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U. pains: Johnson's separated shoulder, Asiata's broken leg

Published: Saturday, Sept. 1 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A fan

From what I saw in Corvallis, after the injuries the Utes lacked HEART just like last year. Sport is facing adversity--responding to adversity and winning through adversity. Add to this the fact that the coaching in the game plan did not adjust to use Poston or Mack. Why? There were no noticable adjustment at the half. Why? Did the Utes have a back up plan? What ever happened to plan for the best and prepare for the worst? The players are not exempt there was no fire in their game. What ever happened to team spirit? No toughness--mental toughness. No effort to avenge the injury losses, not to create injuries as revenge, but moreover to win in spite of the player losses. Why?


hahahahahahaah UTES aer going down hard!!!! LOL, it doesnt get any better then this!!

cougar fan

a lot of BYU fans were actually wanting UTAH to win...it would be good for the conference...mountain west would get more exposure, we live in the same state so therefore should cheer on the utes...blah...blah...blah...I'm happy they are in big trouble!! I hate the UTES! Expect another horrible season UTE fans!!!!


typical byu fans. you two totally exude the class we've all come to expect from utah county. pull your heads out of the bubble and think like a human being for a second. you're cheering because two young men are injured and one had to undergo surgery? you can't be serious. think about that for a minute. you might begin to realize why most people loathe you guys.


I don't like the Utes... but I still gotta feel bad for the players and team. What a sledgehammer blow on the first game of the season.


I am still hoping the utes can pull this out and continue on with a tough season ahead of them. We have a talented team and can do alot of good, as long as we stay healthy as for BYU i just feel sorry for them... afterall they live in Utah County. GO WILDCATS!

For EVERY "Booger-hating" fan.

In a word DISGUSTING! No, Im not talking about my beloved Crimsons performance on Thursday; when faced with adversity. Im talking about you pukes living just south of the SL County border; in towns where hypocrites dwell and holy rollers flock to make boxes of soap to stand on and preach from. While I hope Arizona makes mince meat out your joke of a team today and rolls up as many points as 60 minutes will allow on your pathetic children in blue I would NEVER wish nor cheer for a microsecond that any of them will be injured the way Matt Asiata and Brian Johnson were on Thursday. Youre a farce Booger fans, you are exactly whats wrong with not only our religion, but college football and humanity in general. You are the reason why no right thinking individual outside of Zoob-Ville will EVER cheer for your nerd of a coach and his Romper Room team; nor ANY of your other athletic teams for that matter. I offer my testimonial hope that you WILL lose every game this year and your co-eds will continue to get uglier. I leave this sincere prayer/hope with you in the name of Utedom AMEN!!!

please grow up

whoever monitors this site is not doing their job - is calling people BOOGERS part of a community / football discussion?


You guys are ridiculous. I love how you guys make comments about EVERYONE who lives in Utah County or goes to BYU by some comments about the injuries that BYU's rivals have. I also doubt the BYU fans are happy that as individuals Johnson and Asiata are hurt. More than likely they are probably happy that THEIR RIVALS aren't going to do as well.

Also, coming from out of state I think it is hilarious that you guys put so much stock in which valley people live in. Considering about 80% of Utah lives in a 45 mile stretch I would consider the difference to be negligible.

There are some extreme generalizations happening here that are based on very strange premises.

What a bunch of whiners

I haven't read one blog where a BYU fan has indicated that (s)he was happy that two of your guys were injured. I have read nothing but sympathy and best wishes for them to recover quickly and completely.

What I have heard and read is that BYU fans are ecstatic that yewt FANS are going down - again.

As for me, I have a great deal of respect for the players at Utah and the time and effort they put in to represent their school. What I do despise, however, are the Yewt fans. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go to work on the day after a loss(days that are becoming more and more common) and not have to say one word to any of the Yewt fans, but still know that my message is being heard loud and clear! Silence is sweet!

Have a wonderful year, YEWT fans!!

How bout App state!

yes rasta!

BYU fan

I feel bad that the Utah players got hurt. The thing I hate is how come all the BYU fans I know were cheering Utah on against Oregon, and all the Utah fans are cheering for Arizona.

Utah fans should show some respect for the conference.

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!


wow, maybe one reason utah couldn't overcome the adversity thursday night was because of all the bad kharma over there in utah land. geez, you guys sound like sec fans. get real, it's just a game. trust me, i suffered many years cheering kids that might have been competitive with the better high school teams in oregon. it's football!! it's fun!


Poor Utes. I was really hoping for great things this year. I was a bit surprised at the number of sympathetic blogs from BYU fans. Although I despise the Y they have brought respect to the Mountain west almost single handedly (via the old WAC for the most part). I for one hate them with an absolute passion, yet like them, I will be hoping that Arizona loses big and the Mountain West can earn a bit of credibility. So with that as much as it pains me.... Go CSU, GO Y, etc....


So sad about the Ute players getting hurt - it hgurts the entire team. I graduated from the Y way back last century and my two favorite teams have been the Y and the Utes. But I find it funny that so many of the Cougar fans I know also cheer for the Utes except when they play against each other. Several years ago the
Aggies" had more returned missionaries on their team than the Cougars - hey lets cheer for each other and help buold this conference up,

Disgusted Ute Fan....Former BYU!

UTAH NEEDS TO FIRE WITTINGHAM.....bringing back the Ron McBride era just absolutely makes me sick! I hope that Utah can pull it together and make something happen this season! I also hope that the Cougs' can step up and find themselfs....Quit with the judgemental comments and the better than you crap! You aren't! One good year and a couple of games mean absolutely nothing! It is the end result that matters! Lets bring back the "GOOD" competition and leave the petty crap out of it!

Sorry Ute Fans

You still have a chance to jump our BYU bandwagon. Seriously, there is plenty of room.

I will say however that I'm not completely happy--I am a closet Ute fan. If you guys had a great season don't think I wouldn't be slipping on my Ute hat that is hidden under the front seat of my truck. So its okay for you to be a little happy for the Y too.


The Utes are terrible. So is Whit. Ute fans are babies and can't take it when there team isn't doing well. No one wanted BJ or Asiata to get hurt - now the U probably won't even score when they play BYU. But, you bet, nothing like having the Ute fans suffer.


Wow. Typical lack of class from byu fans.


Grow up BYU fans. Glory years aren't back. If they are. I'll take a 6-22 bowl record Lavell gave you.


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