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Guide says it's No. 1 for 10th straight year

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Randy in Arizona

But there ARE fraternities or sororities at BYU!

Elder's Quorum
High Priest's Group
Relief Society


Don't bite down too hard....the tongue in your cheek might suddenly become a lot shorter.[for Randy in Arizona]


Way To Go BYU! This makes me so proud to be BYU alumni.


And this is news?


Why is this news, again? It might be news if BYU didn't get on this list every year, but somehow the news that BYU remains sober isn't exactly "NEWS"


Yeah, this is great news. Nothing makes you prouder to see the school you helped gain that ranking still have it! There is too much to worry about in life than adding the problem of alcohol to your life. I know of many university presidents who envy BYU because of this...they always have to deal with intoxicated people and the dumb things they do.

This is a great honor for BYU.


Well done, BYU!! Why are we so awesome??


Randy in AZ. That was funny man. Even if ol Rick doesnt like it.

Good for BYU though. Having the standard is one thing and getting the results is a whole different game. Congrats.

news worthy

It is news, especially for the party schools. they can't fathom how someone can not drink, not smoke, not do drugs... they figure it is their right of passage and how dare someone not partake.

And to go to college and study.. the horror of it all.

napolean dynamite


S. Righteous

Good job, BYU!! Drinking one beer makes you drunk as well as a belligerent alcoholic and a bad person!! I, for one, believe Utah County should be a dry county. It's about time we end the glamorization of alcohol by the liberal media.


BYU is amazing!!

and sober!!!

Right On

I agree with you S. Righteous!! And someone! BYU is amazing and sober!


i love it! go byu! but we need to be number one in lowest marijuana usage as well!


Rise and Shout!!!
Bust the Root Beer out!!!

Muxue Liu

I'm so proud of our school!

Katie Hanson

I just got back from a cruise and they made fun of this ranking but, darn it, I'm so proud to be different!!

Gayle R

BYU is also caffeine free. Why didn't they get that award?


BYU is one of the greatest examples of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Other kids leave home for college and parents worry themselves sick about what they might be doing. Our campus reflects what we believe, and that's why it's so AWESOME!!!


I think a lot of people overlook the talent it takes to write a story like this, which has happened 10 years running. Walch parlays his words into a creative masterpiece which make the article interesting, and fun, to read. Good job, BYU! Can't wait to see Walch top this story next year, when he'll get to write it AGAIN!!!!

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