV coaches were handed all this talent and don't know how to coach it! Wrong time after time, they stick to their guns, and let their pride lose the game for their team! Kids should be proud. Coaches should hang their heads in shame. If, you can't win with what you have been handed, something is wrong with your coaching skills. Come on Anhder! The spectators can see it, the radio sees it, the TV sees it, the students see it! The biggest mistake you ever made was to hire a dad as a coach! Kids should have to earn their positions and the respect of the team!

SV Coaches?

SV Alumni, you are totally right. The coaches pride are letting them lose. This group of Sky View boys have never lost to Logan until now. No disrespect to Logan. They played awesome. Kudos to the Logan coaches. You can see what coaching will do for a team! I agree that it is talent that is doing it for Sky View and if it wasn't for coaching, they would have taken state last year. It shows you how good Sky view really is. They have to beat their own coaches and the other team every time they play. Anhder's philosophical approach to coachinng is a joke. Coaches step back and realize that you are ruining the best thing that will ever come to you, if you haven't already! If Favero had this group, they would roll over every team they played. It is sad that the boys at Sky View are subjected to pathetic coaching year after year. SV alumni hit it on the head! Eveyone sees it but you Anhder! It it really everybody but you? I think that you know the answer!

Recognizing Talent?

The SV coaching staff has pulled another one on us SV fans. I have just learned that Ahnder and the rest of the SV coaching staff have informed their players that they will only play one side of the ball. Leaving talent from the likes of Hortin and Brady on only one side!?! I believe I witnessed Ahnder putting Brady in on the last series to try and get the W since his inexperienced Sophmore Carlsen had missed on numerous series to capitalize. Are they telling us that we don't have the level of talent at SV that some of these kids can play both ways. We see this at every other high school in the state, at the college level and even some pro's. But not here at SV. Is this the secret to the State Championship? This decision along with the play calling I saw against Logan has me worried for this season. This group of kids are the winningest group we have had in quite awhile. They deserve to be coached correctly. There is some irony in the plays we saw on Logans 1 yard line for 3rd and 4th down. Anhder chose to take the snap from shotgun rather than under center. That called doing it the hard way. And we all saw the results. We do have a sophmore QB whose Dad is coaching. I am sure that he wants him to be some kind of hero for SV and break some records along the way. He can only do that if he starts as a sophmore. Is he that level of talent? Should we remind Anhder and Carlsen that this game is not about the individual. Coach, play these senior boys, everyone else sees the talent, students to grandparents, lets get those wins

talented, but... still hoping

maybe instead of putting all of his fish in one basket, somebody in that coaching staff should have been developing the replacement qb for hill either at the JV level or at varsity during some of last years blowouts. that is the coaching blunder, no one thought to get someone ready for this year. now carlsen is going to be really good and kado can do an adequate job but is truly a much better defensive player, towards the end of the season both should be in great form as qbs, but by then it might be too late. still there is so much talent here at SV that there is no reason kids should have to play on both sides of the ball if the coaching staff develops that talent, but are they? that is the question that will be answered at the end of the season, and if they are not, we will experience the same end as we did last year, another year of feeling of "how could this happen with all of that talent that we have?"


Talented but... still hoping-- If, you try to compare Carlsen, and McKade you are crazy. No comparison! Carlsen should have to earn his place, not be handed it to him because of his father's pushing! Carlsen has one thing. Strong passes. McKade has the whole package. We would have never lost to Logan with McKade as the QB. Point made!!!!!

to amazed

still we lost, and we can't change anything. Logan won that night, all we can hope is that SV rebounds. If our pick is brady, then we need to stick with him and quit letting him play both ways. other than 1A or 2A who plays their QB on both sides of the ball, how do you expect a player to keep his head ready for offense, when he is thinking about defense half of the time. SV is on the cusp of being the next 5A school, it could happen next year or the year after, then what are we going to do, when we not only get to play clearfield, but we have to play alta and bingham. we have loads of talent, we have to use all of it.

football fan

Saying that only 1A and 2A teams play their QB's on both sides of the ball is just a very stupid comment. I watched last year as Sean Swenson led Highland to the championship game as the QB/DB and he was a stud. Many teams have their best players go both ways. Look at Liam McNally at Highland LB/RB, Riley Fosmark of Clearfield RB/LB and two of the states best players Parker Cracroft of East RB/S and Cody Raymond WR/DB from Jordan. I could go on all day but the bottom line is the best players need to be on the field and most teams have 3-4 players that are that much better than the others and if you want to win a championship that's how it's done. Thinking kids will be too tired by the 4th Qtr. is also a joke. I think East had plenty left in the tank by the end of the game both years they beat SV and they had 5,6 or 7 guys going both ways. You play to win!!

SV alum at the game

Why do we SV fans and bloggers always have to come up with excuses? LHS defense wasn't letting alot happen. Brady wouldn't have made much of a difference. They tried him everywhere. Carlsen is young but he kept his head in the game under great pressure. Coach's son or not, he did well for a soph. Key players were held to the minimum on both teams. I think that everyone needs to remember, that the guys that do play both ways are prepared to do so both physically and mentally. They're studs. Both teams were held below their expectations. LHS strong passing game was cut in half by a quick to adjust SV defense as well. When we continue to be-little or second guess a coach or player we are disrespectful of all of the preparation and sacrifice these young men have made. It's not always about the win. Congrats to BOTH great teams and players. Hopefully both can go all the way and represent the valley well.


Ahnder should sale insurance. He has no place coaching. We are letting our kids down by having them coached by one with the likes of Ahnder. Look to hire someone new for next year - face it SV will be nowhere near the title game. Our sons need to be prepared for the big games. In the last two years, we are 0-2 in the "big" games.

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